How To Be Friends With Your Ex

September 18, 2015

These tips show how to be friends with your ex when the relationship ends. Use this technique to stay good friends with your former boyfriend or girlfriend.

how to be friends with your ex

When a relationship ends there is always the possibility that some friends, profession or school bonds the ex partners together and the connection between the two is not lost completely. Some think to be back with ex, some don’t want to even see their face and some choose to still stay friends and this depends a lot on who are you, who is your ex and how has been the relationship. That said we give some important tips for you to know how to be friends with your ex successfully.

In this post we give you some tips that will help you to know how to deal with your ex after breakup. These are simple practices that will help make the separation more bearable and that the relationship will stay friendly between you two.

Let some time pass

Not all relationships work well on a basis of friendship. Those conflicting or very unstable relationships do not allow partners to a future friendship after breakup. The simple reason is that both of them lack values such as respect and trust have been overshadowed by tension, ill-treatment and in some cases violence.
The first thing to keep in mind to deal with your ex after your break is to avoid any dispute. That is, if your ex-partner has hurt you and if you have ended badly, it is likely that this is not the right time and you must let some time pass to let the situation get cool.

Don’t force yourself to be friends

Many people seek to force friendship overnight. To become friend with your ex who was once in a relationship with you, it is important that you let some days pass so that he/she forgives you and both of yours wounds are healed. To be friends with your ex, you must let the heart ache and anger cool and then only it is better to approach. Forcing yourself to be friends with ex will only create unnecessary pressure and tension.
Remember that being friends with your ex means that the time you see him/her with someone else, you must be very mature and have a very open mind. If you think you will never ever be ready for that then you do not try to force a friendship.

Be clear with your goals

It is very important that why do you want to be friends with your ex. Are you thinking that after becoming friends you have the chances to get him/her back? Let me tell you that it is a very bad idea because this is not a true friendship and she/he won’t take the risk of falling back into the past. If you want ex back then take a different approach. If you work together, study together in same college or if you have friends in common and that is why you want to be friends then it is fine.

To show your ex that you want to build new relationship with him, it is important that you are clear, but there is a possibility that your ex could interpret as you want to be back with him or her. At this point it should also be noted that if you want to treat your ex in a friendly way, it is imperative that you should not have any attraction. You should feel no attraction towards your ex boyfriend or girlfriend and even she/he should feel the same way; otherwise this new attitude may reopen wounds.

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Have a positive attitude

To be at peace with yourself and rebuild your life, it is important to forgive and therefore, a good way is to try to forget negative feelings or pain you felt and bet on the good memories. To encourage this attitude you can get to look at pictures of your ex-partner, remember those moments when you were happy. Healing is essential to rebuild your life.

It is important that before you meet your ex, go with an open, positive and unwilling attitude to discuss. If you see your ex-partner is not at all receptive, give him/her some time. It might take them time to understand your new idea of friendship. Try to generate good thoughts and energies around your ex and over time the relationship will become more friendly and satisfying.

Contact your ex

If there was great love and respect between you two it is likely that there is mutual desire for friendship. It is possible to be friends with an ex to the point that over the years this relationship has made your bond strong and after breakup what prevails is the friendship between you two.

To pass the level of friendship is necessary to leave behind grudges, so if you really want to preserve a loving relationship with your ex forget everything. Once a few days have passed calmly speak with him or her and ask if you both could still remain friends. Make your ex clearly know that you are just asking for friendship and you have no plan to hurt him or her again. If there is any possibility to stay friends with your ex and if he or she has no problem for friendship then you have passed.

If your former partner does not want to hear from you or she do not feel comfortable with your presence in life, respect the decision and move on. Time will tell if in the future your ex has any role in your life or not.

Important Tips

  1. It is not possible for all ex partners to remain friends because not all relationships are equal. In some there was always respect and affection and these partners can still remain friends.
  2. If your relationship was stormy do not try to find a friend in your ex, better get rid of the presence of that person in your life and continue your way.
  3. Make this point clear that you only want to get along as a friend and you have no other intentions. He or she may misunderstand your intentions abd think you want to be back. Honesty and a calm conversation are essential to be friends with your ex.
  4. If you have children in common, the most favorable for them is that you try to stay friends. No need for you to be so just after breakup (it is almost impossible to get it) but over time, try to recover your relationship and make plans with your children involved.
  5. Once you have become friends, it is very important that you don’t bring any topic about your past relationship.
  6. Finally if you intention is wrong or you want revenge on your ex, it is better that you take help from a psychologist to completely recover and get over your relationship.

Usually when there are many friends in common, it is normal that two people once couple work out maturely and become great friends. The key to the friendship with your ex is to leave past in the past. A good conversation after breakup is a great way to stay friends with your ex partner. Make sure you follow all the steps properly and if you fail don’t take it personally and move on in life.

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