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How to Impress a Boy on Chat

Learn the rights tricks to impress a boy on chat and make him interested in you. These chatting tips will attract him and make you run in his mind.

impress a boy chat

If you just met someone special and you want to start a beautiful love story with him, congratulations. You must enjoy and take all your weapons of seduction to make him attracted towards you. You can use chats and text messages to impress the person you like. In this tutorial you will learn the art to impress a boy on chat with whatsapp or any other app like facebook messenger. Try to know from the beginning that you are a woman who knows what she wants. You need to use the techniques of flirting and seduction subtly while chatting to impress him.

Play hard to not look desperate

Yes, you can look desperate while chatting. Like suppose you are texting too much to the guy and he isn’t replying or replying too late. If you have just received the message do not answer so fast, good things happens to those who wait. Calm down and take your time to think about what you answer. Moreover, just you’ll look busy and you do think about why you take so long to speak, you’ll keep aware of your answer.

Sometimes you can reply him late and say that you were busy with something. You need to play hard, because guys won’t pay attention to women who are easy to catch. You can even surprise him sometimes with your texts. Send a text message when you know that he is in a meeting, surely he does not expect the interrupt.

Write short

Surveys have shown that long texts are boring to both guys and girls. Whatever the type of messages or application you use (normal text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or BlackBerry Messenger), do not write an essay, you will not want to bore him! Write a short message that can be funny with few characters, tantalizing and mysterious. This is very important point to remember to impress a boy on chat.

Use of emoticons and pictures

Regarding emoticons, it seems to give a nice touch to the conversation. The choice is yours, either begins with a mischievous smile or use it at the end of the text. Don’t use them in each and every message, but you can use it many times while chatting with him. The advantage of using such emoticons in your chat is that it makes the tone of your text much understandable. Like whether you are joking, angry, happy or bored. At times it is difficult to know whether the message is just a joke or you are serious. Your joke followed by a winking face will make your guy understand that you are simply messing with him. You can also include pictures and animated gifs for making your chat interesting. These pictures and animated gifs can also be used to tease your crush and make your conversation playful.

Flirt with your guy

New technologies have invaded all our lives and now we send messages or talk on the phone much more than what we communicate in person. We are continually glued to the mobile phone, especially since there are data rates and applications such as Whatsapp, social networks and other messengers on mobile which make it possible to continuously communicate with others. Therefore, for almost everything we used to do in person, now we use mobile and that includes flirting or seducing a guy. Although each have our personality and write in one way or another, here are the fundamental secrets keys to flirt and impress a boy on chat. First of all you should keep in mind that for a girl it is important not look easy to get, you should subtly flirt with him and play hard. Click here to get detail tips flirting over chat and text.

Tips to remember while chatting

  1. First and foremost is to consider whether you should send messages to this hot guy. If you have just had an appointment with him maybe it is not the best thing because you do not know how he will react. In case you’ve already had several chats and know that you may like this game or if you brought with him a long time, go ahead.
  2. Making use of his name as you are chatting with him. This tends to make the chat of significantly personalized as well as special and passionate. After some intervals, implement his name in your messages at times whenever you’re expressing anything flattering or maybe sweet .
  3. You met him and exchanged numbers, but he is not replying. In this case you can start, but it is important not to do an ordinary or vulgar manner, but the first message should be something suggestive, ambiguous … Thus, once you have the answer, you know what the line you will follow.
  4. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. If you are not able to write a message too explicit, it is preferable to send a photo from somewhere, or something you know that you will bring intimate connotations.
  5. Dare yourself! Certainly it gives very good results and also already opens the way so you know what he like and what you have to do.
  6. If you want to impress a boy on chat then do not put in messages vulgar or offensive words, because they can break the magic being created among you.
  7. Keep in mind always the other person when sending these messages. Eroticism is about two and if he does not respond or does not enter the game, is better to quit.
  8. Refrain from sending these messages when you are drunk, as surely come the next morning regrets.
  9. Put them into practice and see how you manage to put your feet, whether it be a guy that you’re starting out or your partner a long time ago. Take the message to start preparing subsequent meetings and, if he will continue the game, so eager to see you will have to be unforgettable.
  10. Don’t pull your chat for too long. Never let your chatting session bore either of you . Abort it or possibly you should think about anything to say that keeps it interesting. It is best that you don’t pull it for too long and end the excitement at once.

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