How To Make a Man Desire You Obsessively

October 13, 2015

Find the best way to make a man desire you and only you even in his dreams. Learn these tips to capture his heart make him obsessively want you like crazy.

make a man desire you

The woman in this century is no longer fragile, frustrated or resigned. She is charismatic, has a powerful and optimistic attitude and gets everything she wants. She has the power to seduces and attract a man’s attention without saying a word. In short, there are so many tips on how to make a man desire you? When we deal only to be beautiful, be desirable and seem irresistible we forget that the first thing which is liked by a man is a woman’s smile, her confidence and her feminine side. Here are some tricks which are easy to implement and make any guy desire you without touching him.

Have attitude

A powerful and focused attitude makes you sexy, gives you presence and makes a man desire you and look back at you. It happens because your energy is more powerful and positive when there is consistency between you two. And that attitude can be cultivated with everyday gestures. Learn to inspire others, to surround yourself with friends who support you, avoid falling into self-pity, etc.

Be charismatic

As is the case with the attitude, being charismatic is a virtue that you can learn to cultivate. To become the women which attract guys with your irresistible magnetism, you need to be a very confident woman in front of other and to this guy show your charming and friendly side. You can also become a more charismatic and seductive person. It is question of focusing on the essentials, learning to look and listen, to leave a mark on the other. In short, it is knowing yourself and show your best.

Be sexy

How would you define a sensual person? Being sexy does not only mean to wear revealing clothes and have a good feminine body, this is looking sexy and not being sexy. To be sexy and make a man desire you, one important thing is that you must look like an enjoying and happy woman with lots of confidence. Being sexy is just that, develop the ability to be present and enjoy it. An attitude that is difficult to maintain 24 hours a day, but we can also learn to increase our welfare and that of our partner. You know, if you're happy you will look more relaxed and beautiful, and therefore more attractive and desirable in the eyes of your guy. What it is called a virtuous circle in which both win. Learn the keys to body language to be more sexy and highlight your presence.

Enter his field of vision

This step is for women who is unknown to the man or know each other just by face. Once you've already brought up those features that you believe that guys like, you are clear that in this way you can get along better with him, it's time to get noticed. Start laughing more when he is around. Let me tell you a secret that researches have proved that a smile on a woman’s face is what makes her desired by men. The important thing at this point is simply that he sees you, he knows you exist, having a conversation is not important. This will leave your guy circling his head with the question "Who was that girl?".

Communicate without words

Body language is a very powerful weapon of communication and seduction. It conveys more information than words and never lies. Gestures go straight to the subconscious mind. The nonverbal language of female seduction, if you know to show subtly will help to attract any man’s attention. You know, a provocative look, an open posture (no crossing arms), a smile on face, your fingers tangled in your hair makes you look sexy and makes a man desire you.

At this point, he is the one who is trying to win you. You're on the right path where you are wanted and desired by him. But he is not entirely clear if you are also willing to have a relationship with him or not. There are many subtle ways that you should use to make a man feel that even you are attracted to him. Simply put these tips into practice.

Improvise yourself

Men are never tired of repeating that they are attracted and desire women who are confident, sexy, smart, positive and nice. Of course any man eyes will go behind a spectacular woman, but that does not mean he will want to make this woman his partner. When you meet a man who likes you and finds you attractive, but these are some qualities which you need to improvise, else he will distance you. If you make the mistake of starting to show suspicious, hurt and jealous at that point, you will lose him. You must improve yourself, but never change and once you overcome the complex of adolescence and show you how wonderful woman you are, you do not need to use games of seduction to attract the attention and make a man desire you.

Be natural

Forget games and tricks at this point. If he sends you a text on whatsapp and then you want to answer, do not fumble in thoughts like "I'm desperate or believe have nothing to do." If you do not respond and you start to calculate what will be the perfect time to do so, you lose the spontaneity that makes women so attractive and desirable. Also, it does not go well the play, things which are in our head and another in reality. Talk to him and through your conversation show you are interested and enjoying talking with him. Sure he likes you more when you laugh and have fun with him.

Men no longer looking porcelain dolls with lots of makeup and jewellery, but partners to be able to deal as equals in the affairs of everyday life. So beware of fads, jealousy or victimhood as a real man does not interest in such women.

Show yourself as you are

In order to make him desire you and enter your heart, it is you who should open the door. If you have not succeeded in consolidating a relationship so far, maybe it's because you've never had the courage to show yourself as who you really are. Identify your armor and leave your fears and wounds behind, because only then you are able to embrace and make a guy desire you. Have the peace of mind needed to capture his heart and make him love you like the hero’s of our romantic movies.

Go out on a date

And finally, once you both are clear to have a relationship, you just have the last step go with him to a magical place in which you both will be comfortable. Remember that once you start feeling that he is interested then don’t wait a long and ask him out on a date. If you are not in a relationship then don’t go on a romantic date, but take him for shopping or any other place where he gets to know more about you.

Understand male psychology

Sometimes women think that men are simple, but it is not. Once you learn how they really think, you'll get in a relationship with him that works. In this regard, I recommend the Dating Book for Women designed by an expert on male psychology and relationships. His course has already helped hundreds of women to get a man and make them feel special and loved. Once you get the keys to unlock a man’s brain and heart, you will definitely make yourself more desirable and irresistible to him. With such expert tutorials you have that knowledge, you can start to work to adapt to your way and make a man desire you. It does not mean you change your personality or the way you are, but take those aspects of your personality that work best with the other person and explode.

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