How to Talk Dirty to a Woman Over Text

September 11, 2021

Here are the best tricks and examples which will help you talk dirty to a woman and turn her on. You can use it to talk dirty over text or while making out.

talk dirty to a woman

Most men think about talking dirty but are never able to do it because they think they might come off as aggressive or a creep, and they would be right to think so but then again, let me ask you one thing what is it that you are willing to give to have a great love and sex life? And if the answer is anything, then dirty talking is just a thing that helps you get closer to your goal. I know that most girls you like are a prude, or so you think, but let me in on you a little secret “Everyone including girl like to talk dirty, all you have to do is find a way to do it,” and good news for you is that I am here to help you out to talk dirty to a woman.

Before I start telling you the entire process and take you to step by step on how to talk dirty to a girl, I would like to show you an example of how well talking dirty works sometimes.

Well, this scenario works for everyone, even if you both just met or you have been friends for a while, just not a spiritual one.

We were in a club and sitting next to each other and then she saw me and our eyes locked and then she started looking away, just anywhere in the room but at me which was a clear sign of attraction because if were creeping her out she would have walked away which she didn’t do. So then we started talking about something which wasn’t even as crucial as what was going in the background, like exchanging gazes in between and watching her smile when she caught me staring at her lower lips, letting her know what I was thinking, which made her nervous as her palms began sweating. Pupils expanded, and she started looking down.

Then suddenly, I took a strand of hair placing it on the back of her ear, and then slowly slid my hand on the side of her neck and slowly pulling her towards me as in wanting to kiss her and just at the last minute turned towards her ear and whispered “If we were alone right now, I would have put you against a wall, pulled your hair back and kissed you all over the neck while you rip my clothes off” as soon as I finished I saw her jaw drop a little. Her crossing her legs as in trying to control not giving, and then I grabbed her hand and gestured at the door, and she didn’t stop me. And the rest, you know, but my point is that all this because the guy in the scenario was not afraid to say what he wanted, and it worked for him just as it would work for you if you follow the process correctly.

Be Confident

Being confident is the first step to talk dirty to a woman without looking creepy. Here are some ways to appear confident and avoid making the mistakes that would make you come off as anything other than sure.

  1. Never just start talking dirty or sexual out of the blue because than you appear as overly aggressive and a little bit of pervert and hence you are automatically thrown in “Not Interested” pile without even proper consideration and that is just because you didn’t warm up to the dirty talk. So, start with a normal topic and then from there go in sexy talking.
  2. Secondly, you need to listen what she is saying because sometimes we are so nervous or so self absorbed that we don’t even bother listening to the girl and in the end when we start talking dirty we come off as insensitive prick which is far from confident sexy man.
  3. Lastly, never send out the brotherly or even friendly vibe to a girl you like because then when you start dirty talking it appears creepy. You should always be in the mood of dirty talking and even send out the proper vibes with your body language and in everything that you do so it is not that big shock that you said something dirty.

Mild dirty talking

The dirty talking process is like climbing a ladder; you can’t just get on the top without stepping on a few steps before. So, to start talking dirty with a girl, you need to lay the foundations first and gauge the acceptable level, begin with. So, now you have established that you both think dirty and like it, you can start to build this up. If you detect that you will be crossing a line at this point, take a step back and be friendly. Timing is crucial. If you feel you text is taking too long to progress, ask her out for a drink. Read our guide on how to ask a girl out for coffee.

Physical Touch

Never underestimate the power of touching because, after all, you are doing dirty talking to seduce a girl in which physical touch is your best weapon if done the right way. A good touch is when she doesn’t even notice you doing it, but eventually, she gets addicted to it. Start this with small things like playfully touching her on the arms while you crack some jokes and you are both laughing and take it from there. But remember never to go too far before she is ready and never go for the groping without testing the waters like holding hands in public and only after you have been with her intimately.

Intentional Hints

Intentional hints are the part of seduction when you have been dating her for some time and have made out with her at least once. This is where dirty talking can be of maximum use because you can suggest doing things dirty but covered with humor so she can laugh about it while thinking. So you see when you have been on a couple of dates and have made out with the girl. Even if you are thinking of going for the long haul, you still need to pass one significant threshold of doing the deed, so rather than feeling nervous about it and shying away from the topic, you can make it fun and enjoy the dirty talk and see how it helps you to seduce her and turns her on.

This can occur anywhere as you both are comfortable and trusting with each other, like when you were talking about something, anything. Then you grab her arm and then lean towards her ear and whisper, “Sophie, if we were alone right now, I’d be kissing you all over the neck and then slowly slide my hand to your hips and pull you closer to me and…” and then slide away from her and focus on her eyes and then smile and look out. You can suggest going someplace private or if that doesn’t seem favorable, take a leave for a nightcap or something like that, and sometimes if you are lucky, you won’t even have to suggest, she will take you by your hand.

Sneak Attacks

Sneak attacks are the things that can work for you like the most famous and ever working “No sex line” it almost always works because it intrigues the woman about their insecurities, and that is enough when you are the one who is assuring them that there is nothing wrong with them. These are different for different girls and only the person who spends time with these girls know about them like some girls are turned on when ticked and some by a nice foot rub, you know these are the things which can help you to sneak up on her and seduce her in a way that only you can.

Go All Out

Going all out and working all stops is what you do when you are so comfortable with each other in and out of bed. Till now, all you did was got the girl all worked up and make her horny that now all she can think about is you and the things she wants to do to you, and she is just inches away from ripping your clothes off and you from her. And then you touch her on the neck and kiss her (Tongue involved), and then you slowly slide your lips to her neck while kissing and then slowly start removing her clothes, and you know the rest. So, you know when you are comfortable on this level, you can start by letting her know how good it feels to be inside her and say things like “You feel so good baby,” and always remember to listen to what she is saying and make her moan just for the sake of your confidence and perhaps she says something which you can use later while talking or texting.

Talk dirty to a woman over text

Texting is a way to say that you can use any form of chatting, whether texting or social networking, anything that works for you. Using the latest technology, you can do almost anything, including the things I mentioned above in the steps, be confident, mild dirty, sexting, sneak attacks, and the works can happen in the text. But no matter how good texting is, always remember to meet the person to get that physical touch because nothing works better than that. You can use texting or, shall I say, sexting as a way of seduction, even using your pictures, which I strongly advise against, but if you are comfortable with then go for it. Just don’t get too needy and try to make physical contact as much as possible.

Using the tricks correctly to talk dirty to a woman can be a powerful seduction technique that everyone does not operate, but it is very effective. If you can master it, you see the things it can do for you in and out of bed and the secret behind its success is to keep them guessing and always leave them wanting more. So, use it wisely, or who am I kidding? Use it the way you want.

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