10 Tips to Hit On a Guy at the Gym

November 4, 2020

Find the best way to hit on a guy at the gym subtly. These tips will help you approach the man, get his attention to make him notice you and flirt with him.

hit on a guy at the gym

Did you sign up to the gym to get you in shape? Your intention was never to go the gym and flirt with the guy. But every day, when you run into this handsome man whose muscles stand with the brightness of his sweat you cannot help, but think how much you'd like to know him. Firstly, how to make him notice you? Whichever way you give him, you can't think of a way to get his attention in which it is not entirely clear that you're interested in him. If you are in this situation, do not worry. There are ways to get to approach him and flirt with him. With these tricks you will learn to hit on a guy at the gym and make him interested in you.

Ask him about the operation of a machine

If you've had enough time in the gym it is possible that this tactic does not serve you, but there are machines that are more complicated or you have not dared to use. If you get close you can ask for help and say it's your first time with this machine and you want to make sure you're going to use it properly. I'm sure he will to help you and explain to you what you need to know. Besides, you've managed to break the ice and initiate a first contact with a totally innocent appearance.

Ask him to take turns on a machine

Another way of establishing a first approach is to target the machine he is using and ask if you can take turns. This allows you to do some other comment "Uff, how much weight you put him, right?" This also allows you to establish eye contact in a clear manner as you will have to look at each other for attention when doing the relay. In this way you can talk a lot and maybe at the end give him hints.

Ask him about his training or yours

This you can do whether if you've already had a first approach or not. There are hundreds of questions that you can make: on exercise, rest between sets, on how to improve certain muscle group. He will love to give you his advice and help you as an expert. These types of questions are just for something more than a mere exchange of words, so it's a good way to get start and be comfortable with each other. Once the basic talks are over, now it’s time to flirt and hit with a guy in the gym and make him feel connected to you.

Praise his physical

At some point you have to give notice that your intention is not to remain in the "friend zone", but looking for something more. For that there is nothing better than to let him know that his body looks glorious and spectacular. You should flirt subtly to make him chase you. A phrase like "Wow you have great body, it shows that you take complete advantage of the gym," will leave clear your admiration for his physical, yet not too compromising. If you hadn't noticed before, this will leave him with a mystery. This is where he will be thinking whether you are interested in him or not and whether he should take the step.

Dress sexy sportswear if you are comfortable

Here it’s about both flirting and seduction without even talking to him. Flirting will be done when you make an eye contact while your body will be enough to make him attracted to you. Going disheveled, without makeup and with a wide shirt that leaves no glimpse of anything will not make him notice you. But you cannot go to the other end and put the makeup or tight clothing like a door. The key is to go sexy enough so that he cannot help, but notice you and his attention. A light and natural makeup and clothes that highlight the best parts of your body is the best way to go to the gym when your goal is to get that guy you like. Use red clothes often as they are grab attention of people.

Show yourself accessible

He is not the only one with eyes in his head. When other guys see you they may seek a rapprochement and you must not make the mistake of showing morose because you this is a good way to make him act fast. The best thing is to be accessible and respond to any guy who tries to engage in conversation with you, although without giving them a lot of ball. This will make him see the competition and he will be quick to ask you out. There might be lot of attractive guys in your gym, but you just have to refrain from flirting with everyone.

No headphones in gym

In the line with the above point, the last thing you should do if you want him to come near and approach you is to train with headphones on. Headphones are the greatest "buzzkill" to a guy who wants to initiate contact with you because they make you seem isolated and inaccessible. Moreover, nobody likes to annoy or bother when a girl who is busy. A very confident guy would come for a conversation even if you are listening songs, but a less confident guy will think twice to do it. So look accessible and avoid headphones in gym.

Do not complain that you do not like the gym

If your first conversations you make him see that you do not like the gym then you'll be wasting a lot of your options. First because he loves it. How do you think he has achieved those powerful biceps? Certainly he was not playing Parcheesi. Remember that you want to hit on a guy at the gym and not complain about things. So neither of these things works in your favor, hence never talk anything which you don’t like instead tell him what you like.

Crosses glances with him

As much as you talk to him, at the end the looks that you cross are the one which will give him a hint about your intentions. In this way you hit on a guy at the gym subtly using your eye contact. The eyes say more than all the words in the world and if you avoid looking at him during your training, he'll think you're just a nice girl looking for a little conversation. Your looks must be intense. Shy glances that end up with a smile.

Make eye contact for longer than normal say for about 2-3 seconds. Eye contact and smile are considered to be powerful body language flirting techniques. I guarantee that he will get the message and sooner or later in any conversation will take the lead. If the guy is waiting for you alone outside the gym then this is a sign that he is interested and now he will be the one flirting with you.

Never rush

As much as you want to be with him, the last thing you should do is rush to talk to him and make him feel disturbed. If you already have crossed a few conversations, do not think he'll be looking forward to spend all the time talking to you. In case you did not remember your reason for going to the gym is to train and the constant interruptions of you may come to irritate him. Let things take their course, throw your silent messages and wait for him to decides when and how to chat with you without being on top. If you have implemented some of these tips, you'll soon get the result you expect.

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