How to Make Your Best Friend Your Girlfriend

April 26, 2015

You need to follow a safe plan to make your best friend your girlfriend because if you follow the wrong tips you can lose your friendship with her.

For many guys it happens that they start developing feelings for their best friend and want to make them as their girlfriend. Well there is no problem in it, in fact a poll had shown that the relationship stays strong if the couples were good friends earlier. This is simply because they both understand each other. You are now looking at ways that how can you make your best friend your girlfriend. But, this can be a very complicated situation because she still looks at you as a friend. You will have to play the right tricks before proposing her, else everything is going to be messed and you will also lose her as a friend.

make your best friend your girlfriend

Wondering about the different ways to make your best friend your girlfriend has taken away your sleep. You are thinking to propose her, but my friend this is not the right time. Developing feelings for a friend is common in guys and there is nothing to feel bad about. You know her very well and you want to always keep her happy. Best friends usually turn out to be great boyfriend or girlfriend, but the only problem guys make is confessing their feelings without letting the feeling develop in her. Here are the best tips you can use to turn your best friend into your girlfriend.

First escape from her friend zone

It is important that you first try to escape her friend zone and then start attracting her towards you. Be clear about your goal to be her boyfriend because if something goes wrong then your friendship is going to fall in trouble. So if you are ready to take the risk below I have mentioned some of the best tricks that can help you to escape from the “we are just friends zone” and start making her develop strong attraction towards you. Just make sure not to let her know that you are interested in making her your girlfriend and stick to the further plan.

Change your style to look different

Friends usually don’t care what you wear, but girlfriends do. So it is important that you give yourself a new hairstyle, wear fashionable clothes, trim your facial hairs and smell good. This will increase your confidence levels and she will notice this change in you. Make sure to pay an extra attention to your appearance. Since you want to take your friendship to an upper level it is important for you to bring a change in yourself. Don’t be the guy that she treated as a friend, be the guy she wants as her boyfriend.

Stay unavailable to her

This is the best technique where you will be avoiding contact with your best friend and making her to think about you and miss you. The more she thinks about you the faster she will fall in love with you. Without letting her know be unavailable to her for at least a week. Don’t meet her in person and don’t pickup her calls or reply her messages. This is the time she will start wondering that why are you not talking to her. According to the dating experts this is one of the best techniques you can use on your friend to make her realize the attraction towards you.

Stop behaving as a friend

In this step with confessing your feelings you have to make your best friend understand that you are the right guy for her who can take care and keep her happy. Use your body language and your conversation tricks to give her clues that you are thinking more of her more as a friend. Look at her until she catches you looking at her, but don’t look desperate and creepy instead look her in a romantic way.

Flirting is also a great way of signaling the girl about attraction you have developed for her. Compliment her, but in a flirtatious way because if you compliment her normally she will look at you as a friend. But including a little sensation in your compliments can work great. Don’t try to change yourself, but show him the best side you can have as a boyfriend.

There are many movies in which best friends have found their true love in each other or you may know some that were first friends and now in a relationship. You can give her hints of some famous couples around the world who started with being friends and finally got married. You can compare yourself with such examples to make her think that a good friend can become a good boyfriend.

She is your best friend, this means that you already have a kind of love towards each other. But to upgrade her feelings from just a friend to a boyfriend you will need to maximize the physical contact with her. Touch her hands or keep your hands on her shoulder. Girls like when their boyfriend keeps their hand on their back. So you can also keep your hand on her back for three to five seconds and then remove. These are some of the best clues to make your best friend your girlfriend. These clues constantly make your girl think over the change in yur behavior. Slowly and steadily she will start getting attracted towards you.

I will just advice you to not cross the line and make it look creepy and scary to her. You have been together for for a long time and hence you need to go slow on this track. Suppose if you cross the line and she goes angry over it,then say sorry, she is your friend and hence she will forgive you.

Have more fun together

Your friendship may have a lot of enjoyable moments, but now you have to be funny and energetic to make her fall in love with you. You can make her remember the past funny moments that you had before and as I told you above that you can sometimes purposely get caught looking at her in a romantic way. You don’t have to spend your whole time with her, but make sure the limited time that you are with her make it the best you can. Let her understand that how much happy she is with you and how much happy you both can be together in future.

The working expert plan

This plan is designed by the experts in the dating and relationship industry to help friends either a boy or a girl to get out of the friend zone and make their best friend their girlfriend or boyfriend. These courses makes guys understand the female psychology of attraction, escaping the friend zone and have a successful relation with your girl for the rest of your life.

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