How To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

March 25, 2015

The best way to make your boyfriend miss you more like crazy after a fight is to be avoid contact because if you are always with him then how will he miss you.

You really like your guy, miss him when you are not together and the same you want your guy to feel for you. You are looking for some tricks that can make you learn how to make your boyfriend miss you. Guys are sometime too complicated and to make them miss their girlfriend can be difficult task, except if you know these simple tips. All the tricks are covered, you just need to use it properly and then he will go crazy missing you.

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Share with him how enjoying was the day with your friends

If you actually want to make your boyfriend miss you then go out and have fun with your friends, but without him. Surveys have shown that a guy usually tends to miss his girlfriend when she is partying with her friends and he is not present. Actually men miss their girlfriends this time because they too want to be a part of the fun. Dating and relationship experts advise that it is very important to take out some days and enjoy life with friends to make him miss you and at the same time give you more importance and happiness in life.

Spend some good time together

A man will miss his girl when her company fills his life with passion, enjoyment and when he is strongly attracted towards her. The more happiness he gets with you the more he will miss you when you are not there. Apart from going on dates spend some time taking part in each others hobby and interests. The romance between you two can also be a great memory for him. So enjoy every single moment you spend with each other.

Sometimes it is ok to be unavailable

This is a great trick which definitely works and makes him miss you more. Suppose you are out with friends or at job and you man calls you then just ignore it. After an hour reply his calls and texts and say him that you were busy. In that one hour he will go crazy that why didn’t you answer his calls and what you are doing. The only precaution you need to follow is to ignore him sometimes maybe once in two weeks. If you start ignoring him all the time then he won’t miss you, but he will feel angry about this rude behavior and stop contacting you.

If you are always available to him 24/7 then how come he will miss you. In fact, a man hates it when his girlfriend sticks to her all day and does not give him space. Even the strongest feeling of love starts to become weak when you avoid giving him space. So as I told you above that along with the relationship with him also enjoy your time with friends and show that guy you are not needy and a burden on him, you have a very exiting life even without him. If you are not available to him to all the time then this will make him value the little time you spend together and he will be the one who will try to find some extra time to be with you.

Text him a good night

If you are living apart then know the time interval in which he sleeps and send him a naughty good night message. Naughty messages work great between couples to maintain the level of attraction towards each other, but remember that he is comfortable with such messages. Also psychology explains that the last calls and text may sometime make him dream about you. So with this trick you are making your boyfriend think about you even in his dreams.

Gift him or leave a piece of memory with him

This is also a very effective technique that will make your boyfriend miss you like crazy. The gifts which you give are a great way to make your boyfriend miss you. Whatever the gift maybe whether it is a shirt, shoes or photo frame with a picture of an enjoying memory you spend together. Whenever you guy will look at these stuffs it will make him remind you and miss you. . Gifts play an important role to keep the bond growing in a relationship.

Leave some of your stuff with him

You can also leave some of your belongings with him like your favorite soft toy, bracelet or any item that you like in his car or somewhere at his place and later ask him to give it back to you. This is a very highly working tip that will definitely make him think of you when you are not with him. In your absence these things will make him crazy thinking about you. Suppose you are going out with family or friends for a week vacation, you can accidentally leave some of your stuff with him or ask him to keep with you until you return.

The power of love notes

Apart from this relationship consultants also recommend to give a surprise by giving a love note. Keep this note in his wallet or anywhere he can easily find. And when he will read this note his heart will melt and your relationship will grow stronger. These small things will definitely make your boyfriend miss you and love you more. Suppose you are out on a date you can simply write “I love you” on tissue and give him. This small gesture from your side will not let him sleep thinking of you.

An expert dating course for women

There is a tutorials created by one of the most popular dating expert named Michael Fiore. He has created a step by step course which teaches a woman to learn the art to capture a man’s heart and make him committed to you and love you forever. You will learn all the different techniques from attracting a guy to maintaining a passionate relationship.

I hope that these effective ways have taught you how to make your boyfriend miss you. Just keep in mind to spend time together to create some good memories and then give him space so that he misses the time spend with you.

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