How To Attract Girls Without Saying A Word

August 6, 2015

Learn the best tips to attract girls without saying a word and make her dream about you. It will help you become popular and impress girls with talking to her.

Attract Girls Without Saying A Word

Have you ever felt that how some of the guys are making girls crazy without even talking to them. Some look handsome that’s the reason, but even some average looking guys have become girl magnets attracting lot of girls. This is because they work on developing a nice personality like wearing clean ironed clothes, clean shoes, have leadership qualities, are fun loving and the main thing is that people around respects him.

You have lots of girls around you and want to find an interesting way to look attractive to girls without saying a word. While this situation is very familiar during adolescence, the truth is that many experience it in adulthood too and that is not always easy to make the girl you like turn to look at you, so in post there are some tips and suggestions to help make girls attracted to you.

Be clean

If you want girls to be attracted to you then it is important that must take baths regularly to rinse the sweaty body and make it fresh. If you want to attract girls with any conversation then it is important that you look good. A well groomed face with a good hairstyle, shaved face and shaped eyebrows can make you look more handsome compared to regular days. Take one of your female friend to shopping and buy some new clothes as well as a perfect body deodorant because girls really love when a guy smells nice and properly takes care of his grooming.

Wear clothes that suits

Buy some new clothes and make sure that they suits your personality. Don’t wear something unusual because with this many girls will definitely notice you, but no one will be attracted. So wear clothes that fit you and help to make you look good. You must pay no attention to brands if you have a tight budget because girls don’t care about it. Your main aim should be to wear clothes that you are comfortable with and at the same time helps to improve your physical appearance.

Do not pretend to be something you're not

Women have a very acute sense of smell, very strong sixth sense and perceive as you are not who you say, that you show does not really reflect your personality, never try to get attention in such a way. The truth is that there is no better advice to be who you are wear good clothes and smell good, but don’t act like someone else because finally you want to make a girl fall in love with the real you.

Make friends

Each girl is different and certainly some give more value to certain things than others, but in general there are two characteristics that women cannot resist, the intelligence and good sense of humor. Remember and use these tools tp your advantage. With these tools you can make lots of female friends around. According to a research, women find those men very attractive which are usually seen surrounded and talking to girls. So making some female friends will help you attract a lot of girls without saying a word.

Show that you are talented

We all have something that makes us special, a hobby, a way of thinking, musical tastes, an attitude towards life, a detail of your personality that you know that has not been reproduced in series, it is time to use it to your advantage. The man loves to have something unique, especially women appreciate a different person, let them know that you're your. If you are in high school then you must participate in competitions and win them. If you go to work then try to impress them with your knowledge in meeting and excel in your work. These few things will help you get a lot of attention from girls.

Tone your muscles

Usually all girls prefer having a guy that looks physically fit. You don’t need to build huge muscles like Arnold, but get a body shape that looks fit as well as strong. So it is important that you start some workouts to get a good body shape. This will make you fit and at the same time you can attract girls. Working out shows the people around you that you love and care for your body and want to keep it healthy and it also make you look attractive. So an hour at the gym is not a bad idea.

Body language plays a big role

Carrying a perfect body language has a major role to attract girls without saying a word. It is important that how your body posture is when you are standing, sitting and talking to others. These positions depict more about you compared to the words you speak and this has been proved by researchers. So when walking, sitting and talking be straight and depicts yourself as a leader. Don’t try to run, instead be calm and relaxed, chest outward and face looking forward.

Body language is not just restricted to walking and sitting, but the way you shake hands, your positions when talking or touching someone reveals a lot about you. So research a few body postures that make you look attractive and dun loving in front of girls.

Eye contact

Eyes play a major role as it considered to be a very important signal of body language for attraction. Eyes are said to communicate a lot without needing a word to express your feelings, hence use this one of the most powerful tool to attract girls without saying a word. If suppose you catch a girl looking at you then confidently and with a smile look in her eyes until she breaks it. This will prove your dominance over her. If you break the eye contact or look downward that will either prove that you are not interested or submissive by nature.


Your attraction on girls won’t last if you are not confident in talking with them. There will come a point where you will need to talk to her so that she becomes clear about your intentions to make her your girlfriend. Women adore guys that flatter them, make the first move and later listen to them. Until you are in a relationship with this girl you need to stop giving all you attention to her. If you show constant attention, always available for her as a dear friend, she will get used and will no longer be interested, you special will not appear, so do everything with balance.

Power of social media

According to dating gurus, social media has become a very powerful tool for attracting men and women. If you want girls around to notice you then you must take some pictures and post it on facebook and instagram. For this first you must be friends with the girl on these social media platforms. Your images partying with friends, movies, treks and other adventurous activities can be uploaded. With this the people following you will feel that you are an exiting person and many of them will start noticing you. These upload images depicts the girls about the enjoying life you life and this will attract girls without saying a word.

If the girls around are your friends

If girls are known to you for some day then these above strategies will be simple to use, but what happens when it's your friend for years, when they are well known, when there is nothing new you can show
Well here is a little more complex. First there's always something new to show because she knows you as a friend and not as a lover, but in these cases the strategy is different. If you really have feelings for her and wish to attract her, then try to seduce with simple touches and words. There are times when it is necessary to take the risk.

If you want to master the body language, conversations and tricks which makes a guy irresistible in front of women then you can take help from this Love Coaching Book for Men.

These are simple tips to consider, but it is clear that the attraction operates in complex ways, just hope that with these key notes girls get to notice you. Good luck!

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