How to Get a Girls Phone Number

September 19, 2021

If you are still figuring out how to get a girl's phone number, try these tips. Confidence and having the ability to make a girl laugh can boost your chances.

You may have seen a girl somewhere on the college campus, at a party, at a club, or anywhere on the street who you find to be very attractive. You want to know more about her but aren't sure how to approach her. The first thing you should have in this situation is self-confidence; if you have it, then there are chances of getting her number. Never let the fear of being rejected set in your mind; if she leaves, it is her bad luck for not giving you a chance.

how to get a girls phone number

To learn how to get a girl's phone number, you need first to develop confidence and plan what you will be talking to her. Then, with humor in an exciting conversation and by a bit of luck, you are most probably get her number. But, in case she rejects giving you her number, then without feeling annoyed, complete your conversation saying, ”it was nice talking with you,” and leave. Next, learn the simple tricks for approaching an unknown girl and finally get her number. Of course, no expert can give you 100% guaranteed tips; it just increases the passing percentage of success.

Relax yourself and get rid of nervousness.

The first thing you need to do is get rid of the anxiety and calm yourself fast, or you can miss the opportunity. If this is your first time, your heart will pump at double speed, but I can assure you that it is not that difficult. In the end, what will happen, either she will give her number or not. So what’s the fear of approaching? If she rejects giving her number, it is okay. Some so many girls are waiting for a loving guy like you.

The first few times may be challenging, but they will expect everything after 3-4 times. Just keep in mind that if you are nervous, then she is going to notice that. The girl may wonder why you are so scared when talking to her, and let me tell you that girls like confident guys. So the first step for approaching a girl and getting her mobile number begins with relaxing yourself and building some inner confidence.

Now plan the conversation

After reading this, you won’t need to plan anything but remember the plan. Planning means how to start with the conversation, keep it up to the girl's interest, and finally, the trick to get her number. Having a plan in advance will keep you calm, and at no time will you go out of words in your conversation. You can read our guide on how to break the ice with a girl to give you some tips for this part.

Its time to approach the girl

After you have cooled and are ready with the plan, it's time to make eye contact with the girl. Stand in the direction where the girl is looking and as soon as she looks at you, immediately give a smile and then look away. This will be the first hint you are planting in the girl. It would help if, in your course, you hoped that the girl should be single; otherwise, these tricks may not work. After the smile, now it's time to walk to her and introduce yourself with a “hi.” Now you need to start the conversation according to the surrounding.

Suppose she is near a store's clothing section, take two shirts or a t-shirt and ask her opinion what will suit you. If she is near the book section, ask her about books. If she is on the street, you can ask her for directions to someplace. Suppose you are at a party or bar, ask her opinion about some drink. Girls like it when anyone asks them about their views on a particular thing.

Pickup line to get her number

These are great starter methods to initiate the conversation, and now you have to move to a little bolder task. If you go and start with a pickup line, then the chances of getting her number are considerably reduced. As all girls are unique, pickup lines may work on some, but most girls in many interviews and surveys have asked boys to refrain from using pickup lines. If your pickup line is original, then maybe it can work, but if she has already heard this line somewhere, then it can be a disaster for you. Pickup lines are great, but use them in between a conversation. You can tell the girl looking at her you got a perfect pickup line or something like that.

Make the conversation interesting

After the initial introduction, now it is time to play some tricks to impress her. Here are a few ways by which you can keep the girls entirely interested in talking to you.

  1. Start with a simple question about her, like what she is doing and about her passion. Avoid making her feel that you are interviewing her. Simply say “So what are you currently doing? Let me guess are you an actress or model, right”. She will definitely smile and give you the correct answer and then ask about her interests.
  2. Note one thing, don’t be the only one who is talking all the time. Keep a balance and let her also talk. Just don’t pressure her with too many questions. When she is talking remember to pay complete attention. Look in her eyes, smile and nod your head and make her feel that you are actively listening to her.
  3. Casually in the talk you can compliment about her smile. You can say that ”you should always keep that smile on, it makes your face look beautiful. Or simply say that you have an attractive smile”.

Final stage of getting her mobile number

  1. You can ask her for a mobile and call your mobile. Tell her this is the number of a girl name xyz (whatever her name is) who has a very attractive smile. Later someday you can text her and make plans for hanging out.
  2. This is also a good trick to get her number. Instead of asking her simple say “How can we stay in touch or contact each other, lets exchange numbers”. If you were able to hold her interest and make her feel relaxed in the conversation then the chances of rejection is minimum. Almost any girl will give you her number.

These are the best tricks that I hope have taught you everything about getting a girl's phone number. Just stay confident while playing these tricks and never think that she will not give her number to you. If you overcome the fear of conversation with an unknown girl, you will get the girl's number; this is how this stuff works.

If she does not want to share her number

After the conversation, if she rejects giving her a number, then insist that we go for a movie or coffee. If she stands firm on her decision, then respect her decision and move away. Even after rejection, stay near her where she can see you, but don’t look at her. It may happen that the girl was confused and now she has decided to share her number. If she does not approach you in 5 minutes, then try another girl. If you do manage to get her number and manage to secure a first date, read our guide on conversation starters for an exciting first date to help you.

In the end, you need to be confident, have the perfect body language, approach her positively and keep your conversation fun. This will quickly help you get any girl's number. To learn these qualities, you can read this advanced dating guide for men. In this guide, you will find everything from developing confidence to building attraction.

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