How to Kiss a Girl’s Neck Properly

November 10, 2016

Find the best way kiss a girl’s neck passionately and turn her on. These kissing tips will help you properly turn her on and provide great pleasure to the girl in bed.

kiss a girl’s neck

Giving kisses on the neck is one of the most pleasurable experiences that exist, both for the guys and for the girls. However for this to be true, one must know how to kiss in the right way. If you do not have much experience or want to improve your technique, here we present a complete manual to kiss on your partner’s neck passionately. This will make your partner discover the pleasure unknown so far.

Start by caressing with your fingertips

Passing your fingertips through some areas of your neck is the ideal way to begin your maneuver before planting a kiss on girl’s neck. You must do it with the inverted hand, so that it is the surface of your nail that rubs to the skin. This will generate a slight tingling that will be the anticipation of the torrent of sensations that you propose to make your partner feel. This soft touch will indicate your intentions which will from the beginning increase the arousal. It is a subtle and delicate way of asking permission, "I'm going to give you pleasure. Will you let me? ". This step is to make your partner’s mind ready for the pleasure it is going to receive.

Moisten your lips and give a first kiss with the mouth closed

The first contact with the neck should be soft and slightly moist. Keep in mind that in order to get the maximum excitement from your partner, you have to follow an upward stimulus pattern. In this you must go from less to more in the intensity of your caresses and kisses. That is why these first steps have to be almost timid, do not jump at first to lick his or her neck because that breaks all the magic. A first kiss with closed mouth and wet lips is like a good snack which leaves you partner wanting more.

Head to a sensitive part of the neck with small kisses

Once you have landed few kiss on your girl’s neck, you must advance towards a particularly sensitive area. The best way is to mark a path with small kisses similar to the first one you have given. Kisses should be slightly moist, mouth closed and very soft and continuous. As you get closer to that area, the excitement will increase. For passionate kissing a girl’s neck and turn her on it is important that you don’t rush so that she feels the pleasure.

Kiss with your mouth open and the inside of your lips

Now that you are in a sensitive area, you have to pull out the heavy artillery. Open your mouth and let the moist interior of your lips make contact with the girl’s skin. At that moment, she will begin to feel a terribly pleasant tingling as a result of the humidity of your lips and the heat that these kisses have accumulated while you kept them glued. Remember, the stimulation is only with the inside of the lips. Go slow and make it a bit of teasing.

The tongue should remain in place

Separate your lips from your skin and blow over the area that you have moistened. Once you have applied a little saliva with the inside of your lips over a particularly sensitive area it’s now time to move forward. Separate slightly and stop making contact with your mouth. Look at the area you've been working on which should be slightly wet and blow gently on it. Believe it or not, you just send a jolt of pleasure to her nervous system as the air applied on the wet skin generates a discharge that will be transmitted throughout your body.

It is time to attack another strategic area, the back of the neck, an area with a multitude of nerve endings and therefore very sensitive. Start from the base and continue to the top doing the whole tour with only the tip of the tongue without depositing saliva. Just stroke your tongue from bottom to top and repeat the operation a few times, preferably by varying the path in several parallel lines.

Kiss the vicinity of your ear

The secret to kiss a girl’s neck as you can see lies is in the variety. Different stimuli applied in different zones provide the best results in terms of excitation. You just licked the back of his neck, now it is then necessary to change the area of action and the type of contact. Go to the ear and begin to kiss gently beneath it with short kisses and closed mouth. The feeling will be totally different from what you were providing a few moments ago and that will keep alive the desire to continue exploring your partner’s skin.

Suck your partner’s neck gently

Change zone again. Lift your jaw gently and head to her neck at the front. Begin to walk it with your wet tongue. It is important that you use the right amount of saliva to notice the moisture, but without going over. Unless you know that your girl really likes it, it's better to be conservative in this because some people find saliva to be too unpleasant.

Give little bites

In addition to sucking his neck, it works very well to give small soft nibbles. You can alternate them with kisses or licks, so that it does not become repetitive. This will allow you to stay longer by stimulating the front neck area and making your excitement reach the maximum degree. Just make sure that your bite is not too strong or it will destroy the pleasure. The intensity of the bite should be small, so that your neck kissing mood is not destroyed.

Kiss the line of jaw and lips

You've already made pleasure take over him or her. The best transition to your mouth is to go up from the neck to the line of the jaw. Now you can travel with small kisses that will allow you to assault your partner’s lips in a totally passionate way.

At this point, you can put your hand in the fire because your partner is totally committed. An extended session of kissing the neck does not leave anyone indifferent and allows raising the temperature to ends you cannot imagine. If you are not used to it, try to put into practice all these steps that we have shown in this manual to kiss a girl’s neck and you will see how your relationships increase the degree of intensity and passion.

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