How to Impress a Boy Without Talking To Him

May 3, 2015

Learn the best way to impress a boy you really like in your high school. First, get his attention without talking to make him impressed and then use the phone to chat. The more attention you can get, the easier it will become to impress a guy. Your confidence, style, and qualities, along with these tips, will make this guy love you.

You have a crush on a guy in your class, and thus you want to discover some ways to impress him and win his heart. Actually, this task is straightforward if you can correctly implement the tips. However, if you truly love this guy and want him in your life, follow these tricks to win his attention first and then his heart.

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Staying confident, smiles and grooming well are some tips that can help you impress a boy. You have started liking a guy and want him in your life. The best thing you can do is to stay natural with him. Let him get impressed by who you are and not who you are trying to be. Here are a few tips that will help you to make a play in your boy’s heart.

Be a confident girl

The impression you need to make in front of your boy is always being confident. At times you will feel low and nervous, but don’t lose your confidence. Wear clean and ironed clothes, keep your hair combed, brush your teeth and add a good perfume. A boy will never want a girl who ignores her beauty. So it would be best if you hung up a fragrant perfume or a nice scented body lotion. The first impression is critical, and you do not want to let it screw up. For guys, physical attraction is important; if you feel you are not beautiful, then it is not a worry because, within some days, you will start looking beautiful to him. Hence groom well and stay confident in front of him.

Keep smiling and laughing when he is near

According to many surveys, boys are often impressed by girls who smile and laugh a lot. This shows a boy that you are an enjoyable person and would love your company. So even if your man cracks something boring, smile at him and try to laugh at his jokes to make him know that you are having fun with his company. Sometimes, when he is not talking, you can also start a conversation; this will show him your confidence.

Don’t start chasing his faults

There may be things which he likes, but you find it wrong. In this case, if you don’t agree with some of his points, directly say that this is not right. But, don’t be judgemental in proving your thought, even if the boy is trying to explain his point. These small things can actually take him far from you.

Accept his help

At times your boy will try to offer you some help; never say no. If you stop him every time, he will assume that you think he cannot do that work. So don’t stop him the first time he helps you. A guy likes whenever he has something to offer as help, and the girls accept it. With this, you can move more closer to him.

Never say this

According to a survey, boys hate it when a girl says that their friend is so hot. Even if you are trying to make him jealous, describe the hotness of some actor and not his friend. This will make him feel that you don’t interest him and you like your friend more.

Find out a few common topics you both like

Having a few topics to talk about is a great advantage for keeping your conversations going on. For example, suppose he is interested in some sports (almost all boys have an interest in some sports), surf the net, and get some knowledge about the latest matches of that sport. When tastes are common and the similarities begin to appear, the attraction and connection begin to grow. To impress the boy, you must make him feel that there is something that you can always have a chat about and your tastes match.

Never repeat about your qualities and achievements.

Personal achievements are always good reasons to presume; however, avoid talking about your achievements in each of the conversations you have with him. No one likes to hear someone brag about their achievements at every opportunity to talk or meet. Remember, it is always better to present a modest and humble attitude towards others. Instead, just mentioning it in one of your talks is fine and then let him discover your qualities.

Show your qualities this way

For example, one of your greatest strengths may be that you're a great cook but never talk about the subject. Perhaps in a meeting between friends you can offer to be the one who prepares food for the meeting and thus achieve surprise everyone but especially the guy that you like. Try to use these weapons when you consider them appropriate, as they are one of the most important you have. Social media like Facebook and Instagram can also be a great way to show your qualities. Suppose if you like painting or fashion designing, then you can upload some of your work.

Don’t let him know about your feelings

In the start, please don’t make a boy feel that you have already fallen for him and he has nothing to do. Talk to him in a friendly manner, but also converse with other boys. This will show him the competition for you, and you are not that easy, girl. It is later than you should start giving hints to him to prevent yourself from falling into the friend zone.

Act wisely on Facebook

It happens that many girls always like the images and status of their boys. Yes, friends, of course, do this, but you don’t want to be his friend. Like few of his status or images which he uploads. Keep one of your best images as your profile picture and show some of your qualities on your page.

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