How To Tell a Girl You Like Her

March 2, 2016

Find the best way to tell a girl you like her in person as well as over text in your school or at work. Learn the approach to make a girl fall in love.

How to tell a girl You Like her

One of the most complicated things that a boy or a man has to do at least once in his life is to tell a girl you like her. It is not that hard if you know she likes you and she said so but if you are the first one to confess as it should be then there is the mumbling, the anticipation of the response and worst of them the fear of rejection which all makes it very complicated. But if you know how to do perfectly and get the response in your favor, most of the time then you are blessed and hence to make you feel blessed here are some tips that can help you, in case you decide to go for it.

First Impression

“First impression is the last impression” surely you must have heard this quote and more often than not, this quote is true to its words. In order to leave a good first impression you need to remember the three things, that is, to be confident, be gentle and make her smile.

Be Confident:

Confidence is a state of mind in which you can even attain the impossible. Hence, it’s important to be confident before approaching a woman that you like but remember not to be over confident. But for some people being confidence does not come easy and so here are some tips which can help you appear confident and even help you boost your confidence. First is to dress nicely no matter what, always be dressed properly whether you are going out for a walk or going to work always be in proper attire because you never know who you might run into. Second, before even thinking about approaching a woman make sure you are not stinking so just apply some deodorant or some light perfume if you are going out but never the strong ones because they can cause head ache to some people and you don’t want your crush to get a head ache before you even start talking to her do you? And last but not least make sure to brush your teeth and comb your hair because as it should never feel like you have just woken up, even when you have just woken up, do you understand?

Be Gentle:

Being Gentle never gets old because there are lots of asses out there who just think about what they want and not the other way around so if you are gentle than it sets you apart from all the bums and improves your chances. Being gentle doesn’t always means to be her slave it just means to speak and appear in a certain manner that she is not afraid to speak her peace and is willing to listen to your side as well. And it also includes all the old fashion things which still works like never approach a woman from behind if you don’t know her instead make sure she know that you are walking towards her so she gets a chance to walk away if she is not interested and you don’t get humiliated in front of everyone. You can do this by either smiling at her once or twice and then walk towards her. Other than this it is always better to pay the bill, get the door and pull her chair because it makes them feel special.

Make her smile:

If you really want to leave a good first impression then make sure to make her smile as much as you can when you talk to her, because no one ever forgets a good laugh. There are many ways this can happen but the best and the safest way is to do this is by complimenting her. I know a guy who complimented her with a little bit of humor and got the girls digits in minutes on the way out of the club. You can tease her with compliments; you can question her in a way of compliment or do almost anything to make her smile. Sometimes just listening to them talk about something that they are passionate about is the way to go but no matter what never insult them about their passion or their looks. Don’t take me wrong because that would definitely leave the impression just not a good one.

Establish Personal Connection

Before you tell a girl you like her and to know her response you need to make sure that you establish some personal connection with her. Let me just say this if she gave you her number then this means that she is interested in hearing from you again and she enjoyed your last meeting so we need to maintain that impression so that you two can bond on the personal level. This personal level does not means that you two have to share all your dark and deepest secrets it just means that you two should get to know each other’s habits good and some silly ones, your likings and irritations, the things you both have in common.

This personal connection can start with text messages, initially once a day and after three or four day twice a day and then all the time and can later turn into calling each other all the time but in the end you cannot have that special bond until you both meet and start to hang out together. So remember, just don’t be stuck on your cell phone all the time instead try to ask her to meet with you, start with some movie and then ask her out for coffee and see how she responds. Because once she is comfortable going out with you in public then you have her trust and all the great relationships are based on trust.

Join her Social Circle

Well if you have her trust then she is more likely to introduce you to some of her close friends or colleague, girls are like that. But it would be better if you leave a good impression on them too, so they can tease her later about you because nothing makes a girl think about you the way her friends can. And once you are comfortable enough with her friends that they ask you to come along to hang out or to some party then know that you are doing fine. And if you want you can do the same with her by introducing her with some of your friends but always know that there are some risks as well like what happens if she likes one of your friend and he ask her out. So it is better to tell her that you like her and once you have been on a couple of dates together then only introduce her to your friends. If for some reason that does not happen then it is better that all your friends know that you like her so they remember to keep their distance, if you know what I mean. This step will increase your chances of success when you tell a girl you like her and her responsive will be positive.

Drop Some Hints

Before telling her anything it is better to drop some hints about it to get some traction on how she is going to respond. In this case body language and flirting is the biggest give away because if you were controlling your body language till now so that she does not suspect anything then you can stop now and on the other hand you can talk to her about some movie which resemble your scenario on how you liked it and ask her how would she feel if something like that happens to her and notice the ways she answers because there might be some signs there. Secondly, just to get the final traction try asking her out on a coffee or dinner just like you always have instead say it like you are asking her out on a date something like “Would you like to go for coffee date with me?” Say the “date” word very quietly just enough for her to listen but slow enough that you can take back the word. And if she says yes in general then you can make sure if she had heard the word or not but if she says no then you can take back the word and you know her response so just take it gracefully because there are plenty of girls out there. When you tell a girl you like her, it should not come as a surprise to her. Instead with your hints she already had doubt that you are interested in her.

Use texts

Nowadays, everything is digital so even these steps can be carried out digitally like if you have met her on some social networking site and you two have now started to chat but you don’t how to tell her that you like her you must follow all the steps given above in the digital world. Texting has become very important for setting up a personal connection and making someone line you. So, now we have to make her laugh the same way you do in real life by complimenting her, flirting and humor that you think would make her smile. Once you two have bonded a bit then try to find some common things to talk about like favorite movie or novel or anything that you two have in common. If you are planning to tell a girl you like her over text then my advice is to drop this idea. Texts and chatting is for leaving hints in your message every once in a while like say text her “I like you” and try to flirt with her in a humorous way.

Express your feelings

If you have successfully tried the date method then you know that she likes you and you don’t have to worry about anything rather plan on how you want to say it whether with some flowers or with some chocolates or both. But if you haven’t tried the date method or for some other reason you don’t know what her response is going to be then too you have to go for it because you never know when someone else might enter her life. I would say you must stop thinking and just say it but if you are too scared to say it on the face then you might try texting her but I would always recommend to say it face to face and privately where there is no one else, so she can also respond freely and you can also say it properly without the fear of interruption.

Just stay very confident and display a nice personality around her and her friends, get to know more about her, drop hints and finally say what you feel for her.

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