How to Get Ex Girlfriend Back From New Boyfriend

May 21, 2015

After a breakup, even if your ex has moved on and started dating a new guy after a breakup, these tips will help you steal and get her ex-girlfriend back from her new boyfriend. If you think that she used to love you, there is always a chance to win her heart and be with her again.

It is widespread that if your ex was good-looking, then many guys were waiting for your breakup. It's oblivious that if she is beautiful, then quickly she will get a new boyfriend. I understand that you are in a hopeless situation and want the right ways to get back with her. It has been a week or a month, and she has started dating another guy, and now you want her back. You want to get your ex-girlfriend back from the new boyfriend she is having now. At the start, let me tell you that there are still chances to get her back if you play the right tricks.

get ex girlfriend back from new boyfriend

Before moving to the plan, first, recognize the problem that led to the breakup between you two. There could be many reasons behind this. For example, she may have found a new guy who is rich or has much more charm; you had cheated on her or your attitude towards her. As a relationship grows old, love also increases, but maybe the passion comes down and then usual fights and finally breakup. According to many dating gurus, there is always a chance to get your ex back into your life, but you should have a plan. If you have abode by this plan, then your passing percentage will gradually increase, and you will be able to get your ex-girlfriend back from the new boyfriend she is dating now.

Take slow steps

You cannot make things happen if they are not in your hands. If you want to know how to retrieve her, you need to take it slow and give it time. So you can better see what works and what does not. Whether she has a new boyfriend or not, it is not possible to get her back in a few days. So please don't be impatient and avoid indulging in any fights with her or her new boyfriend. This can snatch your chances to be with her again. So if you want your ex-girlfriend from her new boyfriend, then a fight is not the right solution, but a proper plan from experts can help you.

Improve yourself

Let's say you and your ex-girlfriend used to fight all the time regarding your possessiveness. Rate yourself; are you too possessive? If so, you should understand that it is not healthy for a relationship. If, on the other hand, you saw your ex-girlfriend with another boy, one who is more outgoing than you, so you must change? No. You're should never change, but you can improve yourself.

It is good to improve your personality and get rid of the negatives. However, it is not only okay to change yourself for an ex-girlfriend who cannot love you for whom you are; then, you deserve better. The time you spend away from your former partner, use it to take care of yourself. For example, try to improve your appearance and indulge in a particular activity that you like.

Improve your style and dressing, go to the gym and lose some weight, exercise and that will not only help you look better but will also help you feel better about yourself. Suppose even if you cannot reunite, but these improvements will help you in the future with your new girlfriend.

Now raise your value

The first step to getting your girl is to restore your value. This is important because being in demand is what makes you precious. If you fall on all fours and beg your girlfriend to accept you back, unfortunately, the opposite effect occurs: she will reject you.

This is simple human psychology understandable by any trader or seller. If something is in demand and you have to fight to get it, you end up giving it more value.

You will have the best chance of success by sending your ex-girlfriend a short handwritten letter or a text message. In other words, you tell him that you gave him time and space, you accept the breakup, and I hope that you stay happy, but maybe I will miss you. If anything was wrong with my side, then I apologize and take care. With this trick, she will go crazy, and since you have contacted her that you have accepted the breakup, she will become curious, and your value will increase with this letter. To become more valuable in front of her, read the next step.

Your social life

The profile picture you add on any social network should not use images with a sad face or any sad quotes about love and anything related to your relationship. Instead, if you want to boost your value, then add some of your fun and adventurous images on landscapes, favorite bands, or that sort of thing. It would help if you used a picture of where you see yourself smiling and having fun. A helpful trick is to use images with bright colors. Researches and surveys have shown that after breakups, the ex-partner usually stalks on their social networks. So please take this opportunity as a plus point to bring her back from the new boyfriend she has at present.

The photos in groups or with friends also work well. Make sure that these are newly clicked images that she has not seen before. Meet new girls, click pictures with them, and share them.
This sends a good and strong signal, which makes you a more exciting and independent person.

Get ex girlfriend back with text

It is essential that after bringing some improvements, you contact her. Contact her two or three weeks after you have sent the message to her about the breakup. Your approach should be just a simple text where you can share one of the happiest moments you have had together. This can be anything, for example, your first date or any vacation that was a memorable part of your life. You can say yesterday you went to the particular place where you went on your first date. With this strategy, start with texting for some weeks and ask her to hang out with you at some home one day. Slowly and gradually make more meetings, and finally, you will be able to make her fall in love with you again.

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  1. In other words, you tell him that you gave him time and space, you accept the breakup and I hope that you stay happy, but maybe I will miss you. If anything was wrong from my side then I apologize and take care. With this trick she will go crazy and since you have contacted her that you have accepted the breakup she will become curious and with this letter your value will increase. To become more valuable in front of her read the next step.

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