How To Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend

October 9, 2015

Find the best way to get over your ex girlfriend you still miss and love. These tips will help men to get over the breakup, past relationship and move on.

get over ex girlfriend

Breakups are never easy, even if you stay as good friends with your ex girlfriend there is always a feeling of pain and disappointment in the end. However, everything has its time and if you are suffering and not able to focus then it's time to take drastic measures. That's why we propose this plan to finally forget and get over your ex and pass to the next stage. No more broken hearts!

Going through this stage is very difficult for anyone, especially if you were not the one who ended the relationship. Whenever you have breakup with the girl whom you loved there is deep pain in heart and to forget that person is a challenge. To help you forget and move on in life, here are some tips to help you get over your ex girlfriend as soon as possible.

The knowledge that that person no longer wants to share her life with you is painful and depressing, but you have to move forward, raise your head and continue your way. It is very difficult to forget a person with whom you loved and shared a great time, but these tricks work well to get over and move on happily to meet your next girlfriend.

Control your thoughts

Know that the more you think about your ex, those thoughts will grow stronger and stronger and make you depressed. So you have to be willing to close this chapter of life, so that when those memories or thoughts come to your mind consciously you think of something else and distract. We're not saying to hide under the carpet of sadness, instead if she is in your mind start playing any game to get distracted. If you put your mind firmly, you will notice that over time these thoughts become less recurrent and become weaker.

Distract yourself

Go out with your friends, read, watch movies, change your look and avoid being alone so that you start to stir the memories that sadden you. Sure there are a lot of things you love to do.Do you think that all valuable or entertaining in your life was to be with the ex? If so, it is urgent that you review your priorities. Being with a partner is very cute, but remember that the couple is just part of life. If you made your relationship everything then you made a serious mistake. The good thing is that this is your opportunity to start treating and getting over your ex and this can be done by first distracting yourself from her memories.

Do not analyze your ex

After a breakup, we are very tempted to talk about and above all try to analyze and make nonsense assumptions and all this analysis is wrong. You'll round in circles without really getting anywhere. According to many psychological therapists, it is best to not analyze why she broke up. There are lots of reasons why zhe may have decided to end the relationship and their idea is not to analyze it. Your goal is that you feel better and you will not achieve if we only talk about it. And that's true!!! Do not spend one gram more energy analyzing it. Think about what you really need, what makes you feel good and how you live your life from now on and this is a great way to get over your ex girlfriend.

Get rid of the past

get over ex girlfriend

Do you have photos with your ex, gifts that she presented you, little cards, etc. etc. etc.? Skip all those memories. Throw, delete and burn them, as you want, but make them disappear. Do not do as in a fit of anger, but as a cleaning process. These objects are the black-holes that will take you into the past, the images will bring her back and that is exactly what we are trying to avoid. It is very important that before going into a relationship with any other girl, you must first able to forget everything. The quote written in the image will make you understand the importance of getting over.

Delete her from your real and virtual life

Social networks like Facebook are great enemies when it comes to get over an ex. If she is in your friend list after breakup, it is very hard not to be tempted to check again and again their profile. Not to mention if there are photos with other guys or have new friends which can make you more disturbed. You will only feel fatal and feed those thoughts that make you much harm and this not let you move on. Remove any contact of her you have with on phone, facebook, whatsapp, snapchat and any other form of communication.

Do this even if you have good relations with her. If you are friend after breakup and you don't want her to feel bad then send an instant message before, explaining that she must not misconduct your behavior, but right now the best thing for you is not to get distracted from her. This will help you a lot to get over your past relationship.

Take help from friends

All day you are thinking that if she did not stay on your path, the reason is perhaps the time together with you was over. Remember that the end of each race is the beginning of better. Being with your friends will help you a lot not to think, to enjoy and smile more. Our friends are a treasure, a staple in our lives that will always be with you through ups and downs and it is in these moments that the closer you should be. Take advantage of that you're single and make plans with friends. Plan a trip, go to parties and have fun. Going out and meeting new people will also be helpful to get in touch with a new girl.

Avoid comparisons

If your ex has left you for another, chances are you comparing yourself with the new guy. And that's a bad idea, because this will not lead to anything, only to pass it really bad. The fact that she has chosen to be with another guy and does not speak to you, it does not mean you're ugly. It simply means that you both were not each other type. The some girl who has left you or have changed does not mean you're ugly or not worth it, just to say that was not the person for you and always keep in mind that there are lots of people around who value you. We recommend that you focus on yourself and let go of all the memories you have with her and start a new stage of life. Instead of thinking negative, divert your mind and once you get over completely go for a date with some new girl.

Keep your ego aside

There is no perfect and eternal relationship. Even though you love and promise eternal love, no one can ever guarantee that every day of life will be the same. The pain we feel after a breakup could be a consequence of our wounded ego. Rejection hurts, even when you know what is best and that there is nothing to do. Remember that sometimes it is simply your ego that is preventing you to get over your ex girlfriend. Do not let your ego get between overcoming a relationship that has nothing more to give.

Try new activities

Make use of this time and now that you are no longer with her you probably have more time for yourself. And why use that valuable time whining and feeling bad, when you could use it to carry out those activities you've always wanted, but for which you did not have time. Addressing new tasks (study, devote yourself to your hobby, learn a guitar, do sports, read those books that are waiting for years in the library etc.) are much helpful to keep you distracted from her memories. Try meditation exercises such as yoga and let go of things that damage your life. In short this will help you feel better and at the same time help to get over your ex girlfriend.

Kill the obsession

Many women and men, confuse true love with obsession, concepts that could not be more different.
The clearest sign that you have an obsession is when you cannot see a single defect in your partner. This type of obsessive relationship is very dangerous because your emotional stability is directly connected with their approval and without realizing you start living for her and make her everything. Eventually you'll end up feeling a lot more mentally shaken after breakup and in this case it is best to consult a therapist.

Visit a therapist

If nothing above works and you are still not able move on then it is best to take help from a therapist. Consult a therapist and they will be the one who will properly examine your case, provide you with advice and tips that will bring back the sunshine to your life. These experts meet many heartbroken people and help them to get over their past relationship.

RIP for ex relationship. Keep in mind that your former partner belongs the past. Let that relationship rest in peace and focus on this present. Let your every day be full of encouragement and happiness.

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