How to Know if You are in Love

May 29, 2016

Do you think you are in love, but are you confused? These signs will help you know if you are in love with the girl or guy you met in your class or at work.

How to know if you are in love

I have heard people say that “Falling in love is a beautiful thing” and because of that I sometimes wonder what does it exactly means. I mean, how do you know if you are in love when you can’t see it or can’t measure it or can’t even express it sometimes. This is because you are too damn afraid if the other person feels the same way then how is it a beautiful things. To me it always felt like being nervous and cornered and can’t tell which way is up and which way is down but then someone told me that “When you know, you know” and curiously enough I believed her and that’s when I knew that I was in love because even if what she said didn’t make sense to me at that time.

I just wanted to believe her and be with her and so my theory is “When you meet someone who is there for you, who understands you and gives you your space when you need it and denies it when you don’t and you can’t help but want her in your life is when you know that you are in love.” But before we get into the deep melodramatic topic to find out how to know if you are in love or it’s just an infatuation, we first need to try and understand what love is.

What is Love?

Love is something that no one can really understand but one can only try and if you really want to see real love then you can see it everywhere around you. All you need to do is open your eyes for it because even when a person help another person there is some kind of love, a love for human beings. You may have some day in past helped some stranger maybe when you were a kid and innocent or a few days or hours back, but all that matter is that there is some love inside you as well. All you have to do is share it, you see Jimi Hendrix once said “When the power of love overcomes love of power, the world will know true peace.”

So for me I would say love is when I am utterly vulnerable standing in front of her just watching her and wanting her to talk or laugh or just talk to me all the way knowing that she might not feel the same way and she could easily break my heart but trusting her not to do it, that’s true love but what do I know. For you maybe it’s some other way because no two people feels love the same way as it is still a mysterious concept which none has truly understood yet and in my opinion none can.

How to know if you are in Love?

I have heard this quote time and again from my friends and family, don’t know who said it but it makes sense to me now and if you are in love than maybe you would understand it too. The quote is “Love is just a word until someone special gives it a meaning”. You see for someone who didn’t believe in love at the time it bored me or just made me nauseous, but then things changed and life took a turn I met this girl and after a while it all made sense to me. So, if this makes any sense to you then the person you first thought of when you read this quote is the person you love and the person you thought of while you were reaching for the quote is probably your idiot friend who always gives you advice which doesn’t really make sense at the time. Now, back to the matter at hand, so you know someone you are thinking of getting involved with or you are already dating this person for a while and now your mind asks you the question to which there is no logical way to find the answer to is that “Am I in Love?”. To get some peace of mind we are going to try to simplify and get the answer to get this question by honestly thinking about the following things and before the end you will have some basic idea of what to do now?

Addiction to the person

You see it is true what Enrique Iglesias was saying in the song Addicted “Baby, I am Addicted, I am out of control” and if you feel the same way about this person that you are addicted to this person. It doesn’t matter what time it is you really can’t stop thinking about this person even if you just met fifteen minutes ago all you can do is think about him or her without even noticing that you are doing it. You know when you love someone they are all you can think about, how to make them happy? How to help them? You put your emotion aside and you help them in every way you can and sometimes even by going out of your way and trying to do something impossible and if you feel that way about this person then yes, you can say that you are falling in love.

When you love someone you want everybody else to love them as well and so you seek the approval of your family and friends for them. It is a well known fact that in order for a relationship to work or for it to have a better chance at success it is best if the social circle of the individuals involved accept their significant others. It is not always the case but somewhere in your sub conscious you know when you love someone and you don’t want to lose them then you do everything in your power to make everyone in your social circle to like your potential better half. Even if it has only a fraction of impact on your relationship you don’t want to take that chance and the best part is you are doing it subconsciously and I think it’s time you notice it and see it for what it is and then maybe you are in love.

Self Growth

It is said that “Everyone you meet changes you a bit whether you like it or not” and same is true for the person you love and hence you need to notice how much you have changes, you may not have noticed yet but the people around you certainly did and those are the one who will tell you the real story and not by words but by their actions. So, next time you both go out in public see how much you have changed for her and how happy she makes you that you want to change yourself make yourself a better person for her so you both could be happy together. Lastly I would like to mention the importance of self growth as it is essential for any relationship to work because if you really love this person you would at least try to compromise or find a way to make her happy and if your partner loves you they would do the same.

Ignorance is Bliss

No one in this world is without flaws and if you love someone then you do so knowing their flaws and loving them anyway. When you get to know someone initially, you learn about their strength and you start liking them for it but as time passes you learn that they are not perfect. You notice these flaws, but it doesn’t bother you and when that happen you can safely say that you more than like them that you care and shall I say love them a bit. In a relationship no one is perfect both of them have their own flaws and their problems, but the best thing is that you are not alone anymore. If that person loves you that he or she will stand by your side when you need them and if you love them you would do the same because when you got through something or anything for that matter as a couple then you know how much you love your significant other.

Jealousy is a sign

Jealousy is a big thing but if it is in check than it wouldn’t affect your relationship at all in fact a little bit of jealousy in a relationship helps to keep it strong because it lets the other person know that you care about them. Sure, there are other ways to show them that you care but nothing beats a jealous partner, trust me. You see, jealousy when kept in control is constructive for a relationship but if left unchecked can lead to insecurity, possessiveness, anxiety, low self esteem and a lot of destructive things. Just control yourself before you do something that you regret or feel guilty about. After all love is all about trusting and if you can’t do that then you don’t want to love them but to control them and that is not a relationship but an emotional prison and both involved are suffering so it is better to accept and deal with it.

Now, basically I have shown you the things you need to keep an eye out for in order to know if you are in love but just for the sake of it, let’s make sure. First is addiction to that person which means thinking about them and being with them and making future plans with them. Second is approval which is to say that when you love them everyone around you should love them as well like when the priest says in the movies “If anyone has the problem with this marriage speak now or forever hold their peace.”

Next is self growth in which you both make each other better versions of yourself and in turn make each other happy. Next one is ignorance is bliss is when you love them not only for the good parts but also for their bad ones. And last but not least is jealousy which is good when it is kept in check but it is bad when not controlled. In short, if you need to know that you love someone you need to see how you and people around you react around them and if you both make each other happy because in the end that’s all that matters. Thank You and Good Luck.

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