How to Stop Thinking About Someone After Breakup

Find the best way to stop thinking about someone after breakup. These tips will help you not miss the guy or girl who broke your heart and hurt your feelings.

stop thinking about someone

If you just had a breakup then it is normal to miss that guy or girl, so don’t stress out much. However, if it has been months and you still cannot stop thinking then it can be a problem.

There are many who reach a point in life where they have to face this situation. Whether the person of your dreams turned out to be a person you never imagined, or with whom you had a relationship turned out he or she did not love you. They break your heart, it hurts and now you can’t get them out of your mind.

stop missing someone after breakup

Trying to not think is actually making you miss your guy/girl more. It is like the sultan’s tale that he was told that, to convert iron into gold, he should not think of a camel and therefore he could never make gold. But we are going to the closest thing in the field of possibilities to help you stop thinking about someone for whatever reasons. Let’s start.

Think why you cannot get it out of your head

Did that person break your heart and you think you can’t get anyone better than him/her? Is it the person you thought would be the love of your life, but he/she gave you the deepest wounds? Did you expect a lot from that person? Do you still hope to get him/her back? Once you identify this, the road will become easier. Sometimes we have a lot of expectations from someone, we dream of having children and getting older with them. Maybe you cannot get that person out of your head because you still hope to get him/her back. Once you make your decision to move on in life, it will be much easier for you to slowly forget about that person.

Accept the Pain

There are those who pretend that everything is fine and it does not hurt. Sooner or later it will manifest itself in other ways, and it will be much worse. It’s going to hurt, it’s normal that it hurts because you miss him/her, it’s healthy to accept it, and it’s going to be very unpleasant. You can choose to face it or run away, and if you run away it will overtake you.

Cry what you have to cry

Lock yourself for sometime to cry and just flush out the anger, frustration and negative feelings. Crying or expressing what you feel in public will only hurt you, your future, and even other people. Your heart may be broken, but the rest of you still have things to do, and for that you have to keep working in your environment. It’s what brings adulthood, the tantrum it is not for your age.

Stay away from social networks

Do not harass them, online or in real life. It is very tempting to “go through” their profile of any social network, which is not configured as private. You will never be able to overcome that person if you stalk their profile.
Whatever you post on the internet will stay there forever, even if you erase it. There are always people who take screenshots, or have access to logs, or are hunting and fishing publications of people at a bad time to share it. One of the disadvantages of social networks are the images of that someone on your wall will never let you forget and stop thinking about them. So for a few weeks, it is advisable to not use facebook.

Stay in the present

When someone breaks your heart, it is easy to begin to inquire into the “if I had.” It is impossible to see the possible consequences of what you did not do, so it is a useless exercise and it will hurt you. Do not think that you will stay single. Just get back to the normal you and someone more deserving will soon enter your life.

Do not encourage anger or revenge

Feeling angry, or thinking about intricate vengeful plans is normal. Seeing how you can put them into practice is not, and can bring you problems not only health, but justice. It hurts that he/she did not considered you valuable enough or good enough. Believe me that hurting them in anyway will not make you feel good. In fact it will not only hurt you more, but will also bring you more troubles. Never try to hurt that person, unless there is some kind of serious crime (robbery, rape, etc.), where you should denounce the fact as soon as possible. In such cases you should contact police instead of taking law in your hand.

Never spend your day without doing anything

Focus on your future. That person may have been (or would want to be) part of your life, but it is not your whole life. There are things you must do, things you want to do which you are not doing because that person is the only thing you think about. A mind with nothing to do is a mind that goes to the easiest subjects, among which will be this person. Take care in studying, in learning and in doing all that you said you would do when you had time. Now you have it.

If you are about to do something impulsive then wait ninety seconds. This is the period of time in which an emotion will reach its peak and will descend again, in most cases. Then think again about that person, and the situation in question that made you feel that way, related to him or her. You will have a clearer mind than before.

Seek help from friends, family or experts

And this is where friends, family and professionals come to the scene to help you stop thinking about someone after breakup. You are not the first person with a broken heart, and you will not be the last. Get help where you can, friends and family know how you feel, they love you and can help you. If your friends and family can’t help you then the best thing is to consult a psychologist. They have the experience on how to bring you out from this situation. They can prescribe you with certain medically proven tactics which will help you not think about that person.

Let some time pass

In life everything happens, and if time does not cure it, at least it will hurt less. No matter if you think it’s a good idea to throw a pit, punch him or hide in your house and never leave, life will continue. Time has the power to make any memory fade away, so simply let some time pass. Take advantage of all that energy to do things that you left behind (clean the house, take a course, etc.), and go on, one day at a time. Go for a trip or plan something with friends.

Five phases of breakup

It begins with denial (“it is a mistake, nothing happened, he/she will call”), it continues with anger (“how can he/she this do me? I hope he/she dies in absolute solitude!”), Then comes the negotiation I would have behaved differently, perhaps we would continue together “), depression (” I do not want to love anymore, not to go through this again “) and, finally, acceptance. Once you cross the depression phase, it is very important to accept that you both cannot be together anymore. Acceptance is very important to stop thinking about someone because here you come to a decision that your guy or girl will not come back and its time to move on in life.

Find a closure

Sometimes, obsessing over someone can come from not wanting to face certain situations. Maybe you have overlooked it, intentionally, and you want to convince yourself that it is not your case and that you have no problems. However, these problems will not disappear till you accept that you are missing that person. Yes, you are missing that someone, but you have accepted that this chapter of your life is over. Soon with time you will be able to stop thinking about that person.

If you wish to leave behind someone’s thoughts, try to take actions to close that stage of your life. Do not ignore that person or try to avoid thinking about that person. Allow yourself a couple of days of mourning, and then see what you can do to make it clear that it is water passed in your existence.

But do not expect it to happen immediately and during this time spend your time doing something productive. There are no shortcuts or tricks because to stop thinking about someone one may require patience and work. It may not happen today or tomorrow, but within few months it will happen definitely. Slowly with time that person’s memories will fade and it will not affect you anymore.

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