How To Talk To a Guy Over Text?

December 2, 2015

Find the best tips and flirting topics to talk to a guy over text. These tips will show you the right way of texting and attracting the guy you like.

talk to a guy over text

Let me guess you finally got the number of your crush but you don’t know what to talk about with him. If that is the case then you are at the right place. This article is all about what and how to talk to a guy over text. First of all let me just tell you that being impressive in person was hard enough and now we even have to be perfect over text to keep him interested. Well we can either be sad about it or use it to our advantage and get our crush to chase us instead of other way around. So if you are in than let’s start with mastering the art of texting, shall we.

Before we move ahead let me just make it clear, texting can be the best thing that ever happened to you if you know how to use it. Flirting with a guy over text is a lot fun without any harm all you need to know is the right way to do it and what to avoid. Once you decide what you want from this guy, you can make him do anything right from making him fall in love with you to getting him sexually attracted towards you.

Just remember the most important thing about texting is to avoid appearing desperate like you are doing all the work because when a guy knows you like him then he is not going to put in much effort and may take you for granted. So, always make it appear like he is the one who want to talk to you or seduce you and you will see how much fun texting can be with a guy.

Now the next time you pick up your phone and start texting your crush, remember the following tips to talk to a guy over text as it will make your crush crazy about you and he will end up chasing you instead of you chasing him.

Start Smoothly

Starting a conversation is often what we think about because we don’t want to come off as a desperate person but sometimes I think we over think it. The starting is supposed to be the easy part where all you have to do is send him a message which he can reply to, that’s all. So if you want you can start be texting him asking a question or asking an opinion on something because guys always have an opinion on everything and so he will definitely reply.

And secondly if you are confused what to ask then you can use the second method which is a compliment him. If you tell a guy you remembered him, then it’s a compliment and a huge ego boost for him and so he’ll immediately response with at least a thank you text which can now you can build a conversation on. Now don’t think too much on these compliments and question it can be anything from “I like your facebook status” to “How did the party last night went?”

Personalize Your Texts

You have to talk to a guy while texting like you are sitting next to each other and having this conversation so try to personalize your message or at least make it seem like it. This can be done by the use of smiley faces and emoticons. Because this lets the guy know how you feel if the text doesn’t make it clear and secondly these things can also be used as a way to make him laugh because if you make him laugh a little then he will try to make you laugh too which ends up him chasing you and that is our final goal.

One other thing that you can use other than emoticons and smiley faces is to use him name while texting. As doing this will make it seem more personal and intimate. Use him name after every few text especially when you are trying to compliment him over something. If you do this properly than he will start liking you more. More importantly if you have a pet name for him then make sure you use it too as it can become like an inside joke.

Arouse Him Discreetly

Don’t try to text naughty with a guy directly instead make him ask the questions. You can do that by giving him something to think about by telling him what you’re doing when he asks, but try texting something personal and intimate like “Going to take a shower” or Trying on some new clothes”, etc. Make him think dirty without really talking dirty. It’s the best way to make him feel aroused and then flirt with him without making it obvious that you’re the one who initiated the flirty and naughty texts. Once that is done you can flirt with him all you want and he may think that he is getting somewhere with you.

Be Mysterious

Don’t try to explain yourself for every statement you are making as it is better to keep something a mystery. It’ll leave him creating his own stories and trying to make sense of it in his head. And if he didn’t understand what you said then he might try to confirm what he think you said especially when you are being flirty, then don’t try to explain instead change the topic to something else or ask him another question. Sometimes it’s better to leave him confused rather than clearing it up as it tends to make him think about you even after you have stopped texting. This is the best way to talk to a guy over text and prolong the conversation to make him work hard for your approval and he’ll pursue you even more.

Flirt Discreetly

Flirting is a very important part when talking to a guy over text Try not to make it obvious when you flirt with him because then he’ll think you’re too easy and he might lose interest and leave you to do all the hard work of flirting. Instead make him talk dirty by giving him opportunities to talk dirty, but never initiate flirting yourself. If you give him opportunities to flirt then he’ll thing that he is getting lucky or being smooth while texting you when in reality you’re the one who is pulling the strings all along. It’ll make him fall for you even more so just wait for it and keep providing him with openings.

Compliment Him

Try to compliment him every once in a while. Guys love all the attention and praises from girls. When you compliment him about how gentle he is or how much of a sweetheart he is, then he’ll try even harder to impress you by doing something nice for you. But don’t compliment him way too much because that will give his ego a boost which might not be good for you and don’t compliment him all the time because then it will lose it’s worth.

Don’t Seem Desperate

Don’t try too hard because it would make you look desperate when you talk to a guy over text. Guys can see through when you are trying to much. If you ask him out like “there’s a new movie in town, want to go?” or any other way then he will lose interest in you and give up chase, especially if he knows that you like him. Never ask him out for dinner or movies unless you are certain that he is into you. Instead try making him ask you out by saying “there is this great restaurant where ____ is amazing” Give him opening to ask you out and he will most certainly ask you and when he is the one who asked he will make every effort to make you feel comfortable when you say yes.

Avoid Last Minute Plans

Don’t ask him to meet you all the time. Sometime girls text in a line asking him to join you for coffee right away. And if you are lucky he may even come along just to be with you, but avoid making last minute plans like these because after a while it might piss him off and he may not come. You should not treat him like a dog even if he is one unless you know that he is free and have all the time in the world which he would rather spend with you then watching TV. Flirt with him all you want but don’t ask him out on the last minute unless he is the one who say that he would like to join you.

Don’t Be Too Clingy

If you text him once and he is not responding on time then leave it at that. Don’t even think about texting him something else just to get a response from him. If he is not responding then it might be because he is busy or not interested in talking right now. Give him some space and stop trying to be pushy. If he likes you and wants to talk to you then he would text you back instantly unless he is really busy or he hasn’t seen the text.

Leave Him Wanting More

Never drag the conversation until it becomes boring for either of you, instead cut it short and leave him wanting more. End the conversation or change the topic if you think it is going in the wrong direction or just got boring. Try making an excuse and tell him that you will text him later. If you really want to flirt with a guy over text then you need to keep it interesting because even if it gets a little boring then you must stop and let him know that you will text back later. Because leaving the conversation at a high point ensure that he’ll not lose interest in you after a while and it also leave the thinking about you after you have stopped texting.

Remember these tips on how to talk to a guy over text in mind for the next time you pick up a phone and want to talk to a guy. If you do it properly then it’ll make the guy fall for you even more and make talking and flirting with a guy a lot easier for you.

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