How To Tell a Guy You Like Him

February 27, 2016

Learn how to tell a guy you like him indirectly without actually saying it. These cute ways will help to express your feelings over text and in person without scaring him off.

How to tell a guy you like him

“If you like him, then just tell him.” How many of us have heard this advice from our friends over the year but never had enough guts to go for it. No worries, here is a solution for you which will help you build enough confidence that you will be able to tell a guy you like him and if done properly he will say it in return too.

Make Contact

Make contact part is all about you getting in his radar before you tell him that you like him. This is important because anyone would be pretty confused if someone suddenly out of the blue comes out and tell them that they like them and so this is just for him to know that you exist and you know that he exist. This can be done by simply smiling at him or by just wishing him “Good Morning” or something like that every now and then. Another way of doing this would be to make him come to you which can done by being appreciative of yourself and getting to dressed properly and make sure you look beautiful before going out. Sometimes just laughing and having fun among friends is what attracts the guy, something worth trying, don’t you think?

Body Language

This technique is best to tell a guy you like him without actually saying it. You just give some hints to make him think about you. Once the guy knows you exist then it can be easy to drop some visual hints with the help of body language to attract him towards yourself and maybe even ask him out. First thing for you is to make him come near you by seeming approachable via body language which can be done by smiling when he is looking at you and when he sees you make eye contact and continue smiling. Simply maintain eye contact for a while and then look away for a second or so, maybe on the ground or someplace else, but not in your phone or at any other guy and then make eye contact again.

Do this couple of times till he gets the message and he comes and talks to you but in case he doesn’t come to talk to you but is smiling and making eye contact with you then you go ahead and talk to him. Now comes the second thing, which is when you talk to him don’t look away, look at his face particularly in the eye and if you are sitting then cross your legs in his direction and not away from him but not at him and when standing then face him and not away from him. Third and the classic one is to play with your hair when you are talking to him and then smile and look away when he is looking at you just to show that you feel shy.

Spice it up

Spice it up means to tease and to flirt and to be happy to have found someone you like. This is the enjoyment step when you are comfortable enough with a guy to tease him about something and to flirt with him and use multi meaning sentences just enough to have a good laugh and to allow him to open up. Some people reach this step in the first meeting and for others it takes a while but you are entitled to your way of life. But remember flirting should be fun and not something that you feel pressured to do so just remember to have fun and not be too uptight and controlled about it just loosen up a little.

Calling and Texting

If you were going in the right direction then you must have exchanged your contact details and so now starts the texting and calling process. In this section you will learn how to tell a guy you like him over text. Start with the texting and in the initial text mention your name just for him to remember and then wait for the reply do not text again and again because that might irritate him. Wait for him to text back and once you do start with the casual chats then include what fun you had when you met the last time and take it from there. After the initial texting introduction and all take it to the flirting and double meaning messages and then halt and always leave the chat on an upbeat mode and not when it is dying down. Secondly after a while of texting it is okay if you call him if he doesn’t do it first but only after you have chatted with him more than a couple of times and do the same when you are talking on the call. Remember calling is better than texting and face to face talking is better than calling so try to ask him to hangout casually if you feel like it or maybe even on a date.

Casual Hangouts

Casual Hangouts is one way to get close to him and the more time you two spend together, more the chances of him asking you out. Just drop some hints about some cool places you would like to go like say, there is cool band in town you have the tickets or some party you know or something of that sort. Casual hangouts is where you get to talk to the guy and break the ice on emotional shyness between you two and if even that doesn’t work in your favor then you must take the next step which is to break this hypothetical physical shyness bond by touching him casually on the forearms or something of that sort.

Make Physical Contact

Make it a little bit physical is to say to remove the shyness you feel when you touch him or when he touches you. Sometimes when two people are attracted to each other but are reluctant to accept it or are waiting for some hints then you must break the physical barrier and make him feel more comfortable around you by simply touching on his laps when sitting near you or by doing high-fives or simply shaking hands with him once in a while. Some guys are dumb so they don’t even get the message after physical contact but some guys can be dangerous as well because they take this little attraction as the wrong message and try to get too close so just be careful. However, small physical contacts can definitely give a hint and later it will be much easier to tell a guy you like him without scaring him off.

Make it Personal

Making it personal means to get personally involved with this guy and to share some things with him that you wouldn’t normally with other guys so that you may make a special bond with him and then you take it from there. This can very well be that you two have some secret like you bunked some classes or you did something together which can be fun and thrilling, something that you both can enjoy. Once you have passed the physical and emotional barrier which in this case is to have make physical contact and when you make it personal you have passed the emotional barrier as well and then too if a guy hasn’t asked you out then it’s time to take matter into your own hands and just go for it.

Just Go For It

Well sometimes guys just can’t take a hint so you just have to go for it and just say that you like him but in an effective kind of way. So, if you are sure like 90% sure that he likes you too then you should just tell him directly no beating around the bushes anymore. Like say, if you have had one or two casual hangouts with him then you can start with “Do you want to go to that Chinese restaurant?” and if the answer comes as yes then say “Like on a date?” and then give him the best smile you possibly can and play with your hair too if you like and just wait for him to say yes and you’ve got a date. Well, this is just one example of how you can broach the subject there are many other ways to tell him as well.

Today in the days of technology some of the relationships start on social networking sites and if yours is one of them then you can try arranging to meet like a casual friend if the guy lives nearby but incase he doesn’t and you still like him a lot then you may start flirting with him using some emoticons and some flirty messages and see if he flirts back.

If you both have started chatting regularly then you must know that he is interested in you as well because he is replying back to you and no guy ever replies to a girl he doesn’t like so, you are in the clear and you can just say directly that you like him. You can try hinting him with complementing him and then you can ask him to “facetime” or “skype” or any other video chat with him and just say it and be direct about it like “I kind of like you” and send a cute emoticon with it as well and then wait for the reply. But always be careful about internet dating because there lot of creeps out there.

Lastly I would like to say that even though you tried everything it does not guarantee that the answer is going to be positive so you must be ready to take a hint as well because sometimes we can get too needy as well and no one likes that. So just take it nicely when a guy says no and just go for the other guy because it’s his loss and there are plenty of intelligent hot guys out there unlike this loser.

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