How To Attract Men With Body Language

November 23, 2015

Find the best way to attract men you like with body language. You can use these tips to sexually attract and even get attention from guys you don’t know. Use these body language tricks in your school, at gym or at work and get any man to like you.

attract men with body language

You have recently developed crush on a guy in your school or at work and want to learn the body language art for attracting him. For you to attract the man of your dreams, first you need to wake up from sleep and deal with your reality. If you live 70% of your time thinking about men and how to catch one, you're wrong because your life must not be spinning around that.

You have to learn to divide your time otherwise. It is more important to invest time in you, in your physical, emotional, intellectual and professional development. Try to be as busy "HAVING A GREAT LIFE" and when you're then you have the power to choose what you like and suits you.

Men will come and approach when you show them you are available, but not expecting. When you're living the life you love, it automatically shows the confidence in your body language. However, if you are shy and don’t know the tricks then this tutorial will teach you how to attract men with body language and also will help you develop an appealing personality.

Dressing tips

Dress in clothes which makes you feel attractive and at the same time you stay comfortable in it. Use more feminine shades for your clothes as they work more in getting men’s attention. In fact, avoid everything that may too revealing . However, a garment with which you feel comfortable is always better than one of those dresses that you cannot even walk. Find the midpoint between comfort and elegance as the balance is the key to look beautiful. Although it is not a tip for body language, but it is for boosting some inner confidence that will later aid you to attract men with body language. Wear something that attracts attention. Before we said to be comfortable is important. If you are comfortable you will project more confidence in yourself. But as politeness does not brave, try to get something flashy every day.

Seduction with smiles

The smile is your best weapon of seduction. When you smile and laugh more for a particular guy then you present this as a gesture which is one of the subliminal sign of flirting according to the body language science. Try to smile often around the guy you want to attract and this will help you psychologically develop feelings for you. Even researches have concluded that men find smiling women more attractive then the one who’s smile is always absent. It is one of the easiest body language to attract men.

Play with your eyes

Playing with your eyes as it is a great tool to attract men with body language. According to a research, eyes are the first part which attracts men and then is the smile. It is hence advised to do a proper eye makeup for making it look more attractive. Holding eye contact will actually develop mystery for the guy and he may start thinking whether you are interested in him. This mystery will help you a lot to get his attention and later attract him. Look in his eyes for few seconds and when he notices smile and look away. This trick always works. You can see what your eyes tell you in this body language test of attraction.

Attract him sexually

Touches are powerful signals to attract men and it’s a kind of more advanced body language to be used. Direct contact arouses interest unconsciously. Touch his arm when he makes a funny joke or funnily catch his neck when he teases you. Any excuse is good, but you have to not be nervous while doing it. Just keep these touches very casual and act that it is just normal. If you are not comfortable then avoid because it must be done rightly and without being oblivious or it can spoil the plan.

Develop your personality

Work a little to develop a good body image. Gestures, believe it or not, they say a lot about you. So the image you project to them can have a lot of weight when it comes to attract men with body language. Practice your speech and gestures in front of the mirror or ask a friend to analyze your movements. In a conversation with your guy sometimes play with your hair, touch him and laugh more. Mirror practicing is what all the actors do to become perfect and you need to do the same. With this practice you will better understand your facial expressions and your body language. Once you are able to display a confident and attractive body language, any guy will start taking interest in you.

Live the moment

Be flexible, do not be shocked by anything and open your mind. Men go crazy with the adventurous girls who love the moment. No matter where you go, what you do or under what circumstances, everything has its good side. To attract men you will need to have a confident, loving and funny body language all together and believe me with this you will be able to win many guy’s heart. When you are not with him, you can use facebook to share your pictures to show all men in your list about how you enjoy your life. It psychologically plays an important role for developing an exiting personality in others mind.

Kill shyness

Do not be shy to ask for him to come out on a date with you. Why wait until it is he who propose you out? Do not waste time and instead of arranging a romantic date, you can go with him for a casual date. You can ask him to accompany you to any exhibition or shopping or even help in any work and in between you can have coffee or lunch. This way you will meet him alone and get more time to attract him.

Fill life with happiness

When you're happy with yourself, you live your life and definitely going to attract many men. Happy, accomplished and full of positive energy and good vibes will make many men develop crush on you. Love yourself and stay happy and this will help you a lot in finding love. Guys are often attracted to a woman who is happy because your happiness can bring more joy to their lives. No one would want a depressing and unhappy woman, right? So try to send good vibes to people, not only to attract men, but also to make great friends.

Be honest

Be yourself. This is probably the most important advice we give you. Love yourself and be honest with yourself and with others and this will help you easily learn the tricks of body language. The body language art is to develop and display confidence and for attraction, this is improvising yourself. Hence don’t confuse between improvising and changing. Don’t change the way you think, your values and all those things that matters to you. Don’t lie as relationships build on false often fall.

Dating guide to attract men

All the above tips are very helpful, but if you want something more then you can read a dating book for women which will help you understand everything about male attraction and psychology. After reading this book you will have a clear knowledge about how to attract men and the tricks to make them loyal and committed to you. Apart from this you will also learn some lessons for removing the struggles of a relationship and maintain the passion and love forever.

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