How to act on a first date for guys?

June 9, 2015

Wearing clean clothes, talking with confidence and being mannered are some of the tips required to act on a first date for guys who are either in high school or at office. You should also act to make your girl comfortable in your company.

This is for all those guys out there who are new in the dating pool or just getting back after a long relationship which didn’t end well, naturally whatever the reason. How to act on a first date? Is a question asked around a lot, so here are some tips you might like to know about first dates for the next time.

how to act on first date

For all guys, first date is really difficult mostly because we want to make a good impression on the other person. But what we don’t understand is that the other person is already a little impressed by you and that is because she had already agreed to go on a date with you, unless she is doing it for a dare or you are going on a blind date. No matter the case you must follow the steps given down to have a successful first date and I promise you that you will end up with her digits at the end of the night. After properly reading and initiating the tips below you will learn how to act on a first date and your date will definitely be successful.

Step 1:- Be Presentable.

First thing a girl is going to notice on your date is what clothes are you wearing, are you presentable or not, or is she going to be embarrassed going out with a guy looking like that. So the first step to act on a first date with a girl is to be presentable. Now being presentable here means that you should dress nice, look nice, smell nice and most importantly be nice.

Dress nice: Dress nice means choose an appropriate dress to wear. When choosing your dress remember that it should be nicely pressed, and there should be no offensive message on that dress. Sometimes a funny message is alright, but funny can easily be taken as offensive by some people so to be on the safe side wear something plain and simple. That does not mean that you show up on a date in casual t-shirt and jeans. Just wear a nice color shirt, tucked in, with or without a blazer jacket. Don’t wear dress pant just put on a jeans which looks nice and is not some torn up or muddy color for fashion purpose. Even your shoes should be properly polished and nicely tied because you don’t want your date to wait for you every time you shoe laces are open.

Look nice: Look nice mainly says that even if you are wearing perfect clothes and are having paint all over your face that too is a date killer. I mean would you like it if you are all ready with perfect dress looking good and smelling nice and your date shows up looking like paint all over her face and with muddy sandals. No, right, that would be a mood killer for you wouldn’t it. So just imagine that your date is taking all the time to look pretty for you, so just return the favor. So comb your hair properly, tie your shoe laces, wash your face nicely and just look nice.

Smell nice: Smell nice, there is no need to say this but no one likes to go out on a date with a person who stinks. So make sure you have applied deodorant and some nice smelling perfume. But don’t overdo it, because that just makes you seem desperate which is really bad for first dates.

Step 2:- Be nice.

In be nice step there are three things a guy must keep in mind to get a second date because even if a guy looks good, smells good, but is acting weird like showing off and irritating the girl, then no lady wants a second date with a show off irritating guy just because he looks nice. So the three steps are to be polite, be confident and be gentle.

Be Confident: Being confident means to be confident and to act confident even though you are not. Staying and taliking with confidence is the thing tou require to act on a first date.
On a first date, a guy is suppose to select a place where the date is going to take place and in order to do that a guy has to be confident enough that the place is good and the girl is going to like the place, the food and the surrounding in which the two of you are going to spend some time talking and eating. Don’t make the girl choose where she wants to go, that is for second or third dates. Except when the girl has mentioned about a particular place she wants to go, when you first asked her on a date. If that is the case then do take her to that place because if you don’t, then she might think that you weren’t listening to her when she mentioned it and that is not good. And no girl wants to go out with a guy who can’t plan one date properly.

I mean if you can’t plan one date properly, how will you plan your lives together? So you are the one that is suppose to choose a place and for that here are some tips. Take the girl some place elegant but not the big fancy restaurant that it looks like you are showing off even if you want to. Make the appointment beforehand so there is no confusion afterwards. And make sure that at this restaurant there are variety of food and not simply just one type of food for an example a steakhouse or a sea food restaurant. Imagine you take a girl to a steakhouse and she doesn’t like steak now that would be really embarrassing and believe me it would be a real date killer. So take her to an elegant restaurant where there will be peace and quiet so you two can talk and listen to each other clearly and have a nice dinner where there is variety of food to be ordered. So even if the girl does not like steak she can order a salad or something else and you have dodged a great deal of embarrassment here and on top of that you will be considered as a thoughtful person.

Be Polite: Being polite means to have good manners and showing respect to others needs.
So here I want to ask you a question, what does every girl like and most probably need in the world?
The answer is simple “to hear a compliment” like “You look beautiful”, “You have a great smile” and stuff like that. So give the girl what she desires and longs to hear. Give her a compliment but don’t overdo it either because than it seems like you are just saying it but not meaning it. That’s why I say there should be at least two compliments on a date, first is when you first see her that night and the second is after you have ordered the food and had some time to talk. But don’t rush for the second one, as timing is essential.

Now all of us know that the most oldest, most important and a signature of a gentleman is that he always opens the door for the lady whether it is a car door or a restaurant door. But here too there are some unsaid rules that you have to look for like say you go to a fancy restaurant where there are valet so naturally you are not going to be the one who opens the car door for her but some people get out of the car as fast as they can and try to get the door, which if unsuccessful seems like desperation or weird and both are not a good sign.

Let’s take a case where the woman is walking ahead of you and suddenly you remember that you are suppose to open the door and so you rush which also looks like desperate thing. So if you really want to handle it nicely than you should do the following things. First, you are the one who picked the place, so you may know if the place has a valet service or not. If they do than you shouldn’t worry about the car door but you should be ready just in case the valet doesn’t show up, because you’ll get plenty of chance to open the door like the restaurant door. For the restaurant door remember to walk with the lady and not behind the lady which most probably never happen but if it does then don’t be embarrassed just say thank you and give her a pleasant smile which is what she would have done if you were the one who had hold the door while she got in.

Now that you have reached the restaurant and because you have followed my advice and made a reservation than you wouldn’t have to wait and you would be seated right away which spares you some awkward moments and win some point on the planning part. Now once you are shown to your seats you should be the one to pull a chair for the lady and shouldn’t sit until she is seated. I know this all sound too much of a formal kind of thing but you are the one that have to make it seem like you do it every day for every women so it’s not a great deal. But at the same point once again I tell you don’t overdo it because than it may seem like you are trying to belittle her by sending a message like you are something of a royal kind, just be cool about it like it’s a force of habit. And she will notice it and it is definitely a good thing too.

Be Gentle: Being gentle means to care about other people and to make them feel comfortable.
Now since both of you are seated down and you are waiting for the food to come and there is some awkward silence between both of you. Then one of you will start a conversation, just give her the first chance to talk and if she is not talking then you must, just to break the ice. Start with some normal questions and not with the intimate or personal question. And please listen to what she has to say about your questions and don’t just talk at her, have a decent conversation and no matter what happens don’t get into an argument. And don’t talk at her breast, make eye contact and don’t forget to blink. If everything goes smoothly till the food is there then you are in for a nice meal with good company. Whatever you do, just try to make her laugh but don’t do anything crazy like playing with the food, just be a combination of little bit cocky and a little bit saint. Just to let her know that you are a good person with a nice sense of humor. After the food is served, chew with your mouth closed, don’t talk when you have something in your mouth because that is disgusting. Don’t wave around your fork or spoon while talking because you might spill something which is not good. Don’t slurp on your drinks and definitely do not burp or fart.

About your body language, since the woman first sees you, she start noticing your body language knowingly or unknowingly your body language plays an important role on first dates. So here are some tips for that too. When you are seated please sit upright, if she is showing some weird body language like leaning away from you then don’t lean forward just lean back give her some space and make her feel comfortable, because at the end of the night, just because she felt safe and comfortable around you, she might agree to go out with you again which can lead to something really great.

Step 3:- End of the night, end of the date.

End of the date is the most important part for any first date because it’s when you get the girls number and if you are lucky a good bye kiss. So here are some tips for a smooth end of the date.

Since you are in a restaurant and you have ate some food so someone has to pay for the food and that someone better be you. Well some girls like to pay for them, just to show that they are an independent and guys don’t let them pay because for them it seems like a deal breaker. So just to tackle this conversation of who is going to pay for dinner the best option is to give your card to the waiter who seated you at the start of the evening to make sure that everything is taken care of and there are no awkward moments after wards. But if you have forgot to do that then you must pay the bill by being a gentleman and not make it awkward but if a girl insist that she want to pay the bill than try to deflect the first two times by saying something funny but even after two times the girl insist then just back off and let her pay her share because if you don’t then it would seem like you are being bossy which is not good. My advice will be, not to forget to give the card to the waiter at the start because that helps you to have a wonderful time without ever worrying about the embarrassing conversation at the end about the bill.

After everything is done, you have taken care of the bill and you are dropping the girl home and when it’s time for you to go other way you should make a decent good bye by a nice hug or a kiss on the cheek but don’t go for any intimate kissing or anything of that sort. And if a girl gives you her phone number and you too like the girl than call her after 2-3 days and ask for a second date. These were some of the best tips to act on a first date for guys.

Remember if it’s a first date she might also be as nervous as you are, so don’t do anything stupid and screw up, just follow the advice and the backup plan laid out for you and you will end up with a second date.

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