How To Make a Guy Want You Back

October 16, 2015

Find the best way to make a guy want you back fast after he dumped you. These tips help to reconnect over text and make him love you again after breakup.

 make a guy want you back

A committed relationship which you may had valued might end up being broken and you have still not moved on and want to make your ex boyfriend want you back again. A good news is that even if relationships end there are greater chances of fixing this broken relationship if you follow a proper plan. In this plan you first need to learn about the breakup, what possibly created problems and broke your relationship. Once you learn the mistakes you can start fixing them and make a guy want to back quickly.

Note down the problems

Note down every basic detail that made you and your boyfriend to give rise to the separation? The chances are high that prior to breakup you have been receiving signals that your relationship is going to a bad phase. Make the effort to note down some of the major issues that created a lot of problems. Although it may sound a little childish to note down, but if you want to make a guy want you back then it is important. This will let you understand the mistakes you both made that lead to the fall of your relationship and thus will help you make him understand better when you meet.

Don’t cry in front of him

I know that it is a very emotional phase of your life, but acting like a doormat and begging him to come back will actually make him respect you less. You cry and accept everything your ex boyfriend says to be back. In this case you are losing your self-respect and worth and this short happiness to get him back will actually turn to sadness after some time. If by taking the doormat approach if you even get your ex boyfriend back, but he will just use you to satisfy his physical and mental needs. Using this approach to make a guy want you back will sometimes bring him, but he will never respect you and commit to you. In fact you will lose the attraction in the eyes of the guy because you will now look desperate and needy. So in my opinion, it is best to not cry and beg him to be back with you. Enjoy and life and try to remain happy even in this phase, because your positive nature will help a lot to bring back this guy and make him fall for you again.

The contact ban approach

The contact ban is a simple strategy which is mainly used for two purposes. The first is to balance and cool the emotional stress and heart ache you both are suffering. The second is to make you guy realize that you are not to be treated like a doormat and this breakup has no effect on you. Actually not making contact will lead to lot of mysteries in his mind that will make a guy want you back fast and make him miss you like hell and there is a great chance that he will contact you. If he is trying to call you and fix the things then go ahead, else wait for this contact ban period to get over and then you begin to first contact him and use our tricks to make this guy understand your importance in his life. The contact ban period must be anywhere in the interval of 3-8 weeks. If suppose in this time he has started dating someone else then it can be difficult for you to be back with this guy. If he has made up his mind that he does not want to be in a relationship with you again then my advice for you is to move on and find a guy that can shower love and take care of your happiness.

Take this quiz

This quiz is very important and it helps you know that you love this guy and thus want to be back with him or it’s because your ego can’t accept rejection by him. It is very important to ask yourself the reason for trying to get your ex back. Remember all the good and bad memories and make a honest and true decision whether its love that makes you to get back to him. If the answer is no then you just have to get over this past relationship and move to the path of happiness. If you really love him then take an effort and apart from these tips you can also use some expert dating books and videos which will help to make a guy want you back in his life.

Don’t ruin on social media

If you on the verge of changing your status on facebook and writing depressing lines or asking for forgiveness from your guy then you are actually ruining the plan of making a guy want you back. Here you can do either of the two things, one is to act normal and if you want to make him a little jealous then post a few pictures dining with your friends or shopping etc. Make sure that you don’t add only a single image with a guy because this can either go positive or very negative. Don’t look very abnormal posting lots of pics or trying to act very happy after the breakup. You are fine with the breakup and this he will understand seeing your images where you are having fun with your friends.

Its time to contact

Once the contact ban interval is over and assuming that he has not contacted you, it is not time that you reckoning with him sending a simple text. The perfect way to text and what to text is properly explained in a dating course which you can learn, but it is best to start with a hello and text to remind him a beautiful memory. For example, the movie that you watched, the food you liked, any song you both loved and such other romantic memories. Send him a text which includes, “Hey, just watched the xyz movie and I just remembered you”. The start of the conversation should be that happy memory which made you fall deeper in love. If he responds positively then don’t immediately ask him to be back, instead chat with him for some days and then ask him to meet.


Once he agrees to meet you then go to a place where you can sit and have a nice conversation. This conversation will help you to remove any kind of misunderstanding and problems which broke your relationship. At this moment you need to be the girl for which this guy had fallen and this will make him want you back again. Be true and try to not take this conversation into an argument in which you both start blaming each other for your breakup. Remember that communication through text and in person is the best way to make a guy want you back fast.

Expert tutorials

Yes, there are expert tutorials and tips given by dating and relationship gurus and believe me that thousands of ex lovers have been able to reconnect with the help this coaching. The best part about their coaching is that they provide text and conversation examples which makes it pretty easier for us to use them and be back with your ex partner.

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