How Get a Man To Open Up and Share His Feelings

December 14, 2016

Find the best way to get a man to open up emotionally and share his feelings and emotions with you. These tips will get your guy to express his love and what he feels.

get a man to open up

Men also need to express and share their emotions with their partner. It often seems the opposite, but do not be fooled by male that he has nothing to share. What happens is that, in general, men find it harder to admit this need because they have been brought up to be strong and independent. The message they have received is that a "real" man can not feel lonely, sad, scared or needy because that is what women do. Such tags often limit relationships, especially when you follow the game and you are not able to see beyond appearances.

You must understand that although men and women feel differently. Their longing for love and connection is as great as yours or more. This is a key point in turning your relationship with a man into something more than an adventure or superficial romance. These tips will help you get a man to open up and share his feelings. Use these tips and tricks to build emotional intimacy and get a man to open up and share his feelings with you.

It is astounding to witness how many people, perhaps mostly women, really believe that men have no feelings.

This is not possible; however the following distinction should be made:

  • Emotions: they are a complex set of chemical and neuronal responses that form a distinctive pattern, in response to external or internal stimuli.
  • Feelings: they are the conscious evaluation we make of the perception of our bodily state during an emotional response.

Why a guy finds hard to share his feelings

Once in a lifetime you have encountered some men being called insensitive. Of course, not everyone is like that, but they can be part of your family, like dad, brother or uncle, or be your friends or partner.

Women, generally express what they feel, but men find it hard especially when it comes to emotional talks. This is due to gender education, explains the psychologist. It is not that they are insensitive, but the problem is that they do not know how to show their feelings. They do not know because they have been educated the wrong way. Men are taught to repress feelings such as sadness and pain to not look weak. While on the other hand the society teaches men that it is fine to show those considered natural and acceptable in men like anger, says an expert psychotherapist.

They educated men differently, so we cannot expect men to act like us, even more so when repression of feelings causes behaviors not easy to understand.

So it is worth taking a look at the tips offered on how to get a man to open up emotionally to you. These small tricks will help and get the guy to share his feelings with you.

Avoid being forceful

Be careful, too, not to behave like a mother or a teacher, but as an equal. Do not stifle your partner by forcing him to open their heart or overwhelm you with attentions. Let it happen naturally. For them, talking about their feelings is more difficult. Even recognizing such feelings is difficult. That is why you should leave space and help him open up. Just make him understand that sharing his feelings with you will make him feel light and happier.

Gain his trust

The lack of trust is one of the reasons why a man never opens up to his girl. The guy is not sure of you and fears if you share any of his shortcomings or weakness to others. You may have heard that trust is one of the pillars of relationship and it is totally true. Maybe your relationship is new and it may take some time for him to open up to you. Gaining his trust is very important when it comes to expecting a man to share his feelings.

Ask him to be true to you

He will be true to you only when he trusts you, so the above point is very important. To gain his trust, show him that at your side he can be free and authentic. For this, the best thing you can do is be free and authentic too. Demonstrate that you do not want a relationship with emotional barriers, games or blackmail. You want to relate from honesty so that both can learn, grow and know each other well. This fluidity is only possible when the two take off the masks and behave as they really are.

Accept him as he is

Do not make the mistake of wanting to change or hope that in time he will become what you want. If you accept him for what he is, he will feel safe by your side and open to you, sharing with you even his fears or aspects of your life that he feels ashamed of. If once he has shown his most vulnerable side, you show that you are still accepting him as he is and the bond between the two will become very strong.

Show the guy you admire him

Every man wants to be admired by the woman he loves. Live your small or big successes with him, ask him about his things and give him space. Share with him details of your life and those things you share with very few people you trust. This way you make your man will feel special and important in your life.

Encourage him to express his feelings

A dose of encouragements will make it easier for a man to open up and share what he feels for you. In order to be aware of his feelings we need to express them. That's why your partner has to take steps to commit to you and tell you things that make you feel special. He should give you praise, show you how good he feels at your side and tell you how much he loves you. You should also be generous and invest in yourself.

If he does not compliment you, if he does not strive to make you happy, be careful. You could be giving too much for little. And remember that balance in a relationship is imperative to make both of you happy.

We know that on average men speak a third of what women speak and generally are much more reserved with their feelings. It is rare for a guy to talk openly about what he feels. The reality is that, both men and women are emotional human beings. We all feel the same way. The only thing that changes is the form and frequency in which we express it, depending on the personalities of each person. If you are in a relationship with a guy who does not usually say much, use these above techniques to let him open up to you and stay happy together.

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