How to Plan Romantic Dinner for Two at Home

August 29, 2016

Find the best ways to plan romantic dinner for two at home. These tips and ideas will help you arrange the perfect romantic date with your partner.

plan romantic dinner for two

If you have reached that moment when you want to surprise your partner, your best option is a romantic dinner at home, as well as demonstrate your excellent culinary skills to prove the high esteem that you have for that special person. The best way is to prepare a homemade dinner that you can choose from the recipes, depending on your tastes in common, as well as the drink want to taste and favorite dessert of both. In this tutorial we’ll help you how to plan romantic dinner for two at home in simple steps without any problem.

Planning your romantic dinner at home

  1. First of all, you must decide whether to make a surprise romantic dinner or not. If it is not the case, a nice gesture is to make the invitation with a letter written by hand. You do not need to be a great writer, just have a nice detail.
  2. Then, you must choose the place of the house that you prefer: if it is summer and they have garden, take advantage of it. If it is very cold and the dining room has a wood stove, drag the table there.
  3. You have to consider how you will set the table. Try to put the seats next, especially if the table is large.
  4. Choose tablecloths, cutlery, crockery and some adornment. Flowered tablecloths, floating candles, or petals scattered about the table are often used.
  5. Dinner should be prepared for when the diner arrives, so that during dinner you can focus on enjoying and not be waiting to serve or prepare things.
  6. Try to have the dishes decorated, or at least served in a nice way. Such small details help in making your dinner perfect.

Choose the ideal drink

The first step to having a romantic dinner dream is to choose a drink that is suitable for the time and make a perfect match with the main course. If you want you can ask your partner what you like to drink or if you prefer to surprise, choose it for yourself. If you're going to drink beer, white wine or any beverage that deserves to be cold to be consumed, try to make it cool prior to dinner. This will ensure that everything starts with the right foot.

Choose a special appetizer

The appetizer is a starter food which is normally used to whet your appetite and give way to the main course. Choose the one which is new to both. There are a number of recipes to choose from which will help you perform this task without any inconvenience, some of them may be:

  1. Recipes with potatoes, either potatoes with brava sauce, potatoes baked with bacon, potatoes stuffed with tuna or any other potato recipe that calls your attention.
  2. Nuggets or chicken nuggets.
  3. Crackers with cheese gouda.
  4. Chicken, fish or meat appetizers.
  5. Caesar salad.
  6. Nachos with melted cheese.

Any of these recipes can be the right choice when preparing your anticipated appetizer for your romantic dinner.

Have a good topic of conversation

This part is important because an ideal conversation topic ensures that you and your partner spend an exquisite evening. Nothing is better than a good chat in the comfort and convenience of your home. As this is a special night choose a theme that makes your partner forget the problems you have had during the week. This may relieve the stress caused by the hustle and multiple daily tasks. Choose whatever topic, but in between try to flirt with your partner to make it a bit fun. Even if your relationship has become old, these moments help refresh things and bring partners out of boredom.

Do not forget the essentials

Never forget the power of candle light and flowers when you plan romantic dinner for two. Something you can not miss is the atmosphere, as this will ensure that the romantic dinner is what you've always been waiting for. Scented candles, fresh flowers and a little jazz or ballad to a suitable volume is sufficient to romanticize the dining room. In this case, you can choose to place candles at strategic points of the floor or on top of the table. Meanwhile, flowers can be part of the centerpiece, always looking for elegance above all.

Consider the table manners when eating

There are a few manners and small steps that you should follow to avoid being seen as a careless or rude person which you're not. Bad manners often kill the romantic mood of the dinner. Here we show you some basic manners to keep in mind when eating to maintain a polite and correct position for the moment:

  1. Avoid support the body on the table, especially the elbows.
  2. Nothing to eat with your hands, except for foods that require.
  3. Eat slowly, with your mouth closed.
  4. Do not talk while you chew.
  5. Avoid unpleasant topics.

These manners are basic, but you must follow in order to achieve an impeccable body language during dinner.

The main course

Perhaps this is the most difficult when you want to plan romantic dinner for two at home. This is because you must choose the recipe which both of you like. Being a dinner, you should opt for something light that will not cause digestion troubles. In this case you should prepare food for yourself, so do your best and try to prepare a recipe that you know well, ensuring that will be really delicious. Try to start cooking at least 1 hour before dinner, so that should not wait long for the dish to be ready. If you are a man or woman who doesn’t like cooking then you can order some food from a restaurant.

Never miss the dessert

Being a romantic dinner, dessert must be present without any exception. You may not have much room for a large dessert, so you should choose a light dessert that will not cause impact with what you have eaten before. A good choice is ice cream, homemade cupcakes, a slice of foot or only a small fruit salad. If you have never tried a dessert recipe then it is best that you order an ice cream or any other dessert from outside. This is because if you we tend to make mistakes while making things for the first time, but for your romantic dinner everything needs to be perfect.

Wear your best clothes

While planning romantic dinner for two, it is important that you both look good. Your dinner date is at home does not mean that you can dress anyhow. Put on your best dress as if you are going out with your partner. Take a quick shower, wear something that gives you a fresh look and not to forget to add some sensual perfume. If you are the one who has planned everything then your partner will definitely appreciate your efforts. Also, inform your partner to wear something good and this will perfectly romanticize the evening. For the perfect romantic dinner at home looking the best is an important part which one should never avoid.

Avoid distractions in your date

In order to plan romantic dinner for two it is very important that you get rid of all the distractions around. This will allow you both to enjoy your dinner date to the full. Mobile phones are the biggest distractions, hence keep both the phones switched off for some time. Also if you are at home does not mean to switch on the television as this will spoil the romance. Less the distractions, more you can talk and enjoying the evening.

With these tips for perfect romantic dinner you can make the night a wonderful and unforgettable memory. Cheer up! Together with your partner, have you own romantic dinner at home. Change is very important to keep your relationship alive. Hence, plan one dinner at home, other outside the city under the sky, on the beach and other places near you and try to change the location each time.

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