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How To Make Your Ex Beg For You

Find the best way to make your ex beg for you to come back. These psychological tips will make him or her regret losing you and make them come back crawling.

Make Your Ex Beg For You

Some things always come as a surprise or shock when it happens, may be because you don’t really want it to happen. One of these things is when your partner breaks up with you. No matter how many sign you may have seen or how many fights you two have been having lately, it’s still comes off as a bitter shock. At times people are not through and make hasty decision. Most of the times it’s because you are not done talking and still have a lot to say, both good and bad.

If you would just like to see their ex regret losing you and make him get back with you then this is the perfect article for you. These are some great tricks to make your ex beg for you to come back in his/her life.

No Contact Period

No Contact Period is a must after a break up. This time is not just for you but for your ex as well. For those who don’t know what no contact rule is, it’s a rule you have to follow after break up. The strategy is not to contact your ex for at least 4-6 weeks depending on how serious the relationship was. Remember never to take, no contact period lightly because if you do then you may end up doing some long term damage as well. This is the time when you are very emotional and angry, so you need to calm down and take some time off from each other. The two main reasons why you have to do it are as follows.

Give them some Space

The best thing you can do right now is to give them some space instead of hogging them with calls, messages and emotional blackmail. Giving them some space would give them some time to think about what they have done. This would even raise doubts whether or not they did the right thing and later make your ex beg for you to be back. If you continue nagging them to take you back then it would just further irritate them plus it doesn’t work that way. Remember they are not to take you back, you are to take them back or that’s something you want them to believe. This way they start thinking about how to get you back.

Reflect on your Relationship

Post break up everything gets messy as you are in habit of following a certain routine and now that’s all messed up. No Contact period helps you to calm down and take a breather before you start trying to put everything back together. These 4-6 weeks helps you to reflect on what your relationship really was. And also helps you understand if it was a good relationship, did it have any future, were you right for each other in the long run, etc. And lastly it also helps you to understand if you should even pursue this relationship or just move on.

Work on Yourself

Don’t just mope around in this No Contact period, instead use this time to make yourself better more fit and intriguing type personality. No, I am not suggesting you change yourself completely, all I am asking is you try new things. These new things can be anything or any new hobby that you like and your ex didn’t or something your ex wanted to try but you wouldn’t. Just keep an open mind and try to be happy. With this simple steps your ex might doubt their decision to leave you and let this will make your ex beg for you to accept him/her back.


One of the most noticeable aspects of change is a physical one, so you need to work on that. It doesn’t have to be gym in particular, it can be running, yoga, Pilates or almost anything that helps you to get in shape. You will see that the more your body gets in shape more confidence you gain. This is good for the long term. Keep in mind one of the easiest ways to make your ex beg for you is to look your best and make them watch what he/she lost. It is not to make them jealous, just to remind them of his/her loss.


When you get out of a relationship there are bound to be some habits that you need to get rid off. One of them is saying too much “No” to stuff. This is the time where you are actually free; you don’t have to think about what the other person would think or anybody for that matter. So, you do whatever you feel like. I just say to avoid developing some bad habits like drinking or self medicating. Instead why not develop some new habits like the things that you wanted to do but didn’t like writing a book, learning to dance, traveling or anything that you love. This way you also send a message that you are alive and well without them.


As they broke up with you then there might be some reason behind it. Surely no one breaks up with someone they love and were in a relationship with, out of nowhere. Even though this reason might be a bit hurtful or even stupid, still you have to know the whole story. Knowing what went wrong will help you in making it right and make them regret even more about breaking up with you. You are not to make them jealous by doing this, this is for you to know that you did everything right.

Have some Fun

One of the most important things to do after a break up is to have some fun. People when they break up are sad and that’s fine for a while but after some tears and brooding it’s time to get back up and start living. It’s not going to be easy so you go step by step, starting with Friends and Family.

Friends and Family

Group hangouts are best to start when trying to get back up. This way when things get hard you have your people around you ready to give you a hand. Some people are scared to show their emotions at this time but doing that would only make it worse. You don’t want your emotions to come rushing out at the wrong time because that would be embarrassing. So, talk to people if you need, pick out certain friends and family you could trust and go from there. Having a support system is the most important thing in life and once you have that you could do anything.

Go Clubbing

Now that you have connected with your friends and family again, it’s time to get out there and have some real fun. Go clubbing, it doesn’t have to be full on, just start by going out with friends and take it from there. Keep in mind; you can’t talk about your ex at any time when you are out with anyone except for that trusted one. This is the time for you to talk, laugh, flirt and just have a good time. But if you do feel like you are going to bust in tears or worse get pissed off and start a fight then you better get out of there. If you just do this with your friends a couple of times then after a while it will come naturally.

Casual Dates

Yes I am asking you to go out on a date and no I am not asking you to get into a relationship. Going on casual dates would help you get your confidence back so you could be ready for the next step. And this will also show you that there are other people out there who would take better care of you then your ex. If you are uncomfortable with this step then go on day dates as it is suppose to be a bit easier. But at least go out on one date before making contact with your ex.

Make Contact with your ex

If you have done everything then you would realize that you have a whole good life even without your ex. After knowing this if you still want your ex back then you should know that you have already started to get them back. The news of everything you have been doing has been reaching them as you two share a lot of common friends. And when you started talking about your new hobbies, went clubbing and went on a date; this all started sending them a message that you have moved on which made them doubt themselves.

Hence now is the time to make contact. Your first contact can be anything like you saw something that reminded you of them. But this won’t work if you have been in constant contact with them and have been begging them to take you back. This can only be effective if you have followed the no contact rule to a “T”. This way when you do make that first contact it gives them some hope as they have been dreading their decision lately. So, just keep in mind the things mentioned above and you may get them back.

Be Prepared

Remember you need to prepare either way that is if you get a reply then what you want to do, go on a date or something and what if you don’t get your desired results. There is always a slight chance that things won’t go as planned so be ready for that as well. But always remember this that you have a good life without your ex. And if you have done the above things properly then you know that you are going to be just fine.

Don’t play hard when your ex begs for you

Once your ex feels the sting of losing you, he/she may come back begging to you for a chance. Talk to him/her and if you feel that they regret then its better to not play hard. Forgive him/her and restart your relationship with some rules. These rules must be set on the factors that lead to your breakup previously. This way you can enjoy a happy and strong relationship together.

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