How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

July 24, 2015

The best way to make your girlfriend happy is by expressing your love to her. In this post you will learn the things that can help you to keep her happy and feel special.

If you are the guy that is surfing the web for ways to make your girlfriend happy then I must say that your girlfriend is very lucky to have you. Keeping your partner happy is an important part for keeping the relationship on track. If your girl is happy from your actions, she will also try to do things that can keep you happy.
Relationships sometimes suffer because we do not pay the necessary attention. When you take a lot of time with your partner it is normal relax and not work as hard as before. Always remember your priorities!

 How to make your girlfriend happy

Your girlfriend deserves to be loved, cared and affection and above all, deserve to be happy.
You're the most important person to her, so we thought several plans to make your girlfriend happy.. it's easy! You have to remember that gifts are important, but not at all times and a girl won’t just get happy if you only give gifts. Your simple gestures that will take you only a few minutes a day will also work. Being happy does not cost anything!

Complement her often

It is very important for guys to understand that complements are very helpful to keep make your girlfriend happy and feel special. Whenever you feel that your girlfriend has wore a new dress and if she is looking nice in it, please compliment her. If she has got a new hair style and it suits her then compliment her. This will make her feel good and feel special and this is what girls want from their boyfriends and husbands. If suppose you don’t like her dress then don’t say anything, but if she asks for your opinion be true. Dating experts say that girls feel great when they get good compliments from their friends and boyfriends.

Love notes and letters still work

Many guys don’t understand that power of love letters, its not old fashion, but it is truly romantic. You must not leave a love note everyday, but surprising her sometimes can be great way to keep your relationship romantic. And believe me girls like it, I am not just saying it, but according to a survey many girls told that find love notes and letters from their boyfriends very romantic.


For all the guys that think that girls can only be kept happy with expensive gifts and they are materialistic then my friend its wrong. Maybe there are few exceptions, but giving a bunch of red roses also work. A soft toy or a chain with a love sign with love notes, candle light dinners all will melt her heart. Are you so miser that you can’t gift your girl once in a month or two months. These gifts like your soft toy or your chain will work when you are away from her and this will make her think of you and miss you.

Give her the necessary space

We all need time and a place for ourselves where there isn’t room even for your loved ones. This does not mean that our partner loves us less or will not be with us, but many men do not realize that this space is necessary for the welfare of the couple. In addition, we must know how to harness the t time that we are not sharing with our girlfriend, as an independent person who is able to not get bored without company is much more desirable that you need to be with us twenty-four hours a day, seven days week. To keep her happy you need to give her space and not just spy whenever she is not with you.

Embrace, touch, fondle her

Women like physical contact more than men, which often tend to forget. So approach it and embrace it is the best way to make her remember feeling something special of her. In addition, you will feel more safe and secure in the relationship: surround your arms is one of those signs that the female brain always plays positively. Kiss or show signs of affection in front of common acquaintances, often perceived as a way to express your sense of pride to her and to show that you have no doubt about your life together.

Prove that you can be trusted

Flirting with her friends, even though we cherish do it harmlessly, is probably the worst mistake that a guy can fall for a relationship. If we want our partner to trust us, we must send the correct signs to confirm this image. One of the most valued characteristics of men among women is their loyalty and unconditional love: the worst feeling you can have a woman in a relationship is that it can be abandoned by their partner at any time. Neither lies, however small or pious they may seem, often help to carve a good image. Sometimes to make their girlfriend jealous, guys usually flirt with their friends which is sometimes ok as teasing her, but make sure you clear your intentions.

Share your hobbies, follow hers

This works in two ways: we must not only worry about learning and show interest in what we like our women, but we can tell our own interests to make you feel a participant in them. Of course, it is important an open mind and an active attitude towards them, not exasperating resistance to anything that provides entertainment to our partner.

Your interest in his hobbies is one of the things that will make your girlfriend happier. Nothing unites more than having interests in common. Whether your passion is basketball or video games, the question is to show interest. Sit with her on the couch and explain her how to play, you can spend a fun evening! Accompany to play basketball or encourage her while playing soccer with his friends. Importantly involve yourself in what she likes, even if you initially give you the same.

Not just hobbies, also try some other activities that you both hardly know like many couples really enjoy cooking some special dish together. Cooking food together, walking on beaches etc. are some really enjoyable activities that can make both the partners happy.

Be happy

Nothing more to dislike anyone who have to live with someone who spends the day faded, complaining about everything and reluctant to any situation. If we fail to show our partner that she makes us happy, you begin to think it's not important enough for us. In addition, having to always act with the aim of improving the happiness of your partner is not exactly the ideal life for most women. If you are unhappy then you can never keep anyone around you happy.

If you want to make your girlfriend happy, embrace her when you're strolling down the street or give him a furtive kiss on the cheek when you are with friends. You cam send her a miss you or love message sometimes when you both are not together to make her happy and make her feel that you love her! Do not hesitate to have loving gestures, because she surely will appreciate. If its cold and you are wearing a jacket don’t hesitate to lend it.

These simple gesture will not only make your partner happy, but will also make her fall in love for you from her heart. Just be true and keep expressing your love and you both will always remain happy.

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