How To Flirt With Your Crush

November 7, 2015

Find the best way to flirt with your crush subtly over text and facebook chat. These flirting tips will help you attract the guy/girl you like in high school.

flirt with your crush

Flirting with your crush in high school or at your work place gives a feeling of anxiousness to many guys and girls. Are you in this category and do you feel shy to be around and flirt with your crush? Do you have the desire to get more self confidence so that you can be super confident while talking with you crush? In this post you will learn all sorts of techniques that will boost your confidence to flirt and make your crush fall for you.

Actually flirting is very simple, but your inner nervousness is what makes it weird. It is fun, but the way of flirting for both guys and girls is totally different. For example, girls should take a more subtle route which means you should flirt with your crush without being obvious. Here are some of the tips which will teach you this art and make him/her get attracted to you.

Start with your physical appearance

The thought that your physical appearance (your clothes, shoes, facial hair etc.) are not good is what is making you down. The art of flirting and using pickup lines is all about confidence and if you lack this confidence then you fail. Hence, start making yourself look good and believe me you will automatically boost a few levels of inner confidence.

  1. Don’t think that you need to spend tones of money and get a superstar like look. Staying clean and hygienic and putting on clothes which you feel are special is something that is required. Make sure that the clothes are of your size and the most important you are comfortable in it.
  2. Take a bath everyday, use a nice deodorant and perfume, brush to whiten your teeth and use a mouth wash to avoid bad breath. An extra tip for girls is that while applying makeup, don’t use it in excess and try to maintain your natural look.

Boost more confidence

Manage to search for new ways to look and feel confident because flirting skills will naturally settle if you become confident. Many people call flirting a game, but to win this game you first need to undergo a training of improving your personality. Here are some more tips which can make you desirable in front of your crush.

  1. Now to become more confident you fist need to surround yourself with friends of opposite gender. Before you flirt with your crush, you must first start becoming comfortable around people of opposite sex as this will make you learn more about their behavior and later help you in your flirting.
  2. Also if you have any specific skills like you like playing guitar or like painting or basketball then display to the public. When people praise you for your skill, confidence will start getting boosted.

Approach your crush

If you have never talked to your crush then its time to first approach confidently and to do this take this approach. First try to make an eye contact and as soon as he/she looks at you, smile and maintain 3 seconds of eye contact then look away. If you are not aware then let me tell you that this is a non-verbal flirting technique that most of the time works. At this moment, you should not begin with flirting, keep the conversation general. For guys it is necessary to ask for her number (Learn to ask a girl for her number) and for girls wait for him to approach. If in the first meeting, he does not ask you then in the second meeting you take the initiative. Here are the best ways to give a guy your number without being obvious.

Compliments will help

Complimenting a person is a great tool which you can use to flirt with your crush. In the beginning instead of very direct flirting you can compliment the person. This is a very subtle kind of flirting, but it works. Guys must compliment a girl on her smile, eyes, style, lips etc. For girls you can compliment his muscles (if he has), style and humor. Just remember to not over compliment and make it look fake. You must use these compliments somewhere in the middle of the conversation, instead of directly going to your crush and complimenting. Again I would like to repeat, don’t be nervous and make it look like a very casual compliment.

Teasing is good

If you and your crush are friends then teasing can be great way to get his/her attention. It is not a just a way of flirting, but also creates a good humor which makes the other person interested. Don’t tease your crush hard, instead tease him/her gently and check the response. Suppose if the guy likes football and supports a particular team then just jokingly tease him when his team loses. There maybe lot of ways with which you can tease your crush and these simple flirting tricks will help you connect with the boy/girl you like.

Touches for attraction

Flirting is not just limited to words, you can casually touch your crush and this is physical flirting. Act very casual and limit the touches to hands in the beginning. Physical flirting sends signal of attraction which helps in making a person fall in love. Hence, remember to physically flirt with your crush to make him/her feel and think about you. Some of the ways to subtly touch a person are while walking brushing your hands with his/her hands, hugs, touching arms while talking, coming close to whisper in ears etc. Just remember to not make your crush uncomfortable with your touch because this can take things on the wrong track.

Flirt over text

Now one cool way to be more expressive while flirting is to use texts or facebook chats. Text flirting with your crush is an awesome idea because here you can flirt more openly and you won’t feel nervous about it. You must not flirt continuously as this will reduce the fun, hence flirt somewhere in the between. Remember that pickup lines sound really cool, but they don’t work and this has been reported several times. However even then you should use some which are not dirty, like say your crush that you recently read a pickup line and it definitely suits the situation when I am with you. Now when she ask which line than send a text, “Do you no magic because when I see you all the people around disappear” or “Happiness begins with the letter ‘H’, but it was after meeting you I realized that it starts with ‘U’. ” The teasing game to flirt with your crush can also be used over text and facebook chats. Learn texting properly because it has become a very important part in the field of dating.

Never change for anyone

The last tip for you is that you should never change for your crush or for anyone. Improve yourself by dressing up nicely and boost your confidence to show off a nice personality. This way you are not changing, but actually improvising yourself because no guy or girl will like an unhygienic person. Improvising is good, but never wear that fake mask or lie to impress your crush because later it will end up badly.

Finally before flirting with your crush, just check whether he/she isn’t in a relationship because it can lead to problems. Once you have successfully started to flirt then it is very important that you ask him/her out on a date. All the best and flirt with your full confidence.

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