How To Write a Great Online Dating Profile

September 17, 2015

Learn how to write a great online dating profile and find a loving man or woman. These examples help to make a good profile with the right image and content.

write a online dating profile

In the online dating world, your profile is a very important aspect that provides you with the best matches you want. But did you ever stop to think about what to write and if your own profile is attractive? If you want to have success with online dating, spend a while. Creating your profile is a chance to meet someone special and also to define what you want in a partner and what you expect of love. In this post, we will discuss how to write an online dating profile with which you find a loving partner online. Something that is not so easy! However, complete reading all sections and will help you do self-examination and have clear ideas for creating a great dating profile.

What kind of person do you want to know?

First, think about what kind of man or woman you want to attract and enter your profile bearing in mind your goal. It is your description, so do not hesitate to ask for exactly what you want. Consider what kind of man or woman you are looking, what you like about them, what is negotiable and what is not. For example, specify the age range for your partner, he/she should not be married or divorced, etc. Also, add your own rules to make it clear that you will not answer profiles without photos. And I stick to it.

In this way, you create a filter that will help you not waste time. Yes, you may be flattering to see flooded with messages at first (if you are a woman), and for guys send messages to profiles you like. So you save time and energy if you stick to your own rules. With a clear description of what you want to write, you avoid people who are not a good match. The best part of this is you will approach and get approached by people who you like and this increases your chances to meet a suitable partner.

What to put in your profile

Concentrate on creating an attractive and genuine profile. To write an online dating profile the right description is important. Dating profiles are created with just two things, the content you write and the pictures you add of yourself. Here are some tips for the type of images to add and the description to write.

Your profile photo:

It is important that you add your true and very recent picture. Posting old images can create misunderstanding and hence take two or three recent clicks and upload it to your profile. Men are visual, but also curious by nature, one or two pictures are enough to awaken them to want more. Women like honesty, so guys don’t alter your images with any software and post two or three recent images. Here are some tips for posting the right image for your profile.

  1. Take a current image of you with the tasks that you like. If you have a dog, you can take a pic and post it. Post an image that suits your personality and the one you like.
  2. For girls, it is important that you don’t add a profile picture of yourself in a bikini. By doing this you are making the other guys feel that you are trying to look sexy. Paradoxically, this will convey and create your image of a frivolous and insecure woman.
  3. For guys, it is important that you don’t flaunt your muscles or show your wealth. I suppose you have gone bald yesterday, then post this recent image. If there is any major change in your looks it is important to upload this current image to show yourself to be a true guy.
  4. Make sure that in your profile picture there is no other friend of yours. It should be an image of only yourself.

Your profile description:

To write an online dating profile you should sound positive and at the same time make someone want you. You should sound as if you are looking for true love, but you are not desperate to find a partner. Here are a few tips for writing a great piece of content for your online dating profile.

  1. Always write your content in a positive way and talk about your virtues, your tastes, what you do, etc. Enter the information to the extent to where you feel comfortable. In online dating, it is advised that you don’t leak your complete information.
  2. Mention your hobbies or what you like to do if it is important for you then the man or woman in your life should understand them or share them.
  3. You do not have to say where you work, but you can enter your profession if you want. If you are divorced or have any other details that make you feel uncomfortable (such as weight or height) don’t share them. Think how extremely insecure you will look like to those who read your posts if you put something like "I am physically very little". But it is important to reveal this to the guy or girl about divorce or if you have children etc. when you start to chat with each other.
  4. Make sure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors because it makes the person switch to another profile.
  5. This tip is for guys, don’t brag and write about the money, cars, watches, etc. whatever you have.
  6. For a woman, it is important that you don’t sound demanding. I have seen a profile where a woman writes that if the guy has a $500k+ salary then contact. This can actually make you look like a gold digger.

What you want

Use this opportunity to get to the point. Explain what you want in a man or woman, in general terms. Mention anything that is important to you. For example, if you do not want men or women with children to contact you. Do not worry to be too rigid, because you can always make an exception at a given moment. Avoid sarcasm. It is a very unattractive behavior in anyone, but especially anti-sexy for men. Also avoid timidity, submission, excessive humility. If you fall into that, your partner will not respect you as an equal. You should also write if you are looking for a serious relationship or not. Have a clear goal of what kind of partner you want.

Your online dating profile is complete

Try to sum up all the information in less than 500 words. If you are a woman then you will receive many invitations, but remember that you should reply to them all. Make two message templates, one for the guys to whom you don’t like, write to thank them for their attention, and wish them luck with other girls, it always pays to be nice to people, bad manners and poor behavior can come back to bite you in the future. They get the message and you will not accumulate negativity.

And the other template for the guys that interest you. Guys usually receive very few messages and hence you will have to contact a few girls you like. Whether you contact or someone contacts you, the profile you have created will make a great first impression on the person. So finally I hope you have learned to write an online dating profile.

If you find a man or a woman who interests you then decide if you feel comfortable before sharing your contact details or if you prefer to wait a little longer, initially just talk on skype or another method that isn't traceable.

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