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How to Make Your Ex Chase You Again

Find the best way to make your ex chase you again like crazy. These tips will help ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend think about you all the time after your breakup.

Make your Ex Chase You

Are you thinking about your ex again? It’s quite normal to miss them after break up. But what would be more effective is if they miss you. Thinking about you ex is not going to make them want you back. What would make a difference is if they want you back, they need you back. To make them feel that they can’t live without you and make them chase you like they did in the beginning. So, want to make your ex chase you again? Yes! Then here are the steps you need to take to get what you want and deserve.

No Contact Rule

For those who do not know what No Contact rule is ‘No Contact Rule’ in simple terms is not to contact your ex by any means for some specific period of time. Now this time is generally defined by how long have you two been in a relationship for. But at the very least No Contact period goes for a period of 4 weeks and if you were living together then it can extend to 6 weeks. I know it’s confusing so to help you understand better here some things you should know about No Contact Rule and why you need to follow it.

Time Out

After a break up every person goes through an emotional phase which can be angry and hurtful or worse clingy. The thing is, most of the damage is done immediately after a break up and that’s what this No Contact rule is trying to avoid. Having a time out would provide both of you some necessary space to figure things out before either of you do something drastic. This is also the time for you to focus on yourself for a change and it gives them time to miss you as well. So before you go calling them again and again either to beg them or to leave angry messages consider taking some time out first. Remember it’s not just for you; it’s for them as well. This is the first step to make your ex chase you and miss you like crazy.

What Happen?

After a sudden break up things get so intense that you forget to think about what really happened? So, during this time out try to understand what went wrong and if you can and want then fix it. Remember you are doing this for yourself, so if it is something that you are not comfortable changing then don’t. Figure out what you want now and then use this time to work on it. And if revenge or jealousy is your main motive behind this then I urge you to stop because it won’t do you any good. But if you are doing this to get them back then that’s the right reason for it.


Like every rule has its exception, No Contact Rule has some too. Basically there are three exceptions to this rule.

  1. If you have a child together.
  2. If you two live together.
  3. If you two work or go to school together.

These are some circumstances where there is no alternative but to communicate with each other. And for these situations you can go for the Limited Contact Rule. In this rule you can maintain limited contact with the person but only pertaining to the subject and nothing personal. Limited Contact is tough to follow but these circumstances call for it. So have a friend or friends act as a buffer between the two of you to prevent you from going off topic.

Self Improvement

Change is a great way to get a new perspective on life and that’s where self improvement comes in. Nothing makes your ex to chase you faster than an improved sexy, stable version of yourself. The two aspects that you need to work on are your physical and your emotional sides. Seeing the improved version of you will make him or her tempted. So, work on yourself to make your ex chase you after breakup.


The reason to improve your physical side is that nothing makes your ex go up in flames more then when they look what they have just lost and you look hot. Apart from making your ex to chase you, it’s always best to stay fit anyway. The reason I suggest this step is because going through No Contact period is tough and everyone needs an outlet for the pent up energy and frustration. So, it’s better to have a healthy outlet which along the way would also make you look and feel good.


As for the emotional side it’s for you as much as it is for them. After a break up it’s normal to have some mood swings but after a while it just gets annoying. So, stop feeling sorry for yourself and use this no contact time to get back up again. It’s going to be tough to begin with so don’t hesitate to ask a friend for help, after all that’s what friends are there for. Talking helps, so talk to your friends or family if you need their support and rant all you want because they will understand. Soon you will be strong enough to get back out there and watching this would get your ex to chase you.

Time to get Fresh

Since you have just gotten out of a relationship, deliberately or not, you need to have some ‘Me Time’. ‘Me Time’ is necessary as it helps you to get a fresh perspective on life without your ex. It also helps you to figure out your life as an independent person. Some of the things you can start with in ‘Me Time’ are as follows.


The best thing about this no contact period is that now you have the time to focus on what you actually want to do. If there is something that you wish you could do but your ex didn’t then now is the time for you to have a go at it. Pick up some new hobbies let it be dancing, painting or photography. This provides you with infinite new ways to look at your life and also takes your mind off your ex.


If you were not having fun yet then you must start now. After being in a relationship for a while it’s about time you go clubbing with your friends and have a blast. There are only so many times in your life when you are free of all bonds and are allowed to go crazy and this is one of them. So take full advantage of this time to have as much fun as you want. Go clubbing, bar hopping, try new restaurants and different types if cuisines you like. Just live and let live during this part of your life without any drama or non-sense as it will all be waiting for you on the other side.


Social hangouts with your friends and family are an important thing. Mostly so that they can know that you are doing fine. Being friends and family it’s natural that they worry about you a bit and this would give them a sense about how you feel and provide you with much need support and stability. Just having a Sunday brunch with your family or friends once in a while would count. Post your pictures on facebook and instagram and let your ex see it. Seeing these pictures will make your ex chase you because you will start running in his mind.

Dating to make your ex chase you

I think it’s quite obvious why this works in getting your ex to chase you, but that is not the reason I am suggesting this. Jealousy shouldn’t be the primary reason making your ex chase you as it is only temporary. The reason I suggest dating is to get your confidence up and running again. This way when your ex does come chasing you, you have the option whether or not you want them back. Another reason why dating works is it gives you the picture of life without your ex.

What After No Contact

This is the question that most people are stuck with after they get their ex’s attention “What Now?” So you need to be prepared for this because sooner or later they are going to try talking to you. It’s obvious that during the No Contact time you are to avoid communicating with them at all cost except for the exceptions. However, once the No Contact Time is over then what would you do?

To answer this question properly let me ask you another question “What do you want, specifically?” If you want to get back with your ex then get in touch with them or reply to their text or call them. However, if you don’t want them back then try moving on and it’s time to let them go for good. Once you have decided what you really want then you should start figuring out what you have to do from there on out and how you can get it done.


I mention caution here because once you get to the next step there is no stopping the flood. So there are two things you need to be prepared for. First is to make sure whether or not you want your ex back before you initialize contact with them. Secondly, you need to make sure that you want him back for the right reasons and not because you are scared of being single or being lonely. Both cautions if not thought out carefully would lead you right back here, where you started. So let’s just make sure what you truly desire and then let’s go after it with full force ahead.

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