9 Online Dating Mistakes To Avoid

October 19, 2015

Find some of the most common online dating mistakes which you must avoid. These tips will help you to find the best match and loving partner online.

online dating mistakes

Today online dating is as popular as the traditional ones and have become a way for the love and fun. But if you want to get the most of it, here are some of the online dating mistakes you must avoid as these mistakes can ruin your dating before you start. If you wrote down a profile for people but the results you get are frustrating, maybe you need to check your profile to correct some mistakes that make you look like a less attractive person in the eyes of your potential partner. Remember that the first impression online is even more powerful than reality, since we cannot resort to body language.

Therefore, you must carefully to choose the right aspects of yourself in your profile and more important what you omit. It is not lying or creating an idealized image, but simply to highlight your best qualities and use positive language, two tools that help you focus your intention on what you wish to attract. Here are a few online dating mistakes which must avoid for finding a great partner online.

  1. Never checking the profile is the first online dating mistakes to avoid. By enthusiasm or beginner we created out profile, but before saving it an important aspect is to check whether there are nay grammatical or spelling mistakes. From the photo to the content before uploading your profile check everything is as you really want to see. Describe yourself in a way that may bring a smile on the person reading your profile like. Discuss about the partner you are looking for and not the one you don’t want. Make sure that you are smiling in your profile picture and also writing about yourself nice to make the others feel positive about you.
  2. Adding pictures with more people. The idea behind not keeping a profile picture in which your friends are present is that we do not want to confuse anyone explaining who you are on the photo. I also do not think that much grace to your friends go out on a dating site without permission. Try to put a nice picture where you appear alone and that is a recent photograph.
  3. Adding a photo which is taken a year back. In the world of online dating sincerity is highly valued, which is why you should be as honest as possible. In the past one year your height, weight or your style may have changed which may make you look different today. If you put a picture not showing who you really are and how you look in present, most likely will not be a second date, plus the person you meet will feel deceived and cheated.
  4. Trying to be perfect. Many in their online dating profile share about the perfect life and how perfect should be the person for dating, but we all know that life is not true. Don’t try to be the person you are not. The ideal is to be as one really is, without exaggeration and with great sincerity, humility in these cases also counts.
  5. Explaining the type of guy/ girl you don’t want. Many sections are devoted to talk carefully to what type of relationship you don’t want or about the category of unwilling person. This is a big mistake and a waste of space and time. Although it is important that you mention about the unfit person category (divorced, age etc.), but don’t extend it so much that others find boring to read your profile. The best way to attract what you want is to focus your attention to find the right person and ignore everything else. Otherwise you will look like a frustrated and fearful person who has not passed past heartbreak.
  6. Sounds very demanding. When you describe the qualities of your ideal partner, do take good care and not make it sound like an application for a job. Do not use phrases like "Must love animals" or "it is imperative that man is an athlete." Nobody likes to be required in a certain way. This kind of language puts the potential people think of you negatively and alerts them that you are rigid and inflexible person.
  7. Hiding important details about yourself. Everyone has trouble, but if it is something major then summarize in a few lines or let them know when you chat because if she/he knows later then it makes them feel vulnerable. So it is appreciated when a man or woman should have the courage to be honest about it. If you are facing any health problems or any past history that can affect your relationship, it is better that you make it clear while talking to the person online. Whether you have children with your past relationship or you are divorced let them know in advance before meeting in real. Don’t post in detail about your problem, but disclose it while chatting to him/her.
  8. Making yourself the victim. This is probably the worst online dating mistake of all. When you dedicate your profile space to tell about your ex partners, the damage they have done and the sensitivity you have in the heart for your ex. Look like a positive and happy person and not a victim who is searching love because he/she had a breakup recently. Rather, you will attract more of the same person like your ex. It’s time to cover all your past wounds and move ahead to find an ideal partner online.
  9. Meeting him/her at their house or a some lonely place. You may have found the right match for you, but make very sure that the first few meeting in real person should be in some public space. This will help you know more about him and make a decision to meet him again or not. The person you meet for the first time could be a thief or a serial killer or a serial rapist. Hence, the first few meeting should be in open place where many people are around.

These were some online dating mistakes which you must avoid so that you experience the positive side of the online dating world.

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