9 Ways To Make a Girl Interested In You

September 11, 2015

Find the best ways to make a girl interested in you when talking over text or in person. Follow these tips to win her interest and get her attracted to you.

make a girl interested in you

How to make a girl interested in you? Is a question that every guy asks himself, whenever he finds a girl that he wants to impress. Sometimes it seems that a girl is very hard to impress but let me assure you it is not true because everyone needs someone they can talk to about anything in life even if they deny it. But how to be that special person for a particular girl is the main question here.

Girls are like locks, there are many keys in the world but there can only be one particular type of key that open a particular lock and so is the case for girls. Every girl as in locks is different in a lot of ways and so they all like different things all you have to do is figure out what this particular girl likes and try to give that to her.

I have heard it on a multiple occasions that some particular girls are hard to get, but let me assure you that I have never met this impossible girl. This is because every girl's heart can be won; all you have to do is make the right moves for this girl. Well, from experience not every girl is same and so the right moves for every girl is different but there are some things that every girl likes and that is what this article is all about; How to impress and make a girl interested in you? So here are some things you must take care of before even thinking about impressing a girl.

Look up before Hook up

As you must have heard that a picture speaks louder than a thousand words well same goes for this step Look up before Hook up. I will tell you more about this step but first honestly answer a question for me.
Let’s just assume that you are sitting in a club and in walk this girl who catches your eyes. Now what is the first thing you notice about her even before you decided that you like her? Is it safe to assume that you answered this question by saying she is hot, or like she is beautiful or something like this, right?

Okay. Now you just decided that you like this girl even before you spoke two words with her and that was because she looks nice. So same goes for girls too. They would also be impressed by a guy if he looks nice. So in Look up before Hook up I am going to show you how to impress a girl even before you two start talking or in other words I am going to make her judge you by your looks and she will, even though she have been told on multiple occasion that one should not judge a book by its cover.

And to do that you have to work on yourself. From your hair to your toe everything should say that you are an attractive and independent person. Now all these things can be shown by your looks, clothes and smell.

Maintain your looks

A guy needs to work on himself before he works to make a girl interested. For looks you don’t have to do much even if you are an average looking guy then too you can attract lot of girls towards you. Just be clean shaven with a proper hair cut and workout every day to be fit. Clean shaven shows that you are not lazy regarding your appearance, proper hair cut shows that you care how you look in public and as for workout that shows that you care about being fit and all three together makes you a fit and good looking guy which is your goal in this step. And taking a shower at least once a day is a must whether you want to impress a girl or not so do it just for the sake of personal hygiene.

Your appearance

You must be nicely clothed even if you are going to a grocery store because you never know where you will meet that certain girl again and you don’t want to ruin your first impression as it is the last impression or so I am told. So, clothes include a nice dress like a nice jeans and a great shirt that goes with that jeans and a pair of shoes. You can also include accessories like watches, glares but never wear earrings or anything of that sort because even though you think it makes you look cool believe me it does not. And most importantly remember whatever you wear clothes, it should be clean and not dirty or muddy.

Smell good

Well no one likes to sit beside a person who stinks so just wear some cologne. But don’t go for something strong because that is just repellent and will drive the girl away. Go for something light and desirable.
Let’s say that you are a really good person at heart but you stink or your dress buttons are broken or you have something in your hair than there is no girl in the world that would even consider talking to you let alone be impressed by you because a guy who can’t even take care of himself then how is he going to take care of her? So being presentable or attractive is very important thing because it makes you desirable for a girl who wants to be with you.

Think Before You Speak

If you have followed the above steps properly then you may be able to make the girl come near you so you can talk to her. And when that happens then you can continue the rhythm by further impressing the girl who is already a little bit into you as she is talking to you. So the next step is to focus on your personality and this is the step which helps you to ask the girl out.

Think before you speak is the most important step because this is the step in which you are either going to make the girl interested in you or lose her. The things you did in the previous step sets you apart from every other guy in the room and present you with the opportunity to ask the girl out but how to increase your chances to get a yes from the lady is what this step is all about. In this session, I am going to show how to please a lady with your charms and personality so much that she is compelled to say yes to you for a date.

Eye Contact

Eye Contact is an important thing as you have just met the lady and you don’t want to come off as a pervert. One occasional glance at her boobs is fine because lets be mature we are guys after all but not more than once because no girl would like a guy who talks to her boobs more than her. Maintain eye contact but in a natural way which doesn’t make her uncomfortable but don’t stare at her just look at her normally.

A natural eye contact sends a message to a woman that you are interested in her and so she will start talking to you and if she doesn’t but she is returning your gaze then that is the signal for you to make a move. See eyes is all for signal if you are interested or not. And only the girl who is interested in you will meet your gaze and return it. Once you start talking then to maintain the eye contact.

Humor to make a girl interested

Humor and interest is the key to make a girl interested in you and winning her heart, but for now let us just win a first date. You don’t have to be Robin Williams or Jon Stewart type of comedian but you do have to make her laugh and make her feel good because that tells her that you at least have a good sense of humor. Sometimes there are guys who think they have a great sense of humor and they start talking and they never shut up. Shut up and let her speak for an instance and you listen to what she has to say and never interrupt when she is speaking even if you disagree. Just wait for her to finish and then you can speak your mind.

When you listen to her talking it tells her that you are not just interested in talking but also in listening to her talk which in short means you are interested in her. When it is clear that you are actually interested in her and her in you then it just prepares her for the main goal of the night which is, you asking her out. And remember never to lie even to impress her because when she discovers your lies then she will never trust you again.


Chivalry is the best part of the night as this is the part in which you really ask her and she answers in a positive manner. A little bit of chivalry can go a long way, trust me. Small things like opening doors and pulling a chair out for her makes her feel good about herself and it makes her respect you. Other things like walking on the outer edge of the road with her walking on the other side makes her feel safe with you and for bonus when you have your hand on the small of her back when walking into any room or in public makes her feel sexy and turns her on.

Things like these always make a girl want you more. But as you are meeting her for the first time then the least you can do is order her a drink, compliment her nicely, listen to her speak and at the end of the night when she says she is getting late or something like that and when she about to leave wondering if you are ever going to ask her out at that time you help her put her coat on and when she turn around and looks at you that is the perfect time to ask her out but be confident and please maintain eye contact. It is better to say something rather than asking her out bluntly like “I would like to do this again sometime, would you?”

Maintaining your Persona

The answer to that question can either be a yes or a no. And if it’s a “No” then just shrug it off and try again because everyone gets a no once in a while but you have to maintain your persona and if it is a yes than you can offer to catch her a cab or walk her home. Everything you did in all the above steps you have to continue for all the dating period too and more.

If the girls has said yes for a date then she is interested and impressed by you and you have to keep impressing her in order to have a successful relationship and that can only be done by not playing foolish games and asking foolish questions like “Why didn’t you returned my call?” or anything like that give her some space, get to know her better, be friendly with her friends, you never know when that might come in handy. Just a quick thing to tell is that impressing a girl for the first time is easy but maintaining that persona is tough and if you really like this girl than you should do everything it takes to be with her and that include be on time for dates because I know guys are lazy but boy get your butt up and get there on time.

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