How To Not Think And Care About Your Ex

February 16, 2016

Find the best way not to think and care about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. These tips will help you overcome the memories of your past relationship.

Not Think And Care About Your Ex

If you were in a relationship that disappointed you, if you feel anger at the thought of your ex, you may be tied to old stories that they did not close well. These tips will help you overcome past failures, let you move forward, and not think and care about your ex. Whatever the reason for the breakup, forget your ex to feel at peace and open up. If you have not gotten him out of your mind, these tips will help.

Let your feelings flow

Cry or shout once and for all, but don’t suppress your feelings. It's the first thing you have to accept that you will feel happy for not having that person in your life one day. So let all your anger and sadness come out. It takes you longer to overcome the breakup if you repress, and you may stay hooked to sadness or anger for longer, which is not healthy. Although a person cannot wholly delete someone from their brain, slowly, you will think less and care less about your ex.

Get yourself an ally.

It would help if you had a close friend or friends (but not the ones who are friends with your ex) who can recourse at critical moments. So instead of lying on the sofa to watch the pictures and videos that you and your ex-partner had taken together or re-read their first texts, you should spend time with friends. Your pals are the ones who will significantly benefit you in getting out of this situation. So spit out all the negative emotions to the friends you trust and once and for all close the chapter.

Delete the memories

Get rid of whatever items that make you think about your ex and thus make you feel bad. Destroy anything that will bring bad memories associated with your ex and prevent the arrival of new love in life. For example, all pictures you both shared and any gifts which are occupying unnecessary space. If you don’t want to destroy then pack them up and return or keep them out of sight. You should also delete all photos and texts. Although this may feel hard, within few days, you will be able to think and care less about your ex. Experts give this constructive advice to get relief from the torture and depression after the breakup.

Enjoy moments of peace

If you let your emotions flow and permit yourself to feel them, there will come a time that emotional roller coaster will stop, and you will feel at peace. Free yourself from the burden posed by conflicts with your ex, their problems, unresolved emotional issues, or disagreements. All this is no longer your concern. I am well aware of that feeling because it is the one that will give you strength to take care of, help recreate the suffering and eventually move on and overcome your past relationship.

It is over

You must believe that your relationship is over. Please don’t bring in thoughts to be back with your ex, make them jealous, or teach your ex a lesson because these things will keep pulling you down. You cannot 100% forget anyone, and this is the truth. Your ex-good and bad memories will always come to your mind, but once you have believed that they hardly matter to you, such memories will have no effect. Even if someday you think about your ex, but it will not make any difference.

Make the most of your life.

Since that person is no longer with you, it is essential to understand that they are no more part of your life. Stop talking about it all the time (even your best friend will despair if you do), to compare all others with them, to write depressive messages on your Facebook wall. Much better if you delete their number from your contacts. Avoid staying stuck in masochistic feelings that do not help anything. If you want to stop thinking about your ex, you should utilize your time for anything you like. For example, you can opt for the sport, yoga, or meditation. You will undoubtedly feel much better physically, mentally, and spiritually and with the necessary motivation to take care of yourself and move on in life.

Surround yourself with happiness.

Laugh all you can and laugh at them. This relieves the melodrama with your friends. Make jokes about their irritating habits, turn your fights into hilarious anecdotes to share with your friends. To laugh, you just need friends, and there is no need even to make jokes about your ex. Healthy laughter helps us to smile on the bright side of life. Seek the company of people you are happy with and remember that's what you want because it will help you become more and more convinced that your ex is the past and thus you will slowly and gradually think and care less about them.

Consultation with can help

If your fears and your doubts about past relationships continue to block your mind, then the best advice is to seek professional help. Seek advice from people who you know have walked on the same road. Also, you can visit an expert for consultation. A professional can help you increase your self-esteem and making think and care less about your ex. Seek help. If your ex memories are holding you back, do not worry. Today there are more tools than ever. You can do psychological counseling or join a physical or virtual group in the same situation. You can also choose a good self-help book that reflects your problems and help you change your ideas.

These were some of the essential tips not to think and care about your ex. Although there is no perfect time to be in a relationship again, as time passes and you find a new partner, then your ex may seem less important to you. However, don’t just jump into a new relationship after a breakup. Instead, let your inner pain and anger soothe. If you are wildly obsessed with your ex and you can’t stop thinking, then you should consult a professional for counseling. These counseling sessions will benefit you to stop being obsessed and bring new rays of light to your life.

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