How To Make a Guy Notice You

November 2, 2015

Find the best way to make a guy notice you more in college or at work without talking to him. These tips will help you get noticed and make him like you.

make a guy notice you

Getting a guy to notice you is easy, I mean, if you know the proper way, Of course. You don’t think so? Okay! Let me guess there is a special guy you like and you want him to notice you more or is it just that you think that no one ever notices you. Well no worries whatever the case maybe; just follow these basic steps to see the changes in your surroundings and make a guy notice you.

Notice Yourself

As they say “Charity begins at home” the same rule applies here. If you want someone to notice you then the first thing you have to do is, notice yourself, how you look? How you smell? And everything about you should be judged by yourself first and then the others may get the chance to judge. And if you want to be judged fairly then you must take good care of yourself. I mean if you don’t notice and like yourself then why should anybody else? So in order to make a guy notice at work or in school, you must take some perform some basic actions in your everyday life.

  1. Take a Bath:

    Now how would you react to someone who has mud on his face? I mean at least take a bath and clean yourself up a little before you go out. To bathe regularly is just one of the basic things to do if you have any self respect for yourself at all. If you are clean, then you feel clean and that gives you a wee bit of confidence and you need all the confidence you can muster in this matter.

  2. Brush your Teeth:

    Brushing your teeth properly is necessary because if you have something stuck in your teeth or your mouth smells when you talk, then you will be embarrassed and it could be even worse if someone points it out right in front of your crush or the guy you are seeking attention from. So just make a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day and do it properly.

  3. Comb your Hair:

    Hair is one thing that can get noticed from a far so you must pay proper attention to your hair. If you have long hair then shampoo and condition it properly and more importantly comb your hair regularly. Use a variety of hairstyles if you want and see which one suit you best. You may not know but even flipping your hair properly sometimes is a great turn on for men.

Attract his senses

Men are visual, so if you want to get a guy to notice you then you need to do it by attracting their senses towards you. The primary sense and the one that will put you on his radar is his vision, his eyes, the secondary sense can be his nose or his ears. Believe me every man like a good sniff of a nice fragrance and also they like to hear a gracious laughter which can easily get their attention. So here are some things you can do to get on his sensory radar.

  1. Dress To Impress:

    Before he gets to know you and fall in love with your awesome personality, he needs to be impressed by the way you look. Hence to make a guy notice you, dress to impress and this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to try every dress in your closet all you need to do is know yourself and what you want him to see. Try something which makes you look cute and sexy but never wear something that reveals too much of yourself, I mean some things are better if left for imagination. And remember guys loves a woman in high heels who dresses in a way that makes every guy’s jaws drop in the room as she walks past them.

  2. Smell Don’t Repel:

    Guys love a good smell around them, so they would always sense where the fragrance is coming and in turn you would get noticed. And if you smell good it gives you edge to get close to the guy without thinking too much about it. Just pick up a few fragrances that smell good on your skin and remember to slow down a little bit and let him get a good whiff when you walk closely past him. If you are able to do that then you can definitely make a guy notice you and he will have no choice but to come near you in hope to get another whiff of that fragrance.

  3. Mile Long Smile:

    If you want a guy to notice you or if your crush is in close range where he can listen to you then find a reason to have a great laugh. Do this if you are confident that the sound of your laughter is attractive if not then you should try getting in his visual range and smile as cutely and as humanly possible. Guys are incapable of letting go something beautiful and special and maybe for you, your smile or laughter can be your ticket in. No matter, in the end your smile is the signal that assures the guy to notice you and gives him a boost to approach you.

Own Yourself

A guy knows when a girl is content with herself or not and if you are not really content with yourself then you come off as a desperate person who craves attention and a little bit selfish too. So try to be content with yourself. Owning yourself doesn’t mean you have to act like you are the best because then you might come off as a bitch, it just means to know yourself and your surrounding and just have a good time.

  1. Control Yourself:

    If a girl is really happy and loves who she is and someone who is proud of herself and how she carries herself then her chances of getting noticed is much more then the girl who seems desperate or who seems shy. The secret of this is; if a girl is happy with her life and it shows on her face, then anyone including guys would like to be the part of her world, just to feel that little bit of happiness for themselves. So, you must learn to love being yourself and don’t try to meet someone’s expectation because no one has ever met or will ever meet everyone’s expectation, the only expectation that matter is yours and what you think about yourself.

  2. Control Your Surrounding:

    Control your surrounding means to have people who are fun to be around and makes you feel more alive. You are the only one who can control your surrounding always was and always will be and if you think different then you are wrong. Just have a blast everywhere you go, I know, it may seem hard to look the part when you’re at a hospitals waiting room or in a math examination room but one simple thing that can change it is your smile as it sends the message that you are okay. So smile whenever and where ever you can, and have a laugh as much as you want. This simple tricks will get a guy notice you as you look more appealing if you’re smiling, giggling, laughing and doing just about anything that says that you’re having a blast. And remember not to spend too much time looking around the room for someone to talk to or checking your phone as it sends a message that you don’t want to be disturbed and the guy is more likely to leave you alone.

Be Approachable

The guy you liked has noticed you, but if you want the guy to approach you then make him feel comfortable enough so that he can ask you out. Being approachable is the step where you let the guy know that you like him without coming off as a desperate person. You just have to keep an eye out for few things which will ease him in and let him ask you out and ultimately make him fall in love with you.

  1. Cute Meets:

    Cute meet generally means when future couple had met for the first time but in our case it can be more than one till the guy really asks you on a date. If you know the guy then these meeting can take place everyday but if you don’t than all you need is one perfect cute meet in which the guy asks you out. You have to find good reason to talk to him or just pass by him to first make him notice you. Always remember to smile at him and naturally slow down when you walk past him and let him know that you were there. Your eye contact and your smile are the perfect way to begin the cute meet if you don’t know the guy.

  2. Body Language:

    Your body says a lot more than you know so you must learn to control your body language to make a guy notice you and start liking you. You should have body language that says that you’re a confident woman and ready to talk to the guy. All this can be done if you sit straight with your head raised. You must not slouch or cross your arms over your chest because it either says that you are bored or you are angry both stops the guy from asking you out. Try to avoid fidgeting with your purse, your jewelry or clothes because it may seem like he is making you uncomfortable or nervous. Instead when a guy you like is talking to you try leaning in to hear what he is saying, and from time to time try giving him a light touch on the arm or knee if things are going really well and you want him to ask you out. And remember whatever you do don’t lose his attention, keep making eye contact and avoid every distraction in the room including checking your phone and friends as it may seem that you are not interested even if you are.

Mirror Him

Once you have his attention or even if you catch him looking at you than make eye contact and smile and once he is sitting beside you and talking to you then try to replicate him. Talk to him like a guy or like he is talking to you. If he is smiling or laughing then you should smile back and that goes for flirting as well and if he is trying too hard then give him some signal to let him know that he is doing just fine by a simple touch on the arm or knee. And if he is not taking the hint then try touching his arm and then look at what you are doing instead of his eyes as it would grab his attention and let him know but do this only when you are sure about him because this can easily go in the wrong direction.

Leave Him Wanting More

Guys always like a good chase so always remember to leave him wanting more. If you have met him for the first time than simply move in to kiss him and instead kiss him on the cheeks and whisper in his ears “till next time” or something equally funny and sexy. But if you know the guy and talk to him often then after a friendly flirting leave him and then stop flirting with him for a while and see how much he craves that attention from you and then you will have him chasing you and ultimately he will fall for you, they always do.

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