How To Not Be Shy Around Girls

July 7, 2015

Developing the inner confidence and lots of practice can help you to not be shy around girls that you like. These tips will help you stop your shyness around your crush.

The fear of rejection and over thinking that how will the girl react actually leads to shyness around girls. Even if a girl starts liking a boy and if he is still not in confidence and keeps shying around the girl then he will never be able to date her. This problem is faced by many guys and since the launch of social networks and apps this problem is reaching the peak. This is because people have forgot to talk and seduce in real. This may happen to you that you are good at chat, but when it comes to real conversation with girls then you just end up being a loser.

how to not be shy around girls

To avoid this problem you will now learn the best tricks that will help you to not be shy around girls. You will become a badass in winning a girl’s heart. Let me tell you the truth that 90% of the women don’t like shy men. They like these guys just as friends and brothers. So if you love her then you need to express yourself and stop being shy around girls.
The point here is to learn the seduction without even touching a girl. Touches are important, but first win her trust. You need to transform yourself into a guy that makes women obsessed and dream about you.

Factors that makes a guy shy around girls

  1. You believe that she is superior to you in terms of money or beauty.
  2. Past experience were bad.
  3. You interact less with girls and hence your confidence is down.
  4. What to talk in front of her? This question makes a lot of then shy.
  5. Fear of rejection.

Here are the common reasons why guys are actually shy around girls, especially the one they have a crush. The very first and the most difficult part you need to get rid of is the belief that she is very hot and you look average or you have less money or she will reject you. If these beliefs are already in your brain then get rid of it because it will help to not be shy around girls. Here are some of the best steps which will help you to stop being shy and become a badass in this subject.

Changing your mindset

According to various surveys and the from the experiences of dating gurus it has been found out that the feeling of inferiority is the main cause of shyness with both boys and girls. Its common sense that if you feel that the opposite person has higher value then you are definitely going to feel shy and nervous around them.
Let me give you a simple example that you have a classmate and according to you she is non attractive. You will definitely not be nervous around this girl because you think her value as equal or less (in most cases, guys don’t feel shy in this situation). Maybe you are still nervous talking to this girl, but this shyness and anxiety is far less than the girl you think is beautiful or the girl you love.

When you are talking to a girl you like then its just normal to feel a little shy, but you have to overcome this shyness by changing your mindset. Drop the belief that she won’t be attracted to you. Drop the belief that you will be rejected. Also drop the belief that you are inferior to her. Once you bring a change in your beliefs then it will become much easier for you to get rid of shyness. It will also help you in having a fun and interesting conversation that will make her attracted to you.

Start with small steps

Now based on your skills and confidence levels you need to start with first socializing yourself around both boys and girls. This step will help you gain confidence and also many girls like guys who are social and fun loving. So once you start interacting with your classmates so that you can start gaining some experience that can help you in future. Try to make more female friends and this will help you a lot about the psychology of girls. You can also watch other guys who are easy talking with girls and observing them can also help you a lot.

Act to show fake confidence

Now I know that its not easy to be social and confident, but if you are feeling the lack of confidence you don’t have to show it to the people around you. Once people see that your confidence levels are up they will be more friendly with you. Also when your crush is near or talking to you look in her eyes, smile and make her smile. Although you are faking it, but this thing you know it not the other who see a shy guy transforming to a confident person.

Show the confidence in your body language

One of the best way to not feel shy around girls and making them shy is by working to build a confident body language. This will be seen by the girls you talk to and they will start getting attracted to you. Having a confident body language is easy, just stand or sit straight, make eye contact and avoid drooping when talking with anyone. Don’t fold your arms while talking because according to body language experts it is a sign of nervousness or being less interested. Its good to make and break eye contact while talking, just remember not to look on the floor or away from her face all the time. Holding the smile on face makes the other person feel that you are enjoying the conversation and it also makes them comfortable. In nervousness don’t remove your cell phone because it will make your girl feel uninterested. With these small tips you can look more confident around girls.

Get attracted to many girls

The main problem with shy men is that they only tend to like one woman and a huge bulk of them get rejected. But they need to do the opposite thing like talking with many girls and getting attracted to many girls. You may have noticed that some guys are not just interested in one girl, they talk to many and hangout with many which helps them. Also it is said that girls like a guy which is likable by many girls. So talk to every girls in a way that you want to attract her.

Prepare a conversation in advance

If you want to overcome shyness around girls then preparing a few conversation topics in advance can be very helpful. This will make you feel more confident and suppose if you pause in the conversation then these topics can help you get out of the awkward situation. So before approaching the girl make sure you have 4-5 things with which you can start the topic and then continue with it to keep the conversation interesting. And once you start talking normally with the girl then more and more interesting topics will automatically flow and keep up your conversation.

As soon you as you have nothing to talk about then start with questions like how was your weekend? Did you watch this new movie? If she says she hasn’t watched then ask her to accompany you to watch the movie. And at last its not just who should be in the conversation, hence even let her talk.

Be Positive

This means that at first you may be ruining the stuff and hence it is recommended approaching some other girls to get some practice. It may happen that you may fail the first few times, but these experiences will teach you how to not be shy around girls. Also suppose you do something silly in front of a girl then you must not feel nervous about it, instead develop the ability to laugh at your mistakes.

Finally the more time you stay with girls and the more you approach girls with a thought of dating them, the more badass you will become. Shyness is just a feeling which can be overcome with just few positive experiences and hence be positive and try till you succeed.

Coaching programs

To get some detailed and advanced step by step training you can read the attraction book for men which will help you out in dealing with all the steps like from approaching a new girl to asking her for date and planning your date. These dating courses come in e-book format which contains all the necessary information required for getting rid of anxiety and shyness around girls. This e-book will help you deal with this situations with conversation examples, how to chat with girls and finally date them.

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