How to Get a Man to Commit

April 3, 2015

You just need to have the love and understanding to get a man to commit to a woman in a relationship and then you will have a happy marriage for life.

get a man to commit

How to get a man to commit to a women in a relationship, you most likely may be thinking about? You might have made the decision to take your relationship to a next level, but it is your guy who does not commit. Stop pressurizing your mind and get ready for the life long relationship. Like women even men want commitment in a relationship, but the only problem is they take some time checking whether can he spend his life happily with the woman they are thinking to commit.

These tips will definitely help to a get a man to commit to you, but if he does not love you and simply does not want to be with you then nothing can help.

First make yourself prepare for the commitment

Prior to your decision of making your man commit, first you need to prepared to live your life with him and is this decision right? It is important that what stage commitment are you asking, do you want him to be your boyfriend or do you want him to marry you. First be true to yourself and note every possible reason you want him officially. Below are some of the reasons and if you fall in this category than I don’t think that you are prepared to commit to him.

  1. Due to the fact that you both are with each other for a long time period, it is fine to ask his devotion to you. If you really feel that you both should commit because of this reason then this can actually make you quit after you are committed.
  2. If you are pressuring him to make this decision only because some of your friends are getting married or moving together in a house. The feeling should come from the heart and not just because you want to copy your friends and don’t want to get left behind.
  3. Actually if you have been together for a long time then it is the family or friends that plant this idea.
  4. Are you in a fear that he will leave you? If because of this fear you are wanting him then ask him once to commit, but don’t force him.
  5. As I said above if just because some friends wedding or family pressure you have come with this decision avoid it. Still if you think you both should marry then ask yourself that can he take care of you? Can he keep you happy? Can you handle the ups and downs together in life? These all questions need to be answered to first make you mentally ready before taking such an important decision in life.

Be the woman that both his family and friends like

According to the psychology of a man they are more tend to commit if the girl is liked by their friends and family. Psychological experts in this case have explained that a man thinks in such a way that if the girl is liked by the parents and friends who he loves the most than there is something special in her and he will able to spend his entire life. Meet his parents and friends and try to impress them, because if they find you likable there is no stopping thing that will stop him from a commitment with you. If you can put a great impression on the people that he loves than it can work for you in a positive way.

Play reverse psychology on your mate

According to behavioral and psychological analyst a man is an egoistic creature. It is something that cannot be separated from them. If he starts thinking that you want to force him in a commitment then your plan is never going to be successful. Just once say him that it has come to your mind that we should take the relationship to the next level. Don’t repeatedly say the same thing every day. Just once or twice ask him about his decision and then continue with your normal daily life. According to the experts this thing will now run in his mind day and night and there is no need for you to make him remember everyday. After displaying your feelings if you are now not giving any importance asking him about his decision and not forcing him then it will be your man who will raise the topic of commitment. This is the way the reverse psychology acts. First give importance to something and then seem to be uninterested in it.

Make him feel it is he who will be benefited more from committing to you.

If you show him the benefits that he will have after committing to you then he will be ready to take your relationship to the upper stage. Actually movies and stories related to married men who say that after commitment a man’s freedom is lost and he is caged have taken a man away from commitment. You need to make him understand that you are not going to chain him, in fact his life will be much happier. Apart from being happier show him that how in difficult times you can help him overcome fast. You need to make him understand that there is a lot of thing you can help him with like helping him stay stress free and make his lifestyle more organized.

If any girl does such thing then any man will not give a single thought doubting whether to be with you or not. But, if the man just does not want to be committed then we can’t do anything about it. If the guy loves you the way you love him then he will do anything for your happiness.

Take a course

You can join a dating course specially designed for women. This course teaches all the different skills required for understanding a man, attracting him and then to get him commit to you. Make Him Desire You is a course which is created by one of the well know expert in the dating industry. This course can provide you with detailed plan to get a man to commit you and help you stay happy together rest of your life.

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