How To Ask a Girl Out On a Date

August 25, 2015

Find the best cute and romantic ways to ask a girl out on a date for the first time in college, at the gym, or at work. These are creative examples of what to say over text and in person.

How to ask a girl out on a date

When a guy likes a girl and wants her to be attracted, taking her out on a date is essential. However, many guys feel very nervous; for example, what if the girl says no or rejects them, and thus they approach with zero confidence. Ideally, asking a girl out on a date creates a particular tickle in the stomach. So, if you're dying to take her out but do not know where to start, in this post, we give you some tips to discover how to ask a girl out on a date over texts as well as in real conversation.

It is increasingly common to use alternative methods of technologies like texts and chats. For example, if you are a shy person and it costs a lot to start a conversation with a girl to ask her out, a good option is to do it via text. It is a viable alternative, and you have to find a way to do it, and the text example below will help you.

  1. This advice may seem obvious, but make sure she really has no partner or she is not dating anyone. You should know that is fully available, otherwise you will go through the situation of receiving a blunt no as an answer. Before asking her on a date make sure it is not dating anyone. No need to ask her directly, just observe their attitude towards you, usually when a girl is in a relationship you can get to know from her when you frequently talk to her. So pay attention and you'll know.
  2. Before you jump in the water it takes into account the personality of the person with whom you speak, she is quiet, shy, outgoing etc. It is important to notice because if the girl is shy then your first responsibility is to make her comfortable in your company and then ask her out. If she is outgoing and confident then it’s good.
  3. Women don’t feel comfortable going on a date with a stranger or with whom she has crossed just a few words. It is therefore very important that before you try to ask her out, try to talk to that person. She should feel comfortable in your presence, laugh, should have fun with you and text conversations to increase the possibility of meeting her alone. One more important thing is to look great because visual attraction is important.
  4. The fact that a girl is single does not indicate that she is available, so it is important to be curious and know if she is open to the possibility of dating. It is always good to get these conversations to light in order to determine what she thinks. Someday in a conversation, you can ask her casually if she is single and what she thinks of a relationship with someone.
  5. Try to find hobbies or food tastes in common with the person you want to ask out. This is very important because the first point, if the girl knows that there is something in common then she will feel encouraged to talk to you and share some thing together. Cinema, music, sports, hobbies, anything goes. Also try to be romantic or flirt over text and in person when she is alone so that you are are not in her friend zone.
  6. Now after we have collected some information it’s time to ask her out. You can do this casually in a conversation in person or if you are still shy then ask her over text. Be calm and casual and say, "Hey there's a new restaurant that I know, would you like to join me," do not look like anything too formal, make her feel that you are interested, but that the meeting will be casual. If you know that she likes some kind of movies or actors then asking her out for a movie will also be fine. Looking nervous can scare her, so do some practice looking in mirror and then approach her confidently.
  7. Just remember that don’t take too long asking her out because this can make you enter her friend zone. If you are still shy then use texts and chat as these are much easier for dealing with such situations. If you have a party nearby ask her to accompany you. Once you have everything clear then start a normal text conversation and finally somewhere in between ask her out. If she replies positively than you would be over the clouds. If she reject your invitation without further comment do not insist her. You can also flirt a bit over text and simply ask her. The worst thing that can happen is she says no, something that certainly is not the end of the world.
  8. If the answer is positive and she is ready to come with you then start planning your date. We suggest not to make your date romantic as is the first date with her. Once it is confirmed that she is in love with you then you can go on romantic dates. Once she has accepted your invitation, prepare for the date. You must make sure to set the time and the venue.
  9. For a first meeting these are sites that are good to avoid, such as theater or cinema, simply because these are places where conversation is difficult and the idea of this meeting is to know more about each other which can be achieved when you talk comfortably. Although going for a movie is not good for a first date, but is she is interested then ask her. After the movie, you can also have a coffee.

    Try to adapt your date to her personal taste. But if you do not know what she likes then choose some standard alternative as a drink or a snack together in a popular place and where you can talk get to know each other well.

  10. If the answer is no then nothing happens, we should not give too much importance to the matter, perhaps you should be proud that you tried. Many guys usually don’t try and end up being losers. If that person does not accept the invitation then don’t ask her why and be rude. Tell her it does not matter and just try to end the conversation. Think that you need to try asking some more girls and face some more rejections to learn the art to ask a girl for a date.

Some tips to remember

  1. Make sure you both are alone when you are asking the girl in person. Asking her with friends or colleague around can be uncomfortable for her to answer.
  2. Make changes to the above tips according to the likes and personality of the girl. Every girl is not the same and hence modify these tips accordingly.
  3. If you are asking her out then be confident and comfortable because if you are not then this can make the girl uncomfortable.
  4. Instead of facebook chats or texts, it is wise to ask her in person because girls admire the confidence of guys.
  5. If you feel that the girl is attracted to you then use some romantic ways to approach her. Also try to be a little creative to be successful.
  6. Don’t feel bad if she rejects because some great men have said that rejections and failures lead to success. So don’t go in depression and try your newly learned skills on other girls. Even many dating gurus have learned to attract girls facing many rejections in the beginning.

Forget shyness, nervousness and hit the water with confidence because there is nothing to fear. If there has been an actual connection and feeling, the answer is undoubtedly positive. Nothing to fear; it is only a date. It is a chance to talk and meet someone interesting, so take it easy and enjoy the process.

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