How To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous?

June 27, 2015

Along with using contact bans and the use of social media like facebook and whatsapp we will make your ex girlfriend jealous, miss you and she may want you back.

If you are reading this article it’s clear that your ex girlfriend has either dumped you or worse cheated on you. Well get over it, stuff like these happens all the time and even to the best of people it has happened once or twice and if someone tells you otherwise then he is either lying or he is dumb enough to believe it.

make your ex girlfriend jealous

Now just stop moping around and since you are reading on how to make your ex girlfriend jealous? Then either you are looking for revenge or to get back with her. Both of which can be done by following this path but let me warn you beforehand that jealousy is a mean game and when not played properly will hurt you and others around you a lot. So if you are ready to be mean and to make your ex girlfriend jealous then here are some tips to help you.

Step 1:- No Contact Period.

No Contact Period is the toughest phase you have to go through in order to make her jealous. In this phase you have to ignore your ex-girlfriend at all cost, no answering late night phone calls, no replying to text messages, no communication with her period. I know it’s tough, so be a man and suck it up. No contact means No contact period for at least 2-3 weeks because this will make her wonder what have you been up to all these days? And make her think about you and maybe even doubt herself but if you break this No contact period then you are just a schmuck who is still in love with her when she clearly isn’t. So you have a choice, either make her jealous or be the sad little guy which everyone pity. And let me tell you this, no one falls in love with the sad little guy they just pity him because he is stupid enough to think that he can be loved. Hence to make your ex girlfriend jealous follow this tip and I have said this before, jealousy is a mean game and there is no place for pity in it.

Step 2:- Improve yourself.

No offense but if your girlfriend dumped you then there must be something that she didn’t like in you and that means you need to improve yourself. Improving doesn’t mean you have to become a complete different person because that will just tell everyone around you that you are in denial. Just be your better self, I mean hit the gym, have some fun loosen up dude, you just got dumped your life didn’t ended in fact pretend like you just dodged a bullet and enjoy your single life by going to bar, night clubs, hang out with buddies and make sure take a lot of photo’s of yourself having fun.
Take a new hobby, make yourself presentable at all times doesn’t matter if you are going to a gym you must look good. And in order to act confident you need some confidence inside you and by improving yourself you might get some of your confidence back.

Step 3:- Retain your friends.

This phase is not completely to make her jealous but for information transfer. What I mean to say is the only way she is going to know anything about you is by your common friends hence information transfer. Retaining these common friends sends a message that they are your friends too and you are not going to stop living just because of break-up. And because you have been ignoring her, they are the only trustful medium from where she can get your information, so use them by asking them to the party or accept when they ask you out. Enjoy, have some drinks, talk to other girls in front of them because whatever you do she is going to know about it. So loosen up, have a dance, party hard and whatever happens don’t mope around about the break-up or else she will know about it and your entire plan to make her jealous will fail.

Step 4:- Social Media.

Social Media is a big part of today’s life, so use it to your advantage. Even though you are not talking to her directly doesn’t mean she can’t hear what you have to say. Even though all your common friends are telling her that you are over her she wouldn’t believe it until she checks out your social media pages. So post a lot of pictures of you enjoying even some pictures with other girls in a night club. But not of kissing other girls because then you would be rubbing it in her face and then you will be called a d**k. Just keep it civil because you just want to make your ex girlfriend jealous not drive her away.

Step 5:- Inevitable Meeting.

Well you two must have something in common where you have met like a college or office and so you are going to cross path at one point or another. So after ignoring her for 2-3 weeks you have to start the conversation eventually. Just start by something casual like “Hi” or “Hey” just to let her know that now you are talking to her but keep it simple and no matter what happens do not bring up your past. Be nice when talking to her and act confident. When asked about how you are doing say “I am doing fine.” And don’t remember to smile when you talk to her don’t have that sad face like you are hurting or the revenge face like you are angry just be simple and nice to her because this might make her question about how you can be so normal with her when she dumped you and that is good for you because it will make her think about you a lot.

Step 6:- Phone calls and text messages.

In this phase, since you both are talking to each other after the inevitable meeting then there should be some occasional phone calls or text messages exchanges between the two of you just being friendly nothing more. This occasional phone call is for her to remember you and in the spirit of being friends and this will make her wonder about “why are you not sad?” or something like that. And as for text messages they are just for checking in about how she is doing and once the exchange of text messages start than you can use this for your advantage as well, by being flirty from time to time just enough to let her think that she still has a shot at winning you back. But don’t get intimate with her or send her nude pictures because that might just tell her how desperate you are.

Step 7:- Hangout Sessions.

In this phase, first you are suppose to hang out with other girls maybe someone she knows just make sure that she knows about your hang out sessions by common friends or social media. Take occasional pictures of you with other girls and post it on facebook and tag it to the other girl. Tagging it is just for her to check this new girl out and if she is getting jealous then she will send a signal or two. Maybe even ask you about how your date was at that time just pretend that you don’t know what she is talking about I mean say “She is just a friend” or “We were just hanging out.” Once you start getting this jealousy signal then eventually she might give you the signal of her intention to hang out with you or even ask you to hang out with her which you will accept and make it fun for her. And then these hang out session will become a regular thing.

Step 8:- Homerun.

After the hang out phase, things might get a little personal there may even be a make out session or just some intimate moments shared between the two of you. Remember your goal, whether you want revenge or to get back with her. If revenge is the way then say “It’s nothing serious, we are just having some fun” Then maybe dump her. But if getting back together is the goal then make her ask the question “So, What is this that we are doing?” And you know the answer to that, right?

Always remember jealousy should be the last step to take in a relationship because it can do more harm than good. A little bit of jealousy is healthy but extreme jealousy is harmful. A person can become downright mean when jealous. So take each step carefully. That being said, Jealousy is also one of the most effective ways to win someone back or to express that you care about them. Because if there is no jealousy in a relationship than that means there is no caring in a relationship and that is not a good relationship to have might as well break-up.

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