How To Stop Hating Your Ex

July 31, 2015

The best way to stop hating your ex is to first deal with inner emotions. Our tips will help to overcome and not to hate your ex girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife.

Not all breakups are equal. Some relationships and the way they end just cannot let us be friends with our former partner, while in some situations it impossible. But separating with the person who at some point we loved intensely can cause some emotional imbalances in us, so we share some tips for you to discover how to stop hating your ex and overcome all your grudges.

how to stop hating your ex

If can’t stop hating your ex means that you are still not mentally over that relationship and thus to move on you need to forget and erase him/her from your mind. Although it is not that easy, but with these tips you will definitely able to finally not hate your ex. Once the anger and hate in you is completely released, you will feel much lighter and happier. This will help you focus on different things in life, so there are lots of advantage to stop hating your ex. Below are some of those psychological tricks that will make it easier for you to clear the hate and anger in you.

A little hate is fine

It is not possible to completely forget someone and hence if you remember your ex and still have some hatred towards him is just fine. It is completely alright to keep a little anger for someone who betrayed you. But this anger should not be such that you aren’t able to focus anywhere. If your relationship has just ended then you will miss him at the same time hate him. In this point I want to just explain that if your relationship had ended very badly a little anger for him/her is not a problem. But don’t worry, the tips below will help you deal with this situation.

Stop any kind of interaction

The fact to not hate your ex requires a huge physical, emotional and mental energy. However the first step to achieve this goal is to stop any kind of contact with him/her. Don’t keep any of his gifts, images or chats. Delete everything that reminds you of your ex. Avoiding any kind of contact with him/her for a long time will automatically reduce the hate in you. Hence, to stop hating your ex the key is to give time to put the past behind and open up new opportunities.

Understand your breakup

Understanding is key for overcoming grudges against your ex-partner. We must understand that the relationship is between two and always two make mistakes. Blaming only one person means to escape our own responsibilities, while we are giving too much weight to the other person on our lives. Understand that you also have a share of responsibility between the separations, however small, helps reduce hatred towards your ex. If your ex cheated you for some girl/guy then instead of hating him/her you must be happy and thank God that he rescued you from a relationship with such a person.

Don’t hate others

Remember not to spread your hate for your own health and that of those around you. A relationship usually leaves friends in common and in some cases children, but it is important that these people associated with you and your ex do not know, at least so explicitly, about the hatred you feel about your ex. Maybe the anger in you wants to come out and hence you do all such things, but this is wrong. It is an intimate problem, not create disputes with others. Work internally over your anger to overcome it.

Forgiveness works

Decide to start your path to forgiveness as soon as possible, not because your ex deserves it, but because you deserve it. Once we forgive someone who has hurt us, we get relief, inner peace and offer us the opportunity to continue our life without dragging the problems of the past. Unless you are prepared to forgive, never attempt to put a pressure on yourself for forgiving your ex lover. Let some time go and in this time you will feel angry at him, but as times go he/she will automatically start to become less important to your life.

Don’t suppress your feelings

Its good remove all the hatred in you by sharing it with your best friend. Maybe your ex is guilty of many things, but do not let that make you lose your emotional balance. Talk with your loved ones or a specialist about this topic can help you find ways to let off steam and to overcome bitterness. Express all your anger over your ex with your friend and this will make you feel better from inside. Once and for all flush out all the bitter memory you have for your ex.

Explore what you like

Love yourself and work for your own happiness and personal satisfaction rather than sit at home and only hate your ex. Well you deserve, so you devote yourself time for doing things you love, exercise, recover that hobby you've been abandoned, for a change in your life like learning a new language, start a study or take that trip you've always wanted. Separations are always an opportunity to begin again and to grow and improve as individuals, to the extent that you concentrate on this to get gradually overcome hate towards your ex.

Wait to find love

Evaluate your concept about love and relationships. Many times we suffer when a relationship ends just because we had a great desire to go forever, because society has taught us that it should be. But the reality is that humans are very complex and that a union is not always destined to be forever.

We must rethink our view of love and relationships; it is not necessary to immediately fall in another relationship. Wait until you find someone who gives you a feeling of being loved which is important and necessary if you want to stop hating your ex.

If all these tips fail and feel that no matter what you do, do not get overcome hatred toward your ex, then the best suggestion is to visit a therapist. Sometimes we need to talk to people who know nothing about us or our past, they are completely out of everything to find the answers we seek.

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