How To Fix a Broken Relationship

October 7, 2015

Find the best way to fix a broken relationship fast with your girlfriend or boyfriend. These tips will mend the cracks and make your relationship happy.

fix a brken relationship

Breakup with the guy or girl you love is something which no one likes. You always hoped to live the rest of your life happily with him or her. Let me tell you that no one is exempt from sufferings and the difficult process of relationships. There is a vague belief that love is something you feel and that is enough, but this is a mistake because love is left to feel if you do not cultivate every day.

Relationships are not easy. It may be a dream come true, however beautiful moments can become a daily nightmare if not taken proper care. The confidence we have in our partner is fundamental to have a healthy relationship. When this trust and respect is lost, it damages and makes difficult to mend a broken relationship. Some advice that can heal such problems is to strengthen honesty, love, respect and fix a broken relationship. As human beings we are not perfect, but it is no excuse to make your partner feel less loved.

I think we all go through different stages in a relationship, in some form or another like at some point we feel that we can spend the rest of the life with the person and at some other point we feel we can not trust the person we love. Your relationship has developed cracks or you have completely separated from each other. No matter what, we provide you the best working tips which will fix a broken relationship.

First answer these questions

These few preliminary questions are important to be answered before working to mend the cracks of both hearts.

  1. Was there love in your relationship?
  2. Why did your relationship suffer, is it because you lost passion and respect or one of you cheated on the other?
  3. Do you think from your instincts that your partner will be willing to be back with you?
  4. Was the breakup because of some serious issue or with time love start to fade and anger grew?
  5. Do you still feel the love?
  6. Are you 100% dedicated to bring your partner back and make sure that you both will not let this happen again?

So if you feel that there is even a percent of chances to be back, then let start the work to fix your relationship.


It is better to wait a while to restore your relationship. It is not good decision to approach when you both are filled with anger and negative emotions. Sometimes we say things that hurt the other and vice versa because they are also angry or hurt. So the very first thing is that you stay calm and let all the negativity flow out of you. If you are committed to work on your relationship then give one or two weeks time for you and your partner to learn the mistakes you both made that lead to cracks in your happy relationship.

Confrontation and honesty

It should say it all. If your partner cheated, lied, he/she said to do something like suffering from an addiction, or says he/she no longer loves you, it's time to take out the dirty laundry and say things in front. Hiding things is to deny a wound and prevent healing. When you do not want to accept the blame, even though you know that your partner fouled, it is better to be patient and analyze the situation. Sometimes we think bad or easy forward and draw conclusions before really knowing the facts. If it was not your fault then try to see from your partner point of you that made her so disrespectful towards you.


Forget your pride. After suffering a delusion and disappointment our pride is hurt too. This does not mean you have to totally be modest if your partner was at fault. I mean that we must give space to accept forgiveness. If you committed the offense, show humility and this can help to fix a broken relationship fast.


You should always have a good communication to restore confidence. Expressing feelings and pain, it's time to talk, do not hold anything and do not be afraid to say how much you are hurt from your partner's actions. It is time to make the brave and open all cards. Do not talk behind his/her back, better tell things straight. I recommend discussing put all the issues at once. If you or your partner start to lose control it is better to postpone the discussion. Stop, think and remember that your words you can attack or hurt your partner very easily. Start searching solutions and speak words that work to mend your relationship.

Forgive and forget

If we love our partner, we should forgive with all your heart. It is counterproductive to say, "I forgive you and you forgive me", and then remember their failures whenever there is a fight. If you are not ready to forgive because it will hurt much, just try not to say, until you really feel. If it was your partners mistakes and you are ready to forgive and forget truly then only go ahead.


Love and trust are two strong pillars which protects a relationship from falling. If we have only one, the other can easily wear out. Remember that a calm and right conversation is the best way to fix a broken relationship. After you and your partner have been together through a painful breakup and when it is time to restart the relationship then work together so that love, respect and trust grows with each passing day.


Do not insult and do not hurt your partner. It is best to avoid nicknames or teasing. Take everything seriously and not lightly. The relationship you have with your girlfriend or boyfriend is the most sacred as it gets. There are people who enjoy destruction. Women or men who denigrate themselves and trying to harm. Do not let this happen to you. A marriage or relationship is only yours and your partners. Your family and friends do not need to know above all sins committed by your partner. If you need someone to talk to, choose only one member of your family or friend who will understand you and advise you.

Tips to mend a relationship

  1. Decide to return to the partner with love and respect.
  2. Do not allow third parties get involved in fixing your relationship. If the problem is between you two, fix it alone, because when other people get involved, the ego of both side start growing and no longer seek a solution, but try to prove to the other who is the strongest, so stop teamwork.
  3. Did you feel betrayed or hurt? If you want to avoid problems in your relationship just say "I forgot" and then be back with your partner. Decide once and for all and keep aside hate and anger from your heart sincerely.
  4. Avoid criticizing your partner and see only their defects while trying to be back with him/her.
  5. I know that you or your partner are not perfect, but I'm sure he/she has many qualities that made you fall in love. Remember the love and happy memories that brought you together.

Relationship consultants have also created expert coaching with the help of which you can be back with your ex. Such programs are not very expensive and using the plan provided by such gurus many have been able to save their marriage and broken relationship.

These are some of the tips that will help you bring your partner back and make your relationship stable again. However, if your partner still does not want to get back then it is important to move on. I know it is difficult, but get over your breakup and eventually you will find someone better.

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