How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

August 16, 2015

Find the most common signs to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you. These tips will help you catch and find out if your guy is cheating in a relationship.

how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you

Do you notice that something has changed in your relationship? Do you suspect that something is wrong with your boyfriend? It may be that you are getting to know is his other side and therefore it is different. You also might just be going through a difficult time thinking whether your guy is cheating or you? Anyway, the main thing is to communicate with your partner but if you've tried and still the situation remains the same may be there is something he is hiding. We show you how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you. These tips and signs are some of the most common to know if your partner is cheating on you.

First communicate with him

If you think something is changing in your relationship then it is essential to talk with your boyfriend. To have a healthy, confident and transparent relationship it is important to communicate with your guy without any bluff and express your concerns and questions that he may better understand. However, if despite everything you perceive that something is wrong with your boyfriend, you can pay attention to some signs that may tell you if your boyfriend is cheating on you and about the change in attitude if it is due to another girl in his life.

Is he angry with you

One of the signs that may indicate the strange or different behavior from your boyfriend may be because he is angry with you. Either you are not giving time to him or you are not providing him space. If he's been wanting to spend time with you and you are always busy with your friends or family than this can make him frustrated. Think about your relationship and answer these questions. How long have you felt the difference in his behavior? How long you have not enjoyed dinner, movies or a romantic evening? If the answer is long, we advise you to work on your relationship and your boyfriend will propose different fun plans with you. A good conversation can get you know what is the problem with him.

Signs your guy is cheating on you

  1. If he has not been talking to you properly for long and he is also lost interest to kiss you then this is a sign that he has a new girl in life. It indicates that he is more distant than usual and this may be because he is cheating you. But be careful with this, everyone can pass through a bad time or be more distracted and obsessed with someone, so it is essential that we try to communicate with him to understand what is happening.
  2. The mobile can also be a true indicator to know if he is cheating on you. The reason is that if you see him hiding his mobile while texting or walking away from you while talking or taking long pauses when you are near then it can indicate he is hiding something. It is very rare when a person is quiet on phone or moving away for texting. If he is over protecting his mobile or PC with new password that he does not want you to know. It is because he has something to hide. So if your boyfriend has an unhealthy phone fever that is not usual for him, it may be that he is getting to know another person.
  3. Another obvious way of knowing whether your boyfriend likes other girl is to check whether physical intimacy between you has gone down. And I am not talking only about sex, but if you see no hugs, no kisses or any kind of love gesture it is because something is changing. With this sign I want to tell you to be careful because all the couples who notice a sudden loss of love and passion in a relationship is because one of the partner may have lost interest or maybe he is interested in a new girl/guy.
  4. When someone is interested in other person then they start to arrange more, to pay attention to thier clothes, hair, body, and so on. If he takes care of his look, started going to gym and shops for new clothes, then be attentive as it could be a sign that he is trying to impress someone. So if you see your boyfriend lately is fixing more than usual or starts to care for no apparent reason it may be because he is seeking to please someone else and feel attractive in the eyes of another girl. We're not saying that this is a definite sign, but it is true that if you notice anything different in him and suddenly your boyfriend begins to care too much, it is likely that something is not going well.

    If before he never had worried about going to the gym, getting in shape or improve his appearance and suddenly begin to do and also the same time he is showing a rude attitude and less love towards you then it can be a close sign to tell that your boyfriend may be cheating on you.

  5. When a person begins cheating in a relationship, it's natural that he may lie for small things that are apparently unimportant. For example, instead of saying that he was with the new girl, he may say that I was at work. Instead of telling that he had gone to take a beer with her, he will say he had gone to the gym or with friend and so on. These "white lies" are said because he knows he is doing something wrong, so a white lie is invented so you do not suspect anything.

    But as the saying goes "It is easier to catch a liar than a lame dog ", so if you get it in different lies they may be for something specific like he meets her. The time share with you begins to decrease, more and more hours spent working outside in meetings and traveling for special projects in office are common reasons men make while they are cheating.

  6. His mood is modified and is also more irritable and aggressive. This is because he does not feel good about you anymore. He is showing disrespect to you and usually shows his anger over small issues. This is a not just a sign of cheating, but it also indicates that your boyfriend is disturbed over something, maybe he also thinks that same that you are cheating on him. It is important to talk to him, express your doubts and try to understand what is happening between you two.

Be sure before accusing

It always happens that when a woman thinks that his boyfriend is cheating, this issue leads to daily fight between the two. So it is important to be 100% sure before making the conclusion and making him a cheater. Do whatever you want, check his phone for texts or follow him someday. Despite it is wrong, but it will help you be sure whether he is a cheater or not. Many relationship end for the reason that one partner assumes other to be cheating that imbalances the relationship and leads to a breakup. So instead of over thinking take any step to get your answer.

Finally, any signs above cannot justify or guarantee that your boyfriend is cheating on you. It can be guaranteed when you catch him or he tells you. However if you notice these signs in your relationship then it is for sure that the relationship is not going in the right direction and thus you need to take a step to make it run with love and happiness and if you have tried everything and there is no change then breakup with him.

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