How to Get a Man to Marry you?

June 1, 2016

You are dating a guy for quite some time and want him to propose you. Use the right tricks to get a man to marry you and make him committed you.

make a man marry you

Marriage is a big commitment and if you know any guy you know that in the back of his mind he is always going to be afraid of commitment. It maybe because he thinks there are lot of other fish in the pond or he fears commitment or cannot accept you as his wife. But it doesn’t matter because in the end it all depends on the tricks to get a man to marry you.

Many women have this natural ability to manipulate and make the guy think that it was his idea in the first place, but whether you should take advantage of it or not in this type of lifetime situations is up to you. Anyway if you really love this guy and you think he loves you as much then you can do certain things to let him know that you are ready for the next step and see how he reacts. If he is not ready then you can either show him your importance in his life or wait and show him how happy his life will be after marriage. But in case you decide to get a man to marry you then here are some tips that you should use.

Respect Yourself

Respecting yourself in any relationship is important because if you don’t even have respect for yourself then why should anyone else have respect for you. So, when you see yourself in the mirror literally and figuratively that is, ask yourself this question, is this the best version of myself? You see everyone we meet is a work in progress and for the better or worst you are too, so if you think you need to make some changes in life no matter how big or small you need to take a step in the positive direction to achieve it.

I understand that you are in a relationship and your first priority is towards the healthy relationship, but in all that never forget yourself as it is okay to put yourself first every once in a while. It doesn’t matter what are the changes whether you want to change your appearance or you want to have a career. If you think you can do it then go for it, but remember to talk to him about it first. Have a nice conversation with him about how excited you are that you have a chance to do something good with your life and that he is willing to support you through it. Sometimes women are career oriented and have a nice job, but are not maintaining their body and that too is seen as an insult to yourself. The first step is to take good care of yourself.

Keep your Calm

When you are a couple and a good one at that then you are going to go through some tough time and there are going to be some arguments and quite possibly some name calling but always remember even when going through all that you need to keep your calm. Every couple have their tough and difficult times, but the ones that make it out are the one who marry. You need to keep your cool and sit and have a nice conversation in order to understand what the other person is going through which is to say you should be the one on whom your partner can rely. You see, when two person can rely on each other during tough times then they don’t want to let each other go as it makes a bond stronger than anything and then say marriage is just a title as you two are already acting like a married couple. And when the topic of marriage comes then this wouldn’t scare him off and instead make him feel excited to spend the rest of his life with you. This is a good trick to get a man to marry you as he no longer will fear of this change in his life.

Don’t get clingy

Don’t be clingy is to say don’t be a drama queen because while it is good to go on a date with a drama queen every once in a while, but no one wants to spend the rest of their life going through all that drama. Men like a woman who is constant, confident, someone he can rely on if needed and who is comfortable with herself no matter what. You see, some women are so much into appearance that they are not that comfortable waking up without make up or they constantly doubt themselves and act all clingy which initially is great. Then it becomes irritating, sure there are some men who likes to take care of these type of women, but the chances are even they would get frustrated every once in a while. So just act natural and try to be happy with whoever you are and just avoid being cling all the time, but every once in a while it is okay to get a little bit clingy as it have its perks as well.

Maintain mutual trust

Trust is the most important thing in any relationship especially when you are trying to get a man to marry you and spend his life with you. So, in order to have a healthy relationship and a good marriage it is best to have mutual trust which can be achieved by having a good communication plan like planning a date night once a week and surprising him every once in a while and talking him about anything necessary.

Express your love

Expressing your love is a true art form, while some people writes poetry for their loved one on the other hand some people plan a big surprise or anything that you think might be able to convey the message of how much you him. It’s not bad to express your love but on the other hand you should also allow him to make you feel special by giving him chance like dropping hints here and there about how much you like that restaurant or a necklace or something and see if he returns the favor. One thing I would like to say here is loving someone and being loved are both important in order to have a nice relationship and you should count yourself lucky if get to do either in real life. A man needs to know how much his woman loves him and this can help you get a man to marry you.

Show your appreciation

Appreciating him makes him feel good about himself and it shows that you care and you notice him whenever he does something good for you. You know, if every once in a while any person is appreciated it gives them great pleasure and then they want to do more just to be appreciated once again. Same goes for men if they are appreciated every once in a while then they will do everything in their power to make you feel good and in turn you need to be more appreciative. Sometimes it’s just something that he did out of good heart not even knowing that you saw it but then when he gets appreciated for it he feels good about it and it tells him that you care about him and you will be there for him which eases him into thinking about your long future together.

Be loyal

Being loyal is the most important thing in a relationship because if you are not loyal to him then there is nothing you can do that will make him want you and his fear of commitment gets even worse. A person can be truthful in every manner but then makes one mistake which can tear the entire relationship apart even though you get forgiven it can never be forgotten. Sometimes a couple are having a fight or a time out then it is not wise to go out with some other guy and doing something you will regret when you really are in love with your partner and want to spend your life with him. You see, there is no way to come back from that one because no matter how much the guy loves you he won’t be able to trust you anymore and that is a deal breaker for any relationship. Just remember being loyal is the most important thing in love and in life.

In the end all I would really like to say is that don’t be afraid to lose him because you can never lose what was not yours to begin with. Marriage is a pretty big commitment and its okay to be a bit scared of it, but when you love someone and you can’t imagine your life without him, not even a day. If the guy really loves you then he will definitely marry you. First show him that marriage has more good than bad to make him ready for commitment. That’s the same feeling you want him to feel and if you are strong, confident and loyal person than believe me he will feel the same way about you and when the marriage topic comes up you both would be ready to talk about it.

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