7 Tips To Get a Girl To Notice You

October 12, 2015

Find the best way to get a girl to notice you at school. Once you get her attention, please don’t be shy to approach the girl. Else she won’t get attracted to you.

Get a Girl To Notice You

Are you tired of feeling invisible in front of ladies? Craving attention from all those hot girls or a particular one? And I assume getting jealous of guys who get all the attention? Don’t worry; you too can become the guy who gets noticed by girls, and if you want to know how, follow the steps and get what you desire, but beware, this is not as easy as it seems; you have to put some effort, make some changes. So, are you ready to be recognized? If yes, then read on.

Notice Yourself

To first get a girl to notice you, you must first notice yourself, and by that, I mean you must see yourself in the mirror and ask the question, “Is this the best me?” if not, then do everything in your power be the best you. When asking the question, notice your hair, your clothes, and your overall appearance and sense if you feel attracted to yourself and if not, then ask yourself, “Why not?” And when you are utterly at your best, then you will feel drawn to yourself, and so will the women around you, and that’s because you noticed yourself first. Now let me explain how the best version of you looks. First is that he is showered, and then he is well-groomed, has excellent hair, smells nice, is wearing decent clothes, and have a great posture to look at. Now you have to become the man I just described, and believe me; it’s not hard to be that man.

  1. Take Shower for instance, is it so hard to take a shower once a day. At least have enough respect for yourself to take one shower a day as it helps you to appear clean and keep you from stinking.
  2. Being well groomed means to wash your face before going out, have enough decency to cut your nails and remove the dirt from under them while you are at it. Taking care of your appearance shouldn’t be that hard.
  3. Find cologne that will make girl come near you, apply a deodorant but not the strong kind a light smelling deodorant will do just fine. When you smell good it makes a woman swoon for you.
  4. Style your hair properly before going out; use some hair gel and if not then at least have some decency to comb your hair properly.
  5. When it comes to clothes wear something that is comfortable and yet looks good. Don’t go out in sweat pant just because they are comfortable. Pay some attention to what you wear in public.
  6. And never slouch or stand like a beggar instead stand straight and walk nice as it show what a great posture you have and it present you as a confident person.

Stand Out

Stand Out means standing out in the crowd. I know we have been taught never to be the odd man out, but in this situation and when it comes to girls, the strange man is the first to get noticed, whether it is in a good way or wrong that depends on the situation. Well, you have to be the odd man in a good way because if you don’t stand out and act as everyone else does, how would the girls notice you? Or do you want to be another brick in the wall? If not, then there are several ways you can stand out, and well, I don’t always recommend goggles and hats but if you look good in them, then do it, but there are lots of ways to stand out, and dresses and accessories are just one fast way to get noticed. So get a nice jacket, one with lots of buttons, zippers, and whatnot. Get cool shirts and jeans, especially those with excellent messages on them, as they tend to be more noticeable. Dress like a professional if you want. Get shoes, accessories that would stand out like watches, rings, scarves, etc. You can do almost anything to stand out use your imagination to get a girl to notice you.

Own Yourself

Owning yourself is another way of standing out of the crowd and make a girl notice you. In this phase, you have to get yourself on center stage as that is where you will be more visible, and people, including women, will notice you. You can do this either by being the smart guy or by being the witty guy and sometimes the combination of both. You don’t have to go out of your way to getting noticed but be present and don’t try to be invisible; for example, let’s say that you are in a classroom and the teacher asks a tricky question, now either you can answer the question if you know it or try to be invisible like every other guy in the room. But if you want to get noticed, you should answer the question, and if you don’t know the answer, you can display a slight sense of humor; either one will make you visible in the class. A straightforward way to own yourself is to stand up straight rather than slouching as everyone nowadays reclines, so even as simple as standing up frankly will make you more noticeable. So practice standing straight for at least 10 minutes a day in front of the mirror. And remember never to shy away from the camera.

Show Confidence

Confidence looks good on people; it may sometimes come off as cockiness, but that is better than being wussy or scared. No matter how you look or what you wear, the most beautiful thing about you is and always will be your confidence. To come across as a confident guy in front of girls, you must assume that you are the best looking guy in the world, and then you must act like it but then again, never be overconfident. You should be in so much control that it wouldn’t seem that you are rushing or talking too fast or too much as all that says about you is nervous. You must move, gesture, and speak slowly and deliberately. You should often pause to listen if anyone else has to say something and ditch the nervous twitches, gestures, laugh, etc. Remember never to break eye contact unless the woman does it first. All these things show that you are a confident guy, and you will see more and more women noticing you every day.

Control Your Surrounding

To control one’s surroundings is the best way to come across as a confident man. And therefore one must choose the environment he feels the most comfortable in as he will have an easy time relaxing there and hence he will appear more confident. And if you don’t choose the environment you feel comfortable in, women will notice that discomfort, and you will come off as scared or nervous. A great way to control the surroundings and get seen are high fives and glass clinking and stuff like that, which shows that you are a fun-loving guy who knows everyone and always project confidence. This not only helps you to show spirit but also builds some confidence in you over time.

Always remember to play to your strengths and not the other way around. And never go to someplace where you feel uncomfortable; for example, if you feel comfortable in the coffee shops, then go there and not in some clubs where you feel completely vulnerable. And if you do have to go to a club, try getting there before time as you will be able to get the feeling for the place, and when the time comes, you will be able to act confident. No matter where you go you must control your surrounding because if you seem to be having fun in your space or having you own party bubble which appears to be fun then the women most definitely would want to join in and you will undoubtedly get noticed.

Be Attainable

Looking confident is one thing, but you must also be attainable. If you don’t look possible, then women might notice you but never approach you, which can be because of the fear of rejection or fear of being unnoticed. No one will understand these fears better than you, so you have to act attainable. To achieve that, you have to be engaged in your environment. For example, if a guy is looking on a cell phone screen with headphones, he is signaling the women that he is not interested with a do not disturb sign on his head. The simple way to get a girl to notice you is to look attainable and actively participate in your surroundings, like making eye contact and smiling at people walking by. This signal says that you are friendly and open to having a conversation. This way, you are more likely to get noticed, and you might even get approached by some women.

Control Your Body Language

This is one of the most essential and fundamental things, but it has a significant impact on any conversation and is a must to get girls to notice you. And I have always said that your body language speaks more than your words when you are approaching, as the first attraction is always visual. When talking to a woman, most men use submissive, apologetic body language and voice tone, which seems as they are begging for a woman’s approval, and there is nothing more mood killer than a person who prays approval. Instead, a person should use body language as a way to convince women of their confidence. First of all seat straight as it projects confidence and your stature becomes more attractive. Secondly, don’t lean in her space; instead, lean back, give her some space, and when the time comes, let her come near you; this shows respect, and it also lets you know how much the woman is interested in you.

Take a Hint

Take a hint is the step in which you know if the girl is interested or not, and if not, then gaze around you; the world is full of hot girls; maybe someone else is dying to be approached by you. Never take a hint personally because you never know what that person might be going through or if she already has a boyfriend, fiance, or a husband. But get a hint that a woman is interested in you. You might watch some hot girl come and sit near you or if you make eye contact. The girl doesn’t look away, then that is your ‘in.’ Now go on get out there and have some fun and remember once you get a girl to notice you, then for future reference, try to be chivalrous, be a good listener and have a good sense of humor as it will be better for the long run.

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