How To Give a Guy Your Number

August 19, 2015

Find some cute and creative ways to give a guy your number subtly and without making it weird. With these tips he will be the one to ask for your phone number.

How to give a guy your number

The idea that girls should not take the first has been overcome in recent years. Now many woman have become more confident. They usually think, why the girls of today can’t take the first step without fear, and give a guy your number if he is shy. But be careful, we must do so with subtlety. Although we appreciate the strategy when a man approaches us for our number, but what to do when is feeling shy to ask? Here are some tips so you know how to give a guy your number and get his mobile number successfully.

In this tips the main agenda of plan should be to make a guy ask your number and if he is not understanding the hints than give him yours without being obvious.

Approach the guy

If you see a guy you've in a public place or at a party before approaching it is important that you first observe their environment and that is accompanied rule. Now based on the environment it is time to approach him without looking that you are interested in him.

Always breaks the ice with some comment but avoid two things, the female attitude and pickup lines as the guy may find it a shocking comment. You can approach it with something casual or funny icebreaker; we've all experienced this kind of dynamic and if you interest you respond positively. You can start the conversation with any kind of question based on the surrounding like if you are in a store, ask him for the section of food or clothes.

Show him you are interested

The very first thing you must is to have a playful conversation with this guy. Smile a lot to show that you are find the conversation to be interesting. Many times guys are afraid to ask a girl their number only because they assume that the girl may not be interested to talk to them. To exchange number easily it is important that you show him that you are enjoying talking to him. This will help you make him subconsciously think that your company and conversations are enjoyable. In this way even a shy guy is more likely to ask you for your number. Before you tell him you want his number enjoy the present to the conversation because you both are comfortable and enjoy, more are the chances of a successful number exchange.

Compliment him subtly

Don’t be too strong with the compliments, just flirt without being obvious. Flirting can be done both verbally and non-verbally with body language. You can simply say that you are good at conversation or something you truly like about his personality or style. Don’t be strong with your words like “You are so hot”. Flirting with body language means to laugh and smile to create a more positive personality in his mind. Once you tease him and tap his hand saying you were joking. Lowering your tone will make you look more mysterious. Use these tips first before you provide hints to the guy.

Use your body language correctly

Body language works because it shows that guy you are interested subtly. This creates a mystery in his mind regarding you and thus he will think about you when you leave. In a conversation these are the important body language signs to increase your chances to give a guy your number and get his number.

  1. Look into his eyes a few times and keep looking at his face to look as if you are paying attention and interested to what he is saying.
  2. Laughing sometimes between the conversation shows that you are enjoying his company.
  3. A playful touch on his hands and a hug before leaving can be subtle way to attract him.
  4. Curl your hair with your fingers two or three time when you are talking to him.

Show him your phone

This is one of the best tricks to give a guy your number or in fact he will be the one to ask you for your number. Although phones are distraction, but a small act for five seconds to text your friend can be a great way to plant a seed in his mind about exchanging numbers. Say that you want to text something important to someone and take less time. Now this will make him also think to text you and for that you require number and definitely he will ask you.

Give him opportunity to ask your number

This step is very interesting where you are making easier for him to ask your number. You can do this by sharing with him some places in your city you would like to visit. Here are some of the examples to make the guy comfortably ask to exchange numbers.

  1. In a conversation you can share about the food and the favorite restaurant you like. Say that it’s so long you have visited your favorite restaurant or ask him about his tastes and say that you would love to try it. He is more likely to ask you for your number so that he arranges to take you out.
  2. Some sort of music or band that you like and their performance and their concert is there in a few days. You can casually say that you were planning to visit, but since all friends are busy, you lack someone’s company and it is boring going alone. He would take this opportunity to company you to that concert and in this way you can give this guy your number.
  3. Ask him about his favorite sports. Whether you know something about it don’t know, but it can be great idea for exchanging numbers. Tell him that you know little about that sports, but would love to watch it in the stadium.
  4. Going to watch some art exhibitions is also good.

In this way you have made it simple for the guy to ask you for your number and this will you have also planned a date which can help you know more about him.

Ask his number

If you have tried everything, but still he his shy or dumb to ask you for number then its time that you make the move. Once the ice is broken and the conversation went good, but if you see that he did not take the first step then encourage yourself to do it and ask for his number. It is simple: "I liked talking to you, you seem very funny, it would be nice if we could meet again". In this way there are better chances that a guy gives his number to you.

So we learned how to encourage him to ask your number and if he is not asking, then how should you give a guy your number? These tricks work all the time. You just need to show him that you are a fun loving person.
Don’t feel bad or lose your confidence if the guy is not interested. Try on some other guy and take it easy, do not think you're the girl and it is he who should ask your number. If you find someone interesting take the first step, you never know what can be the result from there

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