How To Act And What To Do When You See Your Ex

July 27, 2015

Learn what to do when you see your ex after breakup. These tips will teach you how to act when you meet your ex boyfriend or girlfriend in a party or park for the first time.

Sometime after the break when you meet your former partner by chance somewhere can make both of you uncomfortable. In that situation, you may be some feelings to surface or not, you feel nervous, give you joy or conversely get upset. It all depends on how your relationship was between the two and how the relationship ended. So you want to know how to act when you see your ex? The best way to manage this situation is to remain calm in this situation. We have prepared this article with some basic tips on how to act when you see your ex or what to do when you see your ex?

What To Do When You See Your Ex

Relax yourself and don’t hide

If you see your ex and you are on the same place, something you should never do is run away or hide behind something or someone. Breathe and act normally, otherwise he/she may end up thinking you're still feeling something for him/her or you do not have a mature attitude to gracefully exit from the situation. It is not to go running to your ex to greet him/her, if you see in the distance, simply dedicate a friendly gesture from where you are and go!

Start with a hello

Now, what if you run into your ex face to face? In this situation, if he/she stops to say hello, it's best that you answer with a friendly greeting attack subtly avoiding much less glares and give or contempt a scene of screams and insults. This is no time for that.

One thing you should not do is lashing or insulting him/her or any bad gestures, instead remain calm because you don’t want to create a scene in public. Like you, even he/she may be nervous about what to do, but smile and say hello.

Note that there is also the option of where your ex decides not say hello and pretend he/she had not seen but the reality is another. Nothing happens! For a lot of anger in you, it is best to accept his decision, respect and carry on as if nothing had happened. If this happens, you know how you should act the next time you cross paths with him/her.


If after the greeting starts a conversation between you two, it is important that this does not last too long, if any of you is uncomfortable. It is best that you be short and end the conversation soon. But if the conversation flows and the situation is comfortable and relaxed, you can keep talking until you feel like, but you should not think that this can be a clear sign that he/she wants to have a relationship with you again. It is very likely that you have a lot of affection and pleasing to see and hear from you.

Tips to remember

During a conversation with your ex partner who you just meet, there are limits that must not be exceeded and certain issues that it is best not to talk to not end up ruining the game. Some tips you should consider are:

  1. Do not tell all the details of your life. It is not necessary that this meeting will explain everything you've done since you no longer are with him/her. For emotional intimacy you had in the past is no longer the same. Do not feel obligated and keep the conversation simple and no rude or past topics. You must think and decide what you want to explain and what you should not.
  2. Treat your ex the same way as you would with any other person you saw. Although in the past you had problems, but you need to treat him/her a certain way and to speak to each other forgetting the past. So now repeating the same gestures, looks and questions which are no longer appropriate or desirable for this time is of no use.
  3. No reproaches or recall moments of your relationship. Time has passed and it is not time to discuss or reproach your ex about whatever things that disappoint each other. Nor you should talk about past intimacies, as they may give a false impression that they can recur at present.
  4. Do not stay silent. Talk to him/her normally, showing that you have moved on life. Let your ex see that you are totally calm and you know how to master the situation perfectly.
  5. And what if it is accompanied by his/her new partner? Stay relaxed, act as normal greeting him/her in a friendly way and above all, do not invade the space of her current partner or say things about your ex or your past relationship that may bother you. You must be aware of the place that you occupy at the moment making it clear that you both are no l onger a couple and not even friends.

If you follow all these tips on what to do when you see your ex, you will perfectly manage that situation and you continue with your life and still be happy as you were being so far. But if you still need more time to get over the break, start the conversation with a ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ and end it soon.

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