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How to Make Your Ex Miss You

After breakup, if you want some steps to make your ex miss you without talking then follow these tips and he/she will start missing you like crazy.

No matter who broke up the relationship, there are few best tricks that you can learn to make your ex miss you like crazy. First think about why do you want to make him/her miss you, is it because you still love your partner and want him/her back or just you want to take the revenge. If you want to revenge your ex then this is not the place for you, these tips are only for the loving couples who got separated because of some issues.

make your ex miss you

Making your ex boyfriend or girlfriend miss you and getting him back is a very easy part, but the hard part is to retain them back in life. You had a breakup once and there is no guarantee that you will not breakup again. But no problem, here are the tips that can help you be back with your ex permanently.

My name is Daniel and I am a relationship and dating consultant. I have helped many guys and girls to win the heart of the person they love. Also, I have united many couples after separation. The first part of winning your ex heart again is by making them miss you. The more your ex thinks about you, more are the chances of being with him/ her again. I guarantee you that after following this step by step plan properly there is a great chance (not 100%) to make your ex miss you and be back with you.

Let a month pass

This is the most widely strategy used by relationship consultants to make your ex think about you. Normally in any case we recommend a person to stay away from the ex boyfriend or girlfriend for a minimum period to 3-6 weeks. Experts have given a name to this rule which is the contact ban in which you avoid contacting the ex after your breakup for a period in the range of three weeks to one month or more. If just after separation you contact them, this will indicate that you are missing him/her a lot and it can also make you look like needy and desperate.

If you actually want to know how to make your ex miss you then avoid contacting him for at least a month. In this time period you are definitely going to miss your ex a lot, but control your feelings. Not only you he/she will miss you like crazy, but the only thing here is you have act like you have no effect of the breakup and you are happy.

After avoiding him for the first two weeks your ex is going to get crazy thinking that why haven’t you still contacted. After two more weeks you are going to run all over your ex mind and he will miss you a lot. This is actually how this strategy works for getting back with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

No contact means no texts and no calls.

For the first few weeks just remember not to call or text him and in this period if he/she calls or messages you then ignore it. If you seriously want your ex to miss you then be unavailable and ignore him/her. Banning contact with your ex will actually make him feel that you are not a doormat and easy to get. After you patch up again and give your ex a second chance, this will make himself or herself think a thousand times before a breakup with you again.

Avoid posting sad status on social media

You are in an emotional and mental stress after the separation, but you should avoid posting all this stuff on facebook and other social networks. Not only social networks, but you should also not tell your friends that you are missing him/her. If you have friends that you can trust than you can share with them, but never share your feelings with mutual friends because there is a great chance that they are going to spread it to your ex.

You are happy and let everyone know that

More accurately, let the social media world know how happy you are. You should not post statuses about how upset you are, you should post statuses about you being happy.

You need to act like there is no impact of breakup on you. You used to happy with your ex and you are still happy. Having fun with friends and posting these pictures on instagram and facebook is a great way to show your ex and all your friends that you are still happy. But remember few things that you should not post. Like “Happy to be single again”, “Feeling better after the breakup” or any status where you are including your relationship. Just share the present fun with friends that has nothing to relate with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Show your ex that you have a life without him/her

Buy some new clothes, give a new style to your hair and go out for dinners, parties, movies or shopping. A new hair style will make you look different and let your ex see this by posting few images on facebook. The main plan is to make your ex miss you and maybe you want to be with him/her again. So just live your life and enjoy the every moment having fun with whatever you like.

Now the time has come to contact your ex

It has been a month and you both have been missing each other like hell and now after ignoring him for four weeks the time has come to contact him. The first conversation should start with a simple memory when you both were together. Like say ”hey, what’s up? And share the memory”. A memory can be anything like a movie you had gone to watch or a song your ex likes or a food or place you both liked. So you can text him saying that I was seeing the movie xyz and just made me think about you. This is a great kick starter for raking him back to the happy memories. Just one thing you should avoid is, don’t let the breakup topic come in the conversation.

After this you can dig into your very best memories in which you had fun. Anything like if you had gone to a restaurant say that “I really liked a particular dish at xyz restaurant where we had went, I tried the same dish at another place, but it was not even comparable to it.” You have to take him back deep into the time when you were happy with each other.

If your ex asks you to meet tomorrow or the same day or weekend, then tell him/her that you already have plans for the day and maybe I will let you know when I am free. Let him wait for a week and then go out with him. In this one week all the memories that you spend together will be running in his/her mind and this will make your ex miss you more. It totally depends on you whether you want to meet him again or not, if you are still not ready than take some more time.

Make your ex miss you and get him/her back

This course is created by some of the most popular dating and relationship consultants around the world. The success rate from this course is very high and it has helped many couples to reunite after a separation. In this tutorial you will learn the advanced ways by which you can make your ex miss you get back to you.

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