How To Impress A Girl In School Or College

July 3, 2015

A nice personality and high confidence can help you impress a girl in school or college. You can use your phone to chat and message on facebook or whatsapp to get her closer to you.

Many think that to impress a girl in school is a very difficult task. Girls really have a soft heart and you need to do little things that can help you win her heart. Here is the step by step strategy you need to follow to impress your love.

impress a girl

Guys try so many things which they think can impress a girl like from having different hairstyles, stupid talking, unusual clothing and showing off money. Many of the men around you had a girlfriend in school and you are still unsuccessful in having one. The reason is these guys know every trick which is required to avoid being friend zoned and win the girl’s heart. You may have noticed that many not so good looking boys are dating some hottest women around. Although looking good gives you a plus point, but this does not mean that average looking boys cannot impress hot girls. You just need to know the way to impress a girl and she will be yours.

What all things guys try the best to become a cool dude in front of the girls? Wearing branding clothes, shoes or having a goof hair style will only work if the trick you use is correct. So what is the trick? That I have mentioned in the last section of the tutorials. Many guys don’t have money to buy branded clothes, but are still with the girl they like, because brand does not matter, wearing decent clothes is what matters in front of girls.

Stay Clean and Wear Clean

You must start your day with a shower to keep your body and mind feel fresh. Use a nice smelling soap which adds nice smell to your body. Here are the tips that can help you look physically attractive to women.

  1. Start with brushing your teeth so that your mouth is clean and to get rid of bad breath after some hours you can have mint chewing gums. Bad breath is a turn down for everyone so this can help you deal with it.
  2. Non trimmed hair on face is usually a turn-off for girls, so if you want to attract and impress her then shave regularly to keep your face look clean. If your eyebrows are messy then go to a parlor to shape them. These small things matters and hence you must take care of them. Also make sure your hair style is good and suits your personality.
  3. Iron your clothes to remove the creases and only then wear it. Wearing cleaned and ironed clothes will help you look tidy and will add plus points to your personality.
  4. Now its time to add some deodorant to your clothes. Use a nice one that smells fine and don’t just use any spray that claims to attract women to you in seconds. Use deodorant and perfumes in a limit and don’t just use it overly.
  5. Wear nice clean shoes because it researches have shown that the shoes you are wearing are subconsciously noticed in other peoples brain. So don’t let your chances to impress a girl go down by wearing clean shoes or other footwear.

High confidence level.

The confidence you are having can be seen by the way you talk to her as well as your body language. Even if you are looking too confident, but sometimes a bad body language can ruin your chances. So before talking to any girl, first calm yourself from within and then go and confidently approach her. After you have shown your confidence levels its time that you have a good conversation. After your conversation be confident to ask her to hangout somewhere, if you look nervous then she will not come with you.

Conversation skills

Along with confidence a good conversation is what drives many girls crazy. I have seen some average looking guys in college or high school with a good conversational skill that are dating some hot girls. Many guys speak rubbish and hence the girl loses interest. To prevent this happening to you, think once what you are talking and is it interesting. Here are the few do’s and don’t while talking with a girl.

  1. The first thing you need to avoid in front of her is talking about other girls. Although you feel that it will make her jealous, but it will actually backfire and she will not be impressed with you, but will think that you are a shallow and creepy guy.
  2. Don’t share any dirty jokes in front of her. Such jokes can be shared on texts and only when your bond has grown.
  3. Many guys to show of their humor in front of the girls insult others then she will definitely not like it.
  4. You need a conversation where there is an interesting talks and humor. If within your conversation you try to keep up the smile on the girl’s face then she will be impressed with you and your chances to date her are rocketed up.
  5. Complimenting and normal flirting with her in a confident manner will help you stay out from her fried zone.

Have fun

Many experts recommend that having fun and hanging out with friends is a good idea to impress a girl. No you don’t have to say it to the girl that you went to this or that place, just share the images on facebook. According to experts, girls and guys usually visit the facebook page of the newly met people. Even if you know her for a long time, after looking at your pics she will think of you as an interesting guy who just doesn’t sit at home all the time.

A little competition is required

Little competition means that you should not only keep talking to her, but instead make new female friends in your school or class and also talk to them. This will show her that so many girls are comfortable with your company and she would feel the competition to get you. As I told before that in front of your girl, don’t comment on any female friends. It has been researched that usually girls fall for a guy who is seen with a lot of girls around him. In school and colleges it is important that her friends also like you and hence if you are not in her group then start making friends in her group. So this step is not to make her jealous, but to increase your value in front of her.

Texting has become important

The time of letters has gone and it is now replaced with texting and whatsapp. Dating gurus explain that the right way of texting helps one to impress other person. You may have heard that two unknown people met on facebook, chat for months and usually fall in love with each other. Remember to have long chats with your girl at nights. It is fine to skip a chat once a week to make her feel your importance. Be the guy she can trust and definitely you will win her heart and make her crazy for you. This tricks works best to impress a girl in school.

Ask her out

This is a very important step if you want to date her because until you ask her out for a coffee or dinner your love story will not move ahead. As I told you before, don’t feel shy to her, instead with confidence approach her and plan a very interesting first date so that she couldn’t resist for a second one. Going on a date is important and especial for making your relationship more clear in front of the girl which will definitely impress and attract her.

Tutorials from the dating gurus

The gurus have prepared a great attraction tutorial for guys dating tutorial for guys which helps man learn all the tricks like from approaching, then the conversation, the attraction tips, how to beat nervousness when approaching, dating tips and many more things. Although this program comes with a price, but it is worth investing in it rather than to let your love go and treat you just as a friend. These programs are strictly for helping men to impress a woman. So after learning, never break the heart and insult any girls feeling. Join this program and learn all the tricks which are used by the dating experts to attract hot women.
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