How to Make Your Boyfriend Love You More

May 6, 2015

Find the best tips to make your boyfriend love you more than ever and anything, after a fight, more than his ex, with text or in a long distance relationship.

Have you begin to feel that your boyfriend is losing the passion in your relationship or do you think he has lost interest? So don’t worry it happens in every relationship that the love goes down for sometime, but with these tips you can make your boyfriend love you more than before. Earlier he used to surprise you, take you out on dates, give you gifts and express his love, but now it seems that all these things are begin to disappear. According to an expert, a man often looks for a woman that can help him relax his all the tensions which he gets from the daily hard work. What you are thinking right now may even be running in his mind that how can he make his girlfriend love him more.

make your boyfriend love you more

So basically it starts with the basic tips and finally I will show you the two main tricks which will regenerate love and passion in your relationship. It will make your boyfriend understand that he should express his love more and more times everyday.

Basic tips to make your boyfriend love you more

  1. Pay more attention to your style
    The first step towards making your man love you more begins with the way you look. The way you look physically creates a great impact on a man simply because nature has made man a visual character which means he likes beauty. Somewhere if you receive a compliment from his friend that you are looking great than this can put a great impact on him. One thing remember that love does not happen only because of the outer beauty, but outer beauty is the way to develop attraction and hence it is important. With this step you will be able to plant new seeds of attraction in his mind.
  2. Hangout with your friends
    It is important that you plan out some trips with your friends where he is not a part. Off course your boyfriend is an important part of your life now, but it does not mean you should pledge all your time with him. This can often makes a man lose interest in his girl. The main advantage of this step is this will make him miss you and also it is important for your boyfriend to know that you also have a life apart from him.
  3. Spend more time together
    The whatsapp, snapchat and internet era has made it much simpler to connect with people. The main problem in relationships is that people are connected more via these mediums and meeting or talking in person has begun to lower. Although it is a good idea to call him or text him as it shows that you care, but it never means you should limit yourself meeting in person. If your relationship is in this phase then immediately change it.
  4. Plan a short trip with him
    Small trips often play a role for keeping the love alive in couples. This is because it brings a change in everyday life they spend and also it makes both the man and the woman relax from the stressful life they live. These trips provide time for both to have romantic conversations and solve any issues. Utilize your Saturdays or Sundays and explore the city and have fun because the happier he stays, more are the chances to make your boyfriend love you more than ever.
  5. Physical Attachment
    Well it totally depend how much you want your boyfriend to touch you physically. Some may be ok with sex, while in some countries having sex before marriage is a taboo. But if you are in a live in relationship, you can surprise your man some day in bed. Buy hot lingerie and show your boyfriend that you still have that charm which turns him on.
  6. Respect each other
    It may have happen that in anger he may have shouted at you and even have done the same. But if you constantly disrespect him then he will one day leave you. Also if he starts disrespecting you then make him understand that you deserve the respect or you will dump him. Never be a doormat, I know you love him and also want him to love you more, but even after trying if there are no improvements then dump him. You deserve a far better man than him who can fill your life with lots of joy and makes you feel like a queen.
  7. Advanced tips to make your boyfriend love you more

  8. Write a love letter to him.
  9. We often take our relationships for granted and both the guy and the girl know that they love each other very much. To some extent it is logical to think this because without love the relationship would already have been ended. But it is never a bad idea to tell him how important he is for you

    Relationship often suffers ups and downs and is never stable until both partners maintain love and care for each other. Relationships are not always at the same point because almost every couple goes through the moment of insecurity, feeling of being less loved and lost passion. Hence at this point it becomes important to undress your emotions for your love and let him first know how much you still love him.
    This love letter is created by a well known dating expert; you can use it, but remember to add your love moments and personal touch to this letter. Start with the heading:

    Love letter to my boyfriend

    Hello Love,
    I have written down this letter as I wanted to let you know something for a while. I wished to tell you however I am unable to do it in person simply because I get lost in your eyes and distracted with your lips. After which I fail to remember and tell you.

    Yet somehow I manage to write this letter for the reason that you must know it. You should be aware that I am so happy with you for the reason that you make me laugh, because you make me tremble, because you give me hope to achieve my dreams. I have been so grateful about you because daily I notice your respect, your acceptance of my interests and my passions and you never tried to change me. I am happy and grateful to God to have you in my life. From the day I am with you my all the problems are minimized and only joy is added.

    I understand that I have not been the perfect in expressing my emotions, therefore I am going to make sure to say this in a simple manner. With not a single poetic line, without metaphors as well as no rhyming verses, so raw and brutally honest deep from my heart “I LOVE YOU”. You happen to be the perfect guy of my life.

    You have added the colours to my life, by the power that you give me, shared laughs and revealed secrets and for all the happy moments, you are special. And for all this and more I admire you, because you have made me learn what love actually is. And no just love, I am proud of you and I adore you.

    This letter will definitely make your boyfriend love you more. A personal touch to this letter with your happy moments will make it a tool that will bring back your relationship on track.

  10. Read this expert book

    Relationship consultants have created a program which includes e-book and sometimes video tutorials which help women learn what actually a man wants and how to keep him happy. These experts claim that the happier a man is with a woman, happier he will try to keep her, so this book can be helpful for you. After reading and applying the strategies described by them you will definitely be able to make your boyfriend love you more than before.This tutorial comes with different sections where women are taught the psychology of a male mind. You can read this book and learn about how to attract a man, make him commit to the relationship without forcing him, what mistakes to avoid and also getting more love from him. If you truly want to learn this art then it is important you read this book written by the expert.

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  1. If the guy can’t be nice all the time, walk away. Do you really want to be involved with someone whose moods change daily? That can’t possibly be an attractive proposition for a long term relationship.

    It is worth waiting for a guy you can trust to be consistently kind and pleasant to you.

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