How to Playfully Tease Girls to Attract Them

January 22, 2017

Please find the best way to playfully tease girls without being mean, offending them, and hurting their feelings. These flirt teasing tricks will help to make her feel attracted to you.

playfully tease girls

Teasing for Pleasing is one of the oldest plays in the book. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bit of confusion on the right way to tease a girl and where the line is. But before we get into what's and what's not of teasing, let me explain to you the purpose of teasing here and why it works.

When appropriately done, teasing will help you create a bond with that person. Remember, it's supposed to be fun, and it also lets her know that you have a good sense of humor. All this makes her more comfortable around you, which leads to her opening up and being carefree around you. It works so well because she associates you as a flirt or an easygoing person with whom she can have fun in girls' minds. And if for no other reason than she knows that spending time with you will be fun and everyone likes to have fun. This way, you get ample opportunities to make your move. In addition to flirting and teasing, you must be a good conversationalist, read our guide on topics you can talk about with your girlfriend or date for some ideas.

Playful Teasing Guidelines

By its very nature, teasing is supposed to be playfully offensive and ball-busting. But what keeps it from hurting her is how you put it forward, which instead of offending her, makes it fun. So to playfully tease girls by coming off as playful and not offensive, here are some guidelines.

  1. Keep it Fun: The purpose of teasing her is for you both to have fun and not just for you or for her only. Remember making fun of your mistakes or hers in negative or offensive way might get her to laugh but it won’t get you a continuance. Try laughing with her instead of at her and keep it positive and light hearted.
  2. Express Yourself: The best way of conveying that you are teasing her and not serious right now is by expressing yourself properly. Smile, use hand gesture even your entire body to convey that you are just messing with her. Sometimes being a mimic works out great and other times stomping your feet or over exaggerating works too. Just remember to laugh with her so she knows that you are kidding.
  3. Pile it on: Start from mild teasing and then start piling it on to go deep with each shared laugh. Once she knows that you are flirting or having a playful banter with her, she wouldn’t take offense at anything. Making a sexual comment early on even in a teasing way might put her off. Instead if you first establish that you are a flirt in the first few minutes then after a while make a sexual comment she wouldn’t really take offense. And if you are lucky she might even respond in the same manner.
  4. Mix it up: Remember not to tease her continuously, try having some real conversation with it as well. This way you both get to know each other as well making that bond go deeper with each shared secret and a good laugh. Just remember teasing is fun, so never tease her when she is telling you something serious.
  5. Be a Flirt: The best way to establish that you are a flirt is to flirt with everyone. This way she knows that you are fun to be with. Another good thing that comes out of being a flirt is that it’s good practice for when you actually need it.

Wrong Way of Teasing

Like everything else in life, there is a right way to playfully tease girls and a wrong way to go about this. If you follow your guidelines, you will do well, but sometimes guys get over-excited, and this is where they mess up. So here are some common mistakes guys make when trying to go about playful teasing.

  1. Putting her on Pedestal: This is one mistake that every guy has made at least once in his life time including me, mind you. If you have already made up your mind about her or told yourself that she is out of your league then you have put her on the pedestal. No girl likes to be on the pedestal all the time, she is not just a beautiful statue or something to keep on the pedestal. Remember to treat her normal just like she would any other girl. This way you will stand out as a guy who is fun to be around and is not judging her or is afraid to take a crack at her like everyone around her.
  2. Raising Sensitive Issues: Avoid commenting on sensitive issues like family or politics. This is not the type of conversation to be had when trying to have fun. If she is the one who brought up some sensitive topic then listen to her and the try changing the topic. Just don’t tease her about any sensitive issues and if you think you did that than apologize straight up instead of making it awkward.
  3. Being a Critique: Try not to be a critique, she has got enough people doing that to her, she doesn’t need one more. Try making a positive remark on something along with a slight critic if you want to go that way. This way your remark is covered with a positive attribute and it gets your message across as well.
  4. Being Bossy: Stop being so bossy and instead provide her with some other choices. When you say no to something she suggested directly then you may come off as being bossy. But instead if you suggest some alternative then you are being considerate.
  5. Starting a Fight: Understand that playful teasing is to have small harmless tangles with her and not an argument that needs winning. Try letting go an argument if it means you can have the girl. This tangles are suppose to be amusing just keep that in mind and you will be able to find a way out of any argument. Just say completely absurd and throw the argument to win the girl by making her laugh.

Teasing and Pleasing Tactics

To help you get a head start, here are a few time-tested tactics that have worked for me and many other guys known and unknown to me. Of course, these teasing and pleasing tactics are not 100% guaranteed success, but they are the most tried, tested, and successful. So have a go at it, then you may develop your own as you go along.

    1. Nicknames:
      This is the most common and most used tactic in playful teasing. Giving someone a funny nickname not to belittle them but to make tease them or make them laugh is always a good strategy. Like when she said something right when you got it wrong then you can say “Okay, Smarty Pants” or when she did something good for you then use “You are such a sweetie/darling for doing that”.
    2. Notice something about her
      Pointing out something common or otherwise about her and using it as ammo to tease her is another good tactic. If she has dimples then you can say “My god you have such cute dimples”. If she has a funny way of laughing then say it “The way you laugh is mesmerizing.” When she say something gooey then you can “You’re just so adorable that I am going to let that one slide”.
    3. Mimic her
      This is a lot of fun when you get to use it properly. Mimicking her does two things for you, first it makes her laugh and second it lets her know that you were paying attention to her. Just try not to do demean her in the process. Instead do it in a funny short of way to make her laugh.
    4. Playful Bets
      Everyone likes a challenge and this can be a good way to get her to do things you want. Playful bets are meant to be fun and challenging at the same time. But you can take advantage of it by challenging her to dance off or just anything that can create some excitement and makes it thrilling.
    5. Treat her like a kid
      There are many opportunities where treating her like a kid would make it fun. Like when she gets hyper excited over something then you can say “I guess somebody needs a timeout”. Other times when she says something mean in a playful teasing sort of way you can go “Don’t make me spank you missy!” When she is acting kind of crazy then “I think you should cut off those drinks now.” Using these sort of phrase along with your body language would make her laugh and be challenging at the same time.
    6. Make sneaky comments
      Sneaky comments are something that we already use in our regular life, so why not try it with her as well. These comments are not meant to hurt her just for her to make note of. Like when she says something positively good about her you can go “You’re too nice, I think I would corrupt you.” If she says she is a lawyer “I guess I need to be careful what I say around you.” Sneaky comments are just a healthy way to banter with her. This way you can both exchange a good laugh and develop some humility if need be.
    7. Playfully Disagree with her
      Have a playful disagreement with her on some lame topic like food or movies. Like say “I can’t believe you don’t like deep fried chicken, it’s like the best thing in the world” Just don’t take it to a more personal level instead make her laugh with this disagreement by using over exaggeration if you have to.


    8. Accuse her of hitting on you
      Lastly, accuse her of hitting on you. This is kind of a reverse psychology play where you teasing accuse her of hitting on you. Now she instinctive defends herself by laughing and saying no but she ends up thinking about hitting on you anyway. Like if you say “Are you checking out my ass?” Now she would instinctively say no but at that same instance she would check out your ass by default as you mentioned it. So if you stop her from one thing she will by default think about that.

Remember that teasing is for you both to have fun and enjoy yourself while creating a bond with her. Follow the guidelines provided above; avoid doing wrong playful teasing, and try using some of the tactics given here. Lastly, remember you have to take some risks to get the reward. The guys who play it safely get to go home safe but alone, and the guy who risks it receives the prize. So, make it fun for both of you.

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