How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special And Loved

January 16, 2016

Find the best romantic ways to make your girlfriend feel special and loved. These tricks will help to let your girlfriend know how much you love and care.

make your girlfriend feel special

Nothing impresses a woman than a man who treats her like a queen. One of the questions that haunts the mind of many men is: what do I do to make a woman feel special and beautiful? To solve this query we share with you some simple ways, but very accurate to dispel the doubt and make your girlfriend feel special and loved.

  1. Show her you really love her.
  2. This is the main thing, remember that love involves a lot of commitment and sincerity. If something makes a woman feel beautiful and special is that her guy loves her very much and displays it to her. Although love can be felt, but make sure that from time to time you say ‘I Love You’ to her. Apart from that give her surprises and try to take care of her happiness. This will make your girlfriend feel special to have you in life.

  3. Help your partner to feel confident.
  4. Most women have insecurities, especially since the ideal of physical beauty is very elusive. Remind your girlfriend that it is what that you don’t care about. Highlight her strengths and emphasizes her inner and outer beauty.

  5. Support her and encourage her.
  6. Encourage your partner to do things she likes and always stand by her side when needed. All women have dreams and goals they want to achieve in life. If your girlfriend likes something that makes her happy, support her. She certainly would do the same for your happiness. Address her concerns, her problems and support when she needs you.

  7. Surprise her.
  8. Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers on a normal day, give her some chocolates, invite her to romantic candle light dinner without having something special to celebrate, rather than happiness. These surprises will make her feel how much you love and care about her and finally feel special to have such a nice guy in her life.

  9. Comfort her when she is sad.
  10. Provide her with comfort when she is sad because this is the time she needs someone the most. No need to talk or say many things, sometimes a hug is enough. It is very important that every guy understands that his girlfriend has emotional needs, which are not difficult to meet. Your woman does not need jewelry and luxury, but those little details that come straight from the heart of the person is what will make her feel special for having such a loving boyfriend.

  11. A sincere compliment.
  12. Try to compliment because this will definitely make your girlfriend feel special. A simple compliment like, “You just seem especially attractive today” will also work. Most people respond well to compliments. Take time to make your partner feel loved. It is best to tell when the two are alone, away from distractions and others. Give your compliment with a hug and display affection towards her.

  13. Respect and listen.
  14. One of the most important thing to make your girlfriend feel loved is give her respect. Treat her like you want them to treat you. Love is accompanied by respect. Moreover, take interest in listening carefully when she is talking to you, but do not stay without saying anything. Listening attentively involves interacting with the other person.

  15. Be faithful.
  16. Many men believe that women are impressed when their guys are flirty with their friends, but in reality this will only be the beginning of a little mistrust. Making your girlfriend jealous in a funny way is fine, but make sure you communicate with her to clear that it was just a joke. Spend time with her and remember that when you are together, make her center of your world and this will definitely make your girlfriend feel special. A warning is to never stare at other women around because a woman is very sharp to catch this.

  17. Flirt with her.
  18. Whether your relationship has just started or you have been in several years of marriage, never think that you have to put a stop on flirting. So dust off your best lines (or find some new) and take the time to flirt. A sensual look or a flirty conversation will keep the fire in your relationship and prevent from things to get cold between you two. Look into her eyes and see what feelings awake, she will be very happy and may even start to flirt with you.

  19. A hidden note.
  20. All men and women love getting little love notes. It's fun to find such notes as it is very romantic. Even if you're not naturally romantic, it's easy to write a sweet note (not too personal, if someone else finds it) and hide it. Give a hint to her if she has not got it yet. A visual reminder of love, devotion and attraction is always well received and only takes a minute to write.

  21. An act of kindness.
  22. Relationship experts believe that an act of kindness means love to many. If you both live together and she is the one who prepares food then one morning you make breakfast and see how surprised she would be. Even if you don’t live together there are many things which you can do, but make sure you don’t do it too frequent. The generosity will naturally make your girlfriend feel special and such acts leave never to be forgotten memories.

  23. Take time.
  24. Your partner likes to spend quality time with you. If your time is limited and you cannot see her as much as you wanted, it is important that the limited time you spend with her enjoy it to the fullest. Spending that time together is not necessary to go to expensive restaurants. You can also walk in the park while savoring an ice cream or prepare a picnic away from the city, have food and enjoy the nature. Such things must be done at least once in a month to get out of your normal schedule and build some connection and romance.

  25. Show him your feelings.
  26. Women need to be told how much you love them. It is a serious mistake to believe that she knows that you love her. Nothing, absolutely nothing will be able to replace when you take her hand, look in the eyes, come close to her and whisper in her ears "I love you". This will make your girlfriend feel special and it will also make that moment very romantic.

  27. Sincere thanks.
  28. If your girlfriend makes an extra effort to please you or makes your life easier then it is best that you thank her. Compliments and acts of kindness deserve gratitude in return. You must take the time to feel grateful for loving things your partner does for you. Although notes of thanks are going out of style, considered telling your partner how you appreciate the things she does for you and she will love it. Some flowers or a gift can be given as a thank you with a gift card where you must thank and write something special for her.

    These were some of the working tips which will make your girlfriend get emotionally attached to you. To make your girlfriend love you, it is your responsibility that you make her love and make her feel that she is the most beautiful woman on this planet.

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