How To Make a Move On a Girl

February 10, 2017

Find the best way to make a move on a girl you like in person or over text who maybe your friend or someone random at a party. These tips will help you with your first move without being awkward or creepy.

make a move on a girl

Making a move on a girl is like making any decision in your life, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Some of us think that some guys are luckier than we are, but that is not true. In reality, this guy you think is random has built up enough confidence by chatting with any girl he liked. Now, he is not scared of rejection like you. And if you want that, you need to get out there too because practice makes men perfect. This is just as true here as it is in any other aspect of life. And to give you a bit of a head start, here are some things you may like to know before going out there to make a move on a girl.

Set a Goal

I don't think it's that complicated to understand. It just means what your expectations are for the efforts you are going to make. In this scenario, if you are a beginner, then your first goal should be having a simple conversation with the girl. What is your purpose here? Only you can decide that. Do you want to make out with a girl or do you want her number? Do you want another date, or do you like that?

This way, you can avoid awkward moments and make your move when the opportunity appears. If you are planning on another date, you should chat with her accordingly and not like you are just looking for a fun time. Setting a goal is good, and it works because you know what's your endgame is. This helps when you move on a girl as you learn to what extent you can improvise.

Appearances First

We don't make a move on a stranger because of their personality; we do it because of their appearances. If you like a girl solely on her appearance, then it won't do the same to you. So, believe it or not, appearance does come first. This is to tell you that when you are thinking about approaching and making a move on a girl, the first thing to do should have a proper appearance.

This doesn't mean that you have to buy expensive clothes or accessories. It just means that you should have a clean face and follow proper hygiene like combed hair, cut nails, and more. As for clothes, it doesn't have to be expensive, just presentable not worn out, torn or wrinkled. Apart from this, wear proper polished and clean shoes, and that's it. All this makes you appear appropriate for your goal. Lastly, it would help if you remembered that nothing you wear is more important than your smile. So, please don't lose it no matter what.

Watch Out for Clues

As soon as you enter a room, you throw out some cues or hints about your motives. This is to mentally prepare the girl that you are about to approach her. Also, this increases your success rate when you make a move on a girl you like. Now, this is an all-natural human instinct, so why not use it to get us one step closer to our goal. Firstly, there are two ways that a person gives out cues like verbal cues and visual cues. Verbal cues are easy as it depends on what a person is saying, and you don't have to interpret it deeply. But, on the other hand, visual cues are a bit tricky because it's all about body language. So, to help you out in this cause, here are some verbal and visual cues you need to watch out for.

Verbal Cues:

Verbal cues are easy to pick up on once you know what to listen for. Now, this too is different depending on how much you know the girl. If you both are friends or even know each other, then the thing you need to look out for is how much time she spends talking with you. And if you are a stranger, you need to watch out if she makes small open-ended talks. Like, my battery is too low, my order is taking too much time, or anything similar, which she can deflect as talking to herself when asked. , So see, these are verbal cues that a girl sends so that you start talking to her and keep it short and sweet. And always remember to listen to what she is saying and do not interrupt her.

Visual Cues:

Visual cues are a bit less obvious but essential to have a successful outcome. Five places to look out for visual cues are eyes, lips, hands, legs, and then her entire body language and in that order. First comes eyes; if you two are in the same room and she noticed you, the first thing has happened. And yes, this means she was checking you out just as you were. Next, try to make eye contact with her by being in front of her.

Now, this happening once or twice can be a coincidence, but more than that is a definite sign is that she is interested. The second is lips; if you have both made multiple eye contact, the polite and safest thing to do would be to smile at each other. Then notice her body language and see if she plays with her hair or fiddles with her clothes. These are all an instinct for a human when they are trying to impress somebody.

When this all happens together, that's the cue for you to go and talk to her if you are a stranger. If you already know her and she still does this every time you see her, she likes you. After you two have exchanged pleasantries, it's time to look for the cues which tell you whether she wants you to make a move on her.

Two things to notice when talking to her face to face are her hand and her leg's position. If her hands are crossed over on her chest, she is not interested and wants you to leave or is ready for an argument. But if her hands are making open arm gestures or pointing in your direction while she is talking to you, that is a sign of interest.

And as for legs, if both her legs are pointing in your general direction while talking, then she is interested. Lastly, the thing you should consider is to notice her reaction when you two accidentally or casually make physical contact. If she is not nervous about that, then she is comfortable, and if she reciprocates, she is ready for you to make a move.

Make Your Move

A move can be thought of as something like holding hands or making physical contact to take her home. Once you know what you are going for, then you need to follow these two steps. First is hinting; in this, you throw some cues of your own to let her know of your motives. This way, you don't end up coming on too strong or getting rejected. The second is to take that leap of faith and make your move at the most opportune moment. So let's understand these two steps a bit more briefly.


Hinting is another way of sending apparent cues. The most common example of this is flirtation. See, when you flirt with someone, you are sending them a signal that you are interested. Just like that, here you have to keep dropping hints for her. This will prepare her for what you are about to do.

Imagine you are in a club, and you see an attractive girl standing across the room. Now you have done everything successfully, starting from eye contact, smiling, and all that one can do from far. But see, now is the time to make your move, and here is when hinting can come in real handy. So the way you go for it is you stand up while making eye contact, and after an exchange of smiles, you walk up to her.

This way, she knows you are coming, and she can be prepared as much she needs. Now, if she is uncomfortable with you coming over, you will notice it in her body language, which is pretty visible. This way, you have avoided the embarrassment of getting rejected. Remember, hinting is easy because there are no direct risks as you haven't done anything definitive yet.

A Leap of Faith:

It's straightforward to say it, but in the end, you do have to take that leap of faith to make your move on the girl. Taking this leap comes very naturally when you have given her hints and picked up on cues correctly. The real exciting thing about this leap is that it is just the beginning of the game, but everything still depends on it.


If a time comes when you are confused, that's when you should go with honesty. For example, if you have developed some feeling for a particular friend, try to give hints instead of acting weird around her. Then, finally, approach her and tell her the truth. I know the rule is to keep the ball in your court and keep her wondering, but I think it's better to put the ball in her court than entirely ruining the game.

This may seem a bit odd to be reading here, but be ready for rejection. Always remember that this is actually a numbers game, and sometimes you are going to be rejected. It's the hard truth of life but what matters is how you take the rejection and keep moving forward.

The simple thing is life does not end with one girl saying no to you. Even though you think that she is the one for you, always remember the world is too big. This world is full of people moping around after rejection. So, in the end, there is only one thing left to say, always play your game confidently. This is one of the qualities which can increase your success rate. And if you get rejected, just walk it off.

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