9 Ways To Break a Relationship Without Hurting

November 16, 2016

Find the best way to break a relationship with someone nicely. These tips will help you breakup the relationship on good terms without hurting and in a least painful way.

break a relationship

One of the most difficult situation is when you want inform your partner that you want to end the relationship. Breaking a relationship is a difficult decision and largely because we are aware that we will hurt another person. In many cases, it takes weeks or months to break a relationship because we are unable to take that step. If you are clear that you want to move on, it is best to act as soon as possible. If you do not know how to do it, here you have 9 different ways to break a relationship in a best possible way. Some are more honest than others, but they all work.

We are too different to be together

Well, just to not make the other feel offended you can use this line. You will point out any story that are not at their height, tastes don’t match and I know you can come up with something better. The reality is that you want to save the real reason for the breaking the relationship, either because it is too painful or because you are ashamed to tell that what you like is to be a hummingbird and always with the same person you supremely bored. The guy or girl will try to convince you that it is not true, but you must insist that you are doing it for the sake happiness for both.

Disappear from the face of the earth

It is not the most noble and brave way to break a relationship, but effective is a while. If you are shifting to a new place do not want to maintain a long distance relationship and afraid to confront with your partner then this is best choice for you. Unsubscribe from your social networks, change your phone number and leave a letter that you are moving and want to breakup. Leave behind all the stage that you shared with your partner and start a new one from scratch. You may consider that it is a vile, despicable and cowardly way of breaking and even may well be right.

Act committing an infidelity

If you don’t want to make the other person live with thinking he/she had has something less which lead to a breakup then this can be a good way to break a relationship. Act of committing a infidelity and let your guy/girl know it from your trusted source. In this way the entire blame of the breakup is on you and not on your partner. He/she certainly isn't going to accept the breakup in a civilized manner. There is another way where you set the guy/girl with someone more attractive and find him/her in the act. Instead of trying to be the one to break the relationship, find someone that attracts your partner and let go. Choose on which path you want to take and go ahead with it. Desperate times, desperate measures.

Invent a previous partner

If you are finding it difficult to come up with an excuse to break the relationship then inventing a previous partner can provide you a good reason for a breakup. Your ability to lie like a rug will make the story more believable, but the good thing is you do not need to give too many details. Simply say that he or she was living a time out and now returns to the city. Tell that you have still love him/her and being with you will just make both our life’s miserable. Ask him or her to understand the situation and leave. Maybe this will give you what you want.

Talk like adults and mature people

The ideal way to carry out a breakup is this, but not everyone has the courage to stand in front of your partner and tell him/her the love she felt for her is over. However, it is painful and much tough when you have to face the guy or girl, but it is the method that provides better results. Over time and after the initial heartbreak, that person will appreciate your honesty and perhaps even may have occasion to maintain a friendship.

Breaking over phone, whatsapp or email

If you are unable to face, you can always break the relationship through a phone call, whatsapp or email. Each of these formulas has its advantages and disadvantages. By phone you save to see his/her face, but you're do not get rid of hearing their cries and whimpers. By whatsapp will touch you most likely have to respond to a barrage of messages and much of the same can happen to you if you send an email. You cannot say that one way is better than another because all agree on one drawback that you stand like a coward as you don’t have the courage to face the situation.

Through social media

Don’t have the courage to tell him/her directly? In this case you can use social media. Change your status "In a relationship" to "Single" and block your partner from all your social networks will be more than enough to give the idea that you have broken the relationship. You can send a message on facebook before blocking them. Although, it is way to breakup, it's pretty cruel and not recommended. This is because the boy/girl will have the pain of your abandonment plus social networks bring public humiliation.

Make the victim

This is called HANDLED and are quite bad person if you do, but anyway, here goes. Ask a friend to send an incriminating message to your partner when you're with him/her and tell her to let you read it. If he/she refuses, you can resort to them as if they are hiding something. If they let you see the message then behave like it is authentic message from someone and your partner is having an affair. If you don’t want to play the victim then make him/her. Just ask your friend to send you a message and let him/her see it. One way or another you have the perfect excuse to make a fuss, get out of the relationship and say it's over. The terrible thing is that your partner will not understand anything and feel you are committing an injustice.

Make life impossible

For the only option you have left is causing the breakdown for your partner. From now on, whenever your partner wants sex, your head will hurt (even if you are male). Everything he/she says will bother you. Of course you forget her birthday or your anniversary and you take control of everything. All this is to make your partners life hell and make them too frustrated being with you. It may not be in a week or two to end your relationship.

Do you know any more? Have you used any of these strategies to get rid of someone? Let us know what you did when you no longer wanted to be in relationship with someone.

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